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People just like you, have found real results and success with Pronunciation Workshop®. We would like you to meet some of our grateful clients who are eager to share their story with you. Click through our client photos, hear what they have to say, and then get our pronunciation and accent training for yourself and live your own success story.

Change your Life by Changing the way you speak.

We are very proud to say that we have NEVER had ONE client tell us that they were disappointed after taking our Pronunciation Workshop® American English course! We have heard countless times that the benefits our clients receive far outweigh their minimal investment and that Pronunciation Workshop® far surpassed their expectation in quality and content, producing amazing results in speaking American English confidently. In fact, they tell us how their ability to speak American English correctly and clearly made a huge impact on their lives and in their careers.

Get your own amazing results and get ready for the world to hear you, as you would like to be heard.

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  • Receive compliments on how great you speak
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We are fortunate to have taken advantage of Paul Gruber's Pronunciation Workshop Video Training Course. Before the workshop, there were instances where clients did not understand what we said. After just one month of the workshop, there were obvious changes in our accent, and a dramatic decrease in the instances when clients would ask us to repeat ourselves.

We enjoyed the program greatly, and the one-on-one online personal training is so much fun too! We are very grateful for the opportunity to improve ourselves. This training has significantly boosted our confidence in English. Thank you!!!

Ian, Dawn and John, RNs

Medcor Injury Triage, Inc.

I live in Paris, France and am a Technical Manager at Warner Bros Entertainment. My motivation for signing up for this training was to be more self-confident, and I was convinced that if my accent was not a problem anymore, that would be a big relief. Being understood immediately in English is a good advantage when you work for a US company. The training is fun and very intense. Not only is Paul's method great, but his personality is really rich, and he pays close attention to al the details. I’ve been recently congratulated by colleagues for my accent and improved English skills during a European presentation via video-conference. In the past, this kind of event was really difficult for me, not anymore… I strongly recommend this training!

Benoite Fouillet, Dubbing Manager, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group

Pronunciation Workshop is the best course for improving your English and pronunciation that I’ve ever seen. Don’t feel confident enough? Are you looking for customized lessons? You will succeed thanks to the amazing tips and tricks in this training that will change your life? With Paul’s lessons, you will be able to communicate with your colleagues and friends better than ever!

Thank you Paul, for your passion and motivating me, going beyond my expectations for learning correct pronunciation and sounding GREAT, just like a native speaker!

Lionel Rossi, Project Manager, Nokia-France, Lannion, France

I am greatly thankful for your videos and live training which have helped me in my professional career and personal life.  I proudly say that the Pronunciation Workshop Training has helped me to improve my pronunciation and the way I speak. Since getting started, I have been aware of my wrong pronunciations and inappropriate speaking, so that I can correct myself and improve a lot. As an assistant manager in a restaurant, this workshop has helped me to speak more confidently and powerfully. Especially, with the Live Training, I now know how to pronounce every single word  that I did not pronounce correctly. 

Loan Truong, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Vietnam

Throughout my studies in the United States, I found the Pronunciation Workshop is the best investment one can do to gain confidence in his/her speaking English. This workshop gives all you need to speak with the proper American accent. The program eliminated my accent to be close or even the same as an American accent. I encourage everyone who wants to speak with proper English to invest in this program.  In addition, I consider it an investment because you get all the help you need through the website to help gain more skills in eliminating your accent. Thank you very much Pronunciation Workshop!

Omar Baakeel, Health Care Management, Saudi Arabia

The Pronunciation Workshop Program has helped me to gain confidence when I am speaking, and connect with others easier!  Working with Paul directly has also been wonderful.  I strongly suggest this training to anyone who wishes to improve their English and communication skills.

Peggy Doty, Regional Director of Operations, Malaysia

Thank you very much for the wonderful training today. I spoke with some of my native speaker friends, gave them some examples of how you fixed my pronunciation and they were very impressed (especially with the word "Where"!!).

I would also like to say that I find your enthusiasm for your job very inspiring, as repeating the same things and correcting similar mistakes, hour after hour, day after day...year after year, as if it is your first time! You make the person in front of you feel very special and the center of your attention - it seems to be something very difficult to achieve and maintain. You really Rock!!! (with a strong "r" sound)!!!  No wonder why everybody has strong positive comments for your work!

I am looking forward to our next session!

