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Anirban Kar, IT Professional, India

Your course has not only changed the way I speak English, but it has also changed my living style. I am grateful to God too, that I have come across your program on the Internet just in time.

I will definitely tell my Human Resource Department about your course, and I highly recommend it to all people in India who have not studied in an English School due to lack of finances or opportunities. If you would like, please feel free to publish my quote and true experience, so that millions of students in India and sub-continent will want to take advantage of your life changing course as well. I will be very happy if my comments help the Pronunciation Workshop Course flourish and reach every corner of the world and to those who are equally passionate to speak like an American.

I use to be an underdog during my school days. Now, all those brilliant students are jealous of my progress with my English accent and my related successes. That is why I am telling you how much your course means to me and what a life changing experience it has been.

 Also, please mention Naihati, India (which is a small town in the state of West Bengal) as my location in my comments because that will make Indian students understand that your course is reaching every corner of India and suitable not only for metro city people but also for everybody who has an interest and passion to improve their English.  I have no doubt that whoever will take this course will surely get affected by your enthusiasm too! Thanks!