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Anthony P. Tyrrell, ESL Instructor, Oklahoma City Community College, United States

In 15 entertaining and challenging video episodes, Paul gives a Complete Course in pronunciation which can be enjoyed by all students of English, from beginners to advanced speakers. For many years, Pronunciation Workshop has continued to be a tremendous asset to my ESL Classes and that of all my colleagues who use it at our school. Paul Gruber has done a superb job and is filling a yearning in our students that has up until now remained unsatisfied.

These videos have energized our classes, and have created a new confidence in our students, both in and outside of the classroom. The Pronunciation Workshop Program has also helped our Adult Education Program with a boost in student retention.

Paul Gruber has done something that none of the plethora of pronunciation resources which we’ve used in the past has been able to do: provide the teacher with a fun, engaging, and focused series which can be neatly presented as a one or two-semester course.

Even more surprising to me is that the students aren’t the only ones learning; I, as both an English speaker and teacher continue to enjoy learning, along with my students, the ‘Speech Rules of American English’ from this gifted speech expert and masterful teacher.