Zehra Sahin, Physician - Harvard Medical School, Turkey

Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop Training has been the heart of our ESL program at the PEACE Center in Lake Forest, California. Many people have been helped by changing their pronunciation habits and facial movements and have become better communicators in English.

We like the materials because Paul uses real sentences and patterns from everyday life… even when he is making a pronunciation point, the words make sense and can be used in everyday interactions. 

Ilene Bradberry, Professor, Concordia University, United States

The Pronunciation Workshop Training Videos are an invaluable aid to improve American English pronunciation.  It has personally helped me a great deal to improve my American accent. I enjoyed all that I learned in Paul’s course. The most important achievement for me, was that the course helped me to eliminate my fear of mispronouncing words in public. That has provided me with an immense boost of confidence.

Today, I feel more comfortable when speaking with Americans, and I am capable of recognizing any pronunciation slips when I hear them. Thank you so much for all your help!

Ghiath Bilal, Engineer, Siemens AG, Syria

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Dear ESL Teachers, Directors, and Coordinators of Adult Education:

Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop video series is the best, most energizing series of its kind.  In fact, it is, to the best of my knowledge, the only one of its kind.  Paul himself is one of a kind when it comes to getting down to the essential problems new English speakers encounter as they continue their American journey. He presents the sessions in such a way as to connect, attract, and correct. They are both fun and challenging for the ESL students.

As an adult coordinator for the largest adult learning center in the state of Oklahoma, serving over 2,500 ESL students last fiscal year, I can speak from personal experience when I say that this series has both energized and fine-tuned our students’ English-speaking abilities. It has both lifted their spirits and challenged them by speaking directly to their most commonly-committed pronunciation errors.

Put simply, Gruber’s course is nothing short of terrific. It has been an integral part of our ESL classes and our teachers’ lesson-planning for over two years now.  We at the OCCC Adult Learning Center have found Pronunciation Workshop to also be a great retention tool for our ESL students who don’t want to miss even one class.  I notice that students look forward to the weekly sessions in the classroom, plus they have grown in self-confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in their lives outside the classroom. 

If you are looking for a video series that is worth the money and will have a tremendous impact on your students and faculty, I can assure you that Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop will be your Best Investment!

Linda Dudek, Coordinator of the Oklahoma City Community College, USA

Your Pronunciation Workshop video program is an EXCELLENT course to improve American English pronunciation.  It beats all other pronunciation courses, and it covered everything I needed to learn how to pronounce words.  It has personally helped me a great deal to improve my American accent. Even though I have been living in the US for 3 years, I still needed to improve my pronunciation! Paul, you VERY CLEARLY explain in your course all of the details in a slow understandable manner how to speak with perfect pronunciation and the sounds of English.  You made a really great course and I recommend it to everybody!

Heikki Taakala, Marketing Manager, Finland

I love your video program, it is so good and very, very helpful. I am Chinese, and I know that your program is much needed here in the Asia market. There are so many people that have serious pronunciation problems because they were never taught how to speak English correctly when they learned English. Please say hello to Paul for me, he is so great!

Paige Lietzan, Logistics Administrator, China

What can I say about Mr. Gruber? He is my teacher and is so important in my life because of all that I have learned from him. My pronunciation used to be poor and now it has really improved. Now I understand words better and he encourages me to continue speaking in English. According to me, when new students begin to learn English they should definitely take the Pronunciation Workshop Program.

Dulkadir Gul, Student, Turkey

I am happy to say that I am rating Pronunciation Workshop's training course as the ABSOLUTE BEST OUT THERE to help with Standard American English Pronunciation. As a Speech Language Pathologist professional, I have tried pronunciation programs that were complicated and difficult to use when working with accent reduction clients. However, Paul has developed an EXCELLENT and EASY WAY to assist those, with accented speech, to experience success. TRY IT!! You will be glad you did!! 

Sandy Good, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist, United States

I even bought the course as a gift for my friend because it helped me to improve my accent a lot. I really enjoyed all that I learned with Paul’s course. I'm an international student in college and I was always afraid to read aloud in class or to talk to new people because of my accent. This system really worked for me and for another friend at my college as well. Thanks Paul! You are incredible!

Jaime Ortiz-Bau, College Student, Spain

I am writing to say that the Pronunciation Workshop is the most helpful for Chinese speakers. Paul Gruber clearly shows us the correct positions of our mouth to make all of the sounds in English. He also reminds us when we make the wrong sounds. I thank you so much!

Dr. Dennis (Tianxi) Zhang, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Integrated Energy Colorado Mountain College, United States

Paul really has a lot to teach me, and to think that I thought I almost knew it all! I'm enjoying your program tremendously! 

Ma. Carmela Lagasca-Bernardez, English/Tagalog Teacher and Tutor, Philippines

You have vanished my fears in terms of speaking English and teaching it to my ESL students here in New York. Indeed, the Pronunciation Workshop has boosted my self-confidence. A million thanks!

Lucio Parado, ESL Teacher, Philippines

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In 15 entertaining and challenging video episodes, Paul gives a Complete Course in pronunciation which can be enjoyed by all students of English, from beginners to advanced speakers. For many years, Pronunciation Workshop has continued to be a tremendous asset to my ESL Classes and that of all my colleagues who use it at our school. Paul Gruber has done a superb job and is filling a yearning in our students that has up until now remained unsatisfied.

These videos have energized our classes, and have created a new confidence in our students, both in and outside of the classroom. The Pronunciation Workshop Program has also helped our Adult Education Program with a boost in student retention.

Paul Gruber has done something that none of the plethora of pronunciation resources which we’ve used in the past has been able to do: provide the teacher with a fun, engaging, and focused series which can be neatly presented as a one or two-semester course.

Even more surprising to me is that the students aren’t the only ones learning; I, as both an English speaker and teacher continue to enjoy learning, along with my students, the ‘Speech Rules of American English’ from this gifted speech expert and masterful teacher.

Anthony P. Tyrrell, ESL Instructor, Oklahoma City Community College, United States

As an ESL/EFL teacher and a Director of Studies working in South-East Asia and China for many years, I’ve found that your Pronunciation Workshop Training Course is the most valuable and effective training program among those available in the market. Your methods and lessons have really helped many non-native English speakers from Asia not only quickly fix many of their long lasting English pronunciation problems, but also significantly improve their English speaking skills.

 The end result is that after a couple of months diligently working with your American Accent training techniques, many of my ESL/EFL students have drastically improved their spoken English with a higher level of clarity and accuracy with reference to their pronunciation of English consonants, vowels and word and syllable stress. Your training has helped my students communicate in English clearly with confidence.

What is very interesting is that for those students who did not necessarily want to reduce or get rid of their accent, they are at last now, able to speak English correctly even though they still have retained their Asian accent thanks to your lessons! For them your course has worked like a charm!

Needless to say, I will recommend your courses to both English learners as well as “non-native” local English teachers in all my current and future ESL/EFL training projects in Asia.

Richard Lam, Director for Asia-Pacific International Learning Center (ICAL), Vietnam

In my English class, we come from different countries and we have a great diversity of pronunciations and accents. I’m very thankful to Mr. Paul Gruber for his pronunciation and American accent course. We find it hard to pronounce words like Americans, but with Paul’s video course we learn how to say words correctly, how to pronounce vowels and sounds, how to move our lips, and much, much more!

Mariana Gomez, Student, Mexico

Paul, you are a great teacher, who just transformed me into another great teacher! Yes, with the newly acquired American Accent, now I have many more students waiting to attend my next session. I am an English teacher here in India and thanks to you I have hiked my fees for the English Course I offer, and the demand only keeps going up. The credit goes all to you and your outstanding training! Thank you!

Saji Abraham, English Teacher/ Politician, India

Thanks to the Pronunciation Workshop Course, I was able to pass my USMLE Step 2 CS Exam, and it helped me greatly with my communication with patients.  As an international physician working in America, I was not always understood.  This can be a problem, when dealing with families from many different backgrounds.

Working with Paul's videos was a fun and easy way for me to change my accent.  I also signed up for Live Training and learned so much.  I strongly feel all internationally trained doctors and medical staff should take this program. Thanks so much!

Dr. Preeti Malik, Hospitalist, India

Terrific! I have taken your video course and live training sessions. I literally see, hear and feel a significant improvement in my English skills and pronunciation. What a difference. Thanks!

Dr. Kate Tretyakov, Internist, Latvia

This past Christmas became a changing point in my efforts when "Santa" brought me a Paul Gruber's Pronunciation Workshop! I have been traveling with my husband from state to state lately and it seems a miracle has happened! I have been using the course for only a month and I am not hearing any more polite responses about "my lovely accent".

As a Psychologist and English Teacher for Beginners up to Intermediate Level, I taught adults in Siberia, Russia, and I worked with people who needed English for business, studying or traveling.

Three years ago when I came to live in the USA permanently, everything changed! I kept hearing things like "Oh what a lovely accent! Where are you from?" every time I spoke to somebody. I got tired of hearing these comments quickly and tried to correct my speaking, unfortunately with poor results.

I encourage anyone in Russia or any Slavonic language country who is thinking seriously about finding a good job on an international level, studying or conducting business to consider this course.

My observation is that no one abroad will care too much to understand you. It is your concern to make yourself understandable if you want to succeed. This program is "very, very, very rewarding"!

Natalia Afanasieva Forni, Ph.D. Psychologist, Russia

Communication skills are extremely important for me and I am grateful for your English improvement program. Russia is my native country and now I am living in Minnesota. I got my second Masters Degree in Holistic Health Care Studies and I am recently working as a Holistic practitioner. The Pronunciation Workshop Course was so very helpful and I really appreciate how convenient and easy it is!

Maria S., Holistic Practitioner, Russia

I grew to love the Pronunciation Workshop Program! I have finally corrected my "hopeless" accent that I have had for decades. You have a way of breaking down the long and difficult sounds of English into small manageable parts. Your Live Training has been extremely productive and it has tremendously increased my confidence with my work. Thank you for your help.

Angela Wu, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, China

People around me have recognized the improvements with my English! This is the best program I have ever seen. I think that many foreign speaking people would benefit from this course if they only knew about it. 

I am a Medical Doctor from Kazakhstan, immigrated to Canada 4 years ago and decided to confirm my medical diploma. I was involved with many different preparation courses where I saw how foreign speaking people were struggling with their English Pronunciation. 

I found the course to be extremely helpful to me. Working with the challenging sounds and in seeing my progress I think your training is just great! Thank you so much for making such an amazing course!

Dr. Marina Semenova, Physician, Russia

I do not usually like to publicize my photo, but I am happy to do so if it would encourage more people to try this excellent course which can really make a difference in their lives.

Many other programs I bought have shown pronunciation; however, they were unable to teach me how to produce the correct sounds. I have been looking for good pronunciation teaching material for years and have never seen anything even close to this before. Your training sessions are FUNNY, EASY and most importantly, EFFECTIVE. For the first time in years, your videos made me aware of exactly where my problems were and how to correct them. I just want to thank you for your wonderful Pronunciation Workshop Video Course which has helped me so much.  I wish I had known about your program years earlier. You have surpassed my expectations for sure!

Dr. Helen Song, Physician, China

The live training that I had with Pronunciation Workshop was amazing. They demonstrated to me how experienced they are at detecting pronunciation problems. I’ve been here in the states for many years, yet, with just one session, they were able to pick specific words and accent issues and slice them in a very organized and systematic manner. The training is fun and I really look forward to the next ones.

Dr. N. Awas, Anesthesiologist, Iraq

The Pronunciation Workshop Course gave me my life back. Thank you so much for helping me in such a profound way.

I have been through a lot in my life. On February 22, 2010, I was inside of a Michael's Craft Store when an elderly woman drove her car through the front window, into the store and ran me over, dragging me across the store and pinning me under her car. I sustained a severe brain injury and other injuries. I suffered from aphasia, dysarthria, memory problems, and had great difficulty speaking and being understood. I thought my life was over.

Then, I was introduced to your Pronunciation Workshop Course through a local school.  Slowly, I learned how to speak clearly again using your Video Classes…and eventually, I became a volunteer teacher at the ESL school. I found by helping foreign students with their speech and pronunciation, I was helping myself improve even more.

Today, I am doing a lot better and I cannot thank you enough. Please share my story with others. Even though we have never met in person, I want everyone to know how you helped me. I hope you share my story with others. God bless you and take care.

Josie Reyes, R.N., Registered Nurse, United States

Thank you so very much for giving me much confidence when I speak in English! I passed all steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and have my MD certified here in the US. The more I study your program, the more I enjoy the way you teach. It is simple, easy and very effective! I believe that your program is extremely helpful for the USMLE Step 2, Clinical Skills Assessment, which requires that examinees speak clear English and have very effective communication skills during the patient encounter. I am going to recommend that my sister use your program to improve her English as well. Thank you again and have a great day!

Dr. Shengfu Piao, Physician, China

Your skill in coaching proper English pronunciation has enabled me to perform better as a physician. In addition, your excellent medical vocabulary has truly helped in communicating with my patients and colleagues. 

I wanted to genuinely express my gratitude to you for being such a wonderful "pronunciation" teacher and by helping so many people motivated to master the English language.

Dr. A.F., Internal Medicine, Romania

The changes in my pronunciation worked!!! I just passed my USMLE Step 2 CS Exam! Thanks to you guys, you made it so much easier for me. I suppose all the extemporaneous speaking helped while interacting with my patients. I’m still in Minneapolis preparing for the long winter. I just wanted you to know that I am really happy and glad with my results and to say thank you!

Dr. Varun Sreenivasan, Physician, India

When you manage to say the word “world” correctly, for the first time in your life, you will understand what I mean, when I say “you have found a truly remarkable training course with the outstanding results that you were promised. 

Paul communicates his knowledge with so much enthusiasm, humor and such wonderful simplicity, you really don’t feel like you’re watching a training session, it is more like spending time with an old friend. Paul doesn’t just teach us how to improve our pronunciation; he does so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. I am so grateful that someone out there has cared enough to pour his heart onto those videos and help so many people to be better understood.

Melina Johnson, C.Ht, Brazil

In an unbelievable short span of time, I am now always understood by patients and coworkers. Paul’s Pronunciation Workshop program helped me to completely eliminate the large and small accent issues I had. 

There were big variances in my accent which I perceived, but did not know how to rectify. There were also many other pronunciation issues that I never recognized.  I was often asked to ‘repeat myself’ which was very frustrating. Paul, you are the best!

Dr. Sankalp Dwivedi, Internal Medicine, India

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Mr. Gruber is one of the most highly-skilled specialists I have ever worked with.

Apogee Physicians has had a long standing history with Pronunciation Workshop as Mr. Gruber has assisted many foreign-born doctors with communication concerns. The Apogee Physicians’ Gateway to America International Program and I have been associated with Mr. Gruber for the past number of years. I have personally seen him guide International Medical Graduates, who are seeking to secure a residency in the United States, overcome major accent issues and cultural hindrances.

Paul Gruber has been a consistent trainer, and has shouldered all the responsibilities of securing a successful outcome for Apogee Hospitalists in the area of accent reduction, and he does this all with a pleasant smile and an optimistic demeanor. Besides being a high-spirited teacher, Paul has been phenomenal in giving the doctors innovative tools in order to achieve professional excellence in their work environment and confident social skills. Since contracting with Pronunciation Workshop, all the Apogee Physicians who have participated in his training have had 100% success thanks to the creative ideas that Paul has personally developed in his long-standing career.

Paul Gruber and his company have been an asset to the retention department of Apogee by insuring that international doctors who struggled with conversation or articulation were given the necessary skill sets to overcome accent issues. Mr. Gruber is a team player, and understands that he is a crucial part of a doctor’s acculturation and assimilation process. I highly recommend Paul Gruber and Pronunciation Workshop to any organization seeking to empower their employees with the necessary proficiency in the arena of communication and comprehension.

Aida Zeff, Director of the Gateway to America Program, Apogee Physicians, United States

This is perhaps one of the countless complimentary e-mails that you receive. Significant improvements have been noticed in just three weeks. I have already made several recommendations to friends and colleagues. 

 I've been a physician in private practice for 8 years. I am from China and have lived in the United States for 19 years. English has never been a problem for me, nor has it hampered me in any fashion. I bought your DVD not out of necessity but out of curiosity and desire to further improve.

I wish you more success in reaching out to more and more non-native English speakers. Thank you for this phenomenal course.

Dr. Jay Ye, Physician, China

I got my Step 2 CS results today and I passed it!!! I know that if you would not have been there for me with your valuable advice and patience to improve, I would not have been able to make it. It is not only my hard work but yours too that made this exam come true. I got a higher performance in my Spoken English Proficiency. I can only say “There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can't move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.” I appreciate your efforts to improve the skills of other physicians too! Thanks once again!  X

Dr. Sonia Saini, Internist, India

This program is phenomenal. I tried many different methods and Pronunciation Workshop is the best. The course is very well structured and presented in a logical manner. The material you presented is easy to understand and concentrates on the most critical points of my speech. I think you easily recognize the areas any non-native speaker should concentrate on and you deliver results fast. Great course! Thanks!

Dr. Edward Ruvins, Doctor of Dentistry, Russia

Despite a busy life, I would advise internationally-practicing physicians to take this course. Paul has special skills to help with the most complex medical terminology and scientific language. I wish I would have taken it earlier!

I have been practicing medicine for years and I occasionally encountered colleagues and patients who displayed a polite facial expression when I talked because they didn’t really understand me. I took this course and it tremendously helped me with communication with patients and colleagues. I also received a lot of compliments during conference presentations. Prior to taking this course, I contacted, screened, and interviewed several organizations for improvement of pronunciation, however this course is the most helpful and professionally designed program for a physician with an extremely busy-life in a private oncology practice. Thank you to Pronunciation Workshop!

Dr. Milla Chafe, Hematologist-Oncologist, Belarus

Thanks to Paul, I received TWO Pre-Match Residency Offers and am now working in a New York hospital! My pronunciation improved very quickly, I was prepared for my interviews, and I owe so much to him and his training!

Dr. Himanshu Adlakha, Hospitalist Physician, India

I really found Pronunciation Workshop to be a great investment for myself. I gained so much more than I spent. I believe foreigners should start to work with your course right after arriving to USA before they learn the wrong methods. Thank you.

Morteza Sharifzadeh, Industrials Business, Iran

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First Republic Bank is a very satisfied customer of Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop program. I heartily recommend the Pronunciation Workshop Course for organizations that want quantifiable results.  It really made a difference for our employees and while we see a demonstrated improvement in their on-the-job communication skills, I also feel that the program gave them a life skill that they can take with them wherever they go.

I manage customer support for business products at the bank, including a call center that handles internal and external calls.  Last year we ran many employees through the Pronunciation Workshop program, participants included my group plus employees in our retail customer call center.

The results were very positive. For those who used the DVD program, there was a significant improvement in their speech as demonstrated by the before and after scores on standardized testing.  In addition, I personally noticed that those employees who went through the program had much more confidence when speaking. Paul Gruber put all the employees at ease about participating in the program.  He was very encouraging and made everyone feel good about themselves and their progress.  As it turned out, employees started looking forward to their sessions with Paul because they felt so comfortable with him. We have a number of staff who are not native English speakers.  Very few if any had ever been exposed to a speech program or speech therapy before.  The DVD program gives specific instructions on how to pronounce common sounds in America English correctly, and many of our staff found this aid very helpful.  It was a pleasure working with Paul Gruber on tailoring the program to our staff.  He was very accommodating and willing to customize the program to meet our needs.

Sue Hagan, Supervisor Business Services, First Republic Bank, United States

I am an Accent Trainer in India and have trained 22,000 agents. After taking this program, I wish there was a way to go back and start all over again. This is by far, the MOST EFFECTIVE English Pronunciation program I have ever seen.

Oorvakx Boyce, American Accent Trainer, Call Center Industry, India

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For now over 9 years, Teleperformance, one of the world’s largest customer service organizations and Pronunciation Workshop have enjoyed a solid and long standing relationship. Paul Gruber has created so much more than just a regular Voice and Accent training tool. PW has been close to my heart personally, and it is a privilege to share our Success Stories!

In conducting global business, miscommunication is one of the major reasons for customer dissatisfaction worldwide. Pronunciation Workshop’s powerful training has been able to eliminate this problem for us. On behalf of myself, Teleperformance and its employees we thank you for creating such a revolutionary training program!

Tashi Tongden Lepcha, Deputy Manager-Customer Experience, Teleperformance

When speaking to my customers, I am no longer nervous and am fully confident to interact with clarity. Pronunciation Workshop has really helped me in neutralizing my accent. Yippee!

Rekha Pundhir, Customer Service Agent, India

I was surprised that such a small investment could make such a difference in my life… and more than I realized. The best way I know how is through pronunciation training with Paul Gruber… he did it for me and he will do it for you!!! I ask you, do people have to ask you things like pardon; say that again, sorry and so on when you speak English as a foreign language? You are annoying the person you talk to and you look like you are not educated while you might have a PhD! Well that was me. So I say, why not polish your English. The Pronunciation Workshop video training dramatically improved my pronunciation but Paul’s live training is what polished off the small imperfections in my English and what kept me coming back for more. When I speak with my new and improved English skills, it’s like I am taking Paul as a companion whenever I have to make a presentation or have a conversation! Give this a try, you will be amazed!

Jean Ntayomba, Civil Affairs Officer United Nations, Rwanda

I recommend this course to all my friends. And every time I do, I feel good because I know how precious this recommendation is and how powerful it will be for that person. Paul virtually opened my eyes (and mouth and ears) on many basic elements of English speech that I didn’t know about and didn’t understand before.

I’ve always been annoyed by the accent in my speech. At last I devoted some time to researching the best solution. I found, that there was only one that was of high quality and that’s Paul Gruber and his Pronunciation Workshop.

I bought the DVD course which is excellent. And also I was very pleased by the opportunity to take online private lessons with Paul Gruber himself. He teaches in such an energetic and effective manner that I look forward to and enjoy these lessons very much! This training is extremely useful to me, especially in my work and I received the fast results I was looking for. A great course!!!

Ivan Anikin, Real Estate Investment Manager, Russia

Your course has not only changed the way I speak English, but it has also changed my living style. I am grateful to God too, that I have come across your program on the Internet just in time.

I will definitely tell my Human Resource Department about your course, and I highly recommend it to all people in India who have not studied in an English School due to lack of finances or opportunities. If you would like, please feel free to publish my quote and true experience, so that millions of students in India and sub-continent will want to take advantage of your life changing course as well. I will be very happy if my comments help the Pronunciation Workshop Course flourish and reach every corner of the world and to those who are equally passionate to speak like an American.

I use to be an underdog during my school days. Now, all those brilliant students are jealous of my progress with my English accent and my related successes. That is why I am telling you how much your course means to me and what a life changing experience it has been.

 Also, please mention Naihati, India (which is a small town in the state of West Bengal) as my location in my comments because that will make Indian students understand that your course is reaching every corner of India and suitable not only for metro city people but also for everybody who has an interest and passion to improve their English.  I have no doubt that whoever will take this course will surely get affected by your enthusiasm too! Thanks!

Anirban Kar, IT Professional, India

As I work very closely with NASA and the Pentagon, my company recommended that I take accent training from Pronunciation Workshop. What a fantastic and rewarding experience! After working with the video course and face-to-face training sessions through Skype, I have the confidence to hold meetings and make my presentations in regard to our high technical materials. Thank you Paul for giving me the self-assurance I needed to speak English clearly and be easily understood.

Joong Yong Park, Manager, Software Development, Korea

I am now earning 3 to 4 times more than what I was paid from my first employer! I could not have been able to do this without your training course.

We migrated to the U.S., the country of great opportunities. (We are from India). We enjoyed everything except conversation with native speaking people because they couldn’t understand me! I was so disappointed and depressed. I couldn’t find a good job with my heavy accent!

My wife wanted to help me so she searched through the Internet and found this program. My wife is a nurse educator and an RN and now she is going for her PhD in Nursing at KU Med Kansas.

We both took this great video training program. It also helped my wife teach students with her better accent. I listened and practiced with the videos every day. My goal was to get a better job. As I improved, I got two job offers within 2 months! One was in insurance and the other was with a Toyota dealership! I selected the job at the dealership as a Sales Consultant. Now I am selling 15 to 25 cars every month (sometimes 4 to 5 cars in a day!).

A lot of my friends ask me about my job. "Joji, how can we get a job like you?" I tell my friends about your program and now they have already bought the course from you.

I am still trying to improve my accent even more, so that I can achieve more goals. We are so happy with our jobs and we can now buy whatever we want all because we have proper communication!

You are going to get another order from our family friends. They are Nuns from India working in our church. They want to speak good English too! We wish much success to you, Mr. Paul Gruber and your team.

Joji Eapen, Sales Consultant, India

After personally taking Paul’s training course, I chose his program to be used throughout my Call Center Academy in El Salvador. This is ABSOLUTELY, the finest course I have ever taken! The Pronunciation Workshop Course is the Best of the Best!

It gave me immediate results, and today I speak English perfectly! I recommend this program to anyone interested in having great pronunciation. You’ll be thrilled you did!

Rodrigo Galdamez, Call Center Academy, El Salvador

" />

Before I began the Pronunciation Workshop Course, I did not think that it would be possible to speak English with little or even without an accent. (I have tried many programs in the past without much success). Through the video course lessons and my personal sessions, I have been able to correct the way that I have been speaking English for the past many years. I highly recommend this workshop without reservation.

Leonard Yip, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief People Officer Panda Restaurant Group, Hong Kong

" />

Here in India, using this program we are able to take an individual who is UNEMPLOYABLE for the offshore booming call center industry, and make him EMPLOYABLE, with a good job which pays well, in less than two and half months...! That's the Power of Paul's program!!! He is changing lives on the opposite side of the world!

It is truly remarkable how simple and effective Paul’s training is and his engaging persona really pulls you in. We are so fortunate to have found Paul and we highly recommend his Pronunciation Workshop Training Programs!

Sanjay Mehta, Managing Director, Teleperformance, India

" />

The unconventional training method you use really works. Your course went beyond my expectations. Before taking your program, I definitely had difficulties with pronunciation, intonation, and pacing. After the course, I communicate so much better in English and I see that people exhibit less effort understanding what I say. Thank you.

Ugur Yilmaz, Second Secretary, Embassy of Turkey, Washington, D.C., Turkey

I only wish I had found your course a decade ago. I came to the States 14 years ago. Within three years I learned to speak English and hoped that my accent with time would decrease by itself. That did not happen. While taking your course, I realized that I have been only strengthening my bad pronunciation habits over the years. Your training helped me identify a number of problems in my speech that I was not aware of. Thank you for your excellent program!

Alex Konanykhin, Corporate President, Russia

I cannot praise this course enough. Since we implemented this training, not only have we seen significant improvements in our customer satisfaction scores, but our Average Call Handle Time per customer has been reduced by approximately 29%.

I am the Head of the Training Department of the World’s Second Largest Call Center Company in India. We have footprints in over 40 countries including the U.S. For years we have been searching for a cost effective training method to learn the North American style of English Pronunciation. This program is the BEST possible way to learn the English Accent!

Joy Deb Mukherjee, Director of Training, Call Center Industry, India

It is the best training course for American pronunciation I have ever seen. I wish that I had taken your video program a long time ago. I now can communicate with my colleagues and friends much better as I can easily convey my ideas much more clearly when I speak. These sessions met my needs and went beyond my expectations for learning correct American pronunciation, especially for my difficulties in Rrrr's with L blends and rhythm.

Mazen Shehadeh, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

" />

Following our corporate English skills training, we surveyed our team and received VERY favorable reviews.

I am a manager at Sabre Travel Network, one of the world’s largest travel technology companies. We have a large B2B Tech Support Center and Pronunciation Workshop provided training to our leaders located in South America and Poland. The self-guided lessons allowed everyone to practice in private, and the virtual sessions supported what they had practiced and each was given individual instruction. They were wonderful. Everyone felt very comfortable and stated that they felt more confident in their daily work. Overall, employees enjoyed the training, were appreciative of the program and its unique approach from other English courses.  Paul and his team were also very flexible and responsive when coordinating the training.

All in all, a very positive experience, good results, and we will continue to use Pronunciation Workshop training in the future.

Adele Younkin, Manager, Global Operations and Customer Experience, Sabre Travel Network, Uruguay

" />

In 14 days of taking the Pronunciation Workshop Course, I can say that I have improved my pronunciation significantly, even more than in the past three years all together!

I have been trying to improve my pronunciation since I came here to the USA three years ago, I bought some books and tapes, and also, I had personal instruction. My progress was in general terms, poor. I wasted money in wrong training techniques. When I discovered "Pronunciation Workshop" in the Internet I was skeptical, I saw the sample material and was surprised about the easy and simple way it was explained and the significant changes on my "R-words". I decided to acquire the material.

I really recommend this workshop to those who want to improve their pronunciation skills in a short period of time.

Ruben Chacon, Kraft Food, Sr. Manager GIS and ITOPS Security, Americas, Spain

When I heard Paul's first session I said ‘WOW, This guy’s a GENIUS!’ I am a CEO of a public wireless company in the US and tried most of the programs out there with no success until I got the Pronunciation Workshop program.... THERE IS NO COMPARISON!

Other programs were boring, no real direction and no progress achieved, I just put them back on the shelf; for me they were a waste of my time and money. Paul has such practical and easy to follow techniques that make such a big difference in the way you learn and in the results you get... Great job!

Ilan Kenig, CEO, Investment Banking, Israel

" />

I found this program to be AWESOME! It SIGNIFICANTLY improved my presentations in JUST ONE MONTH!

Before using the Pronunciation Workshop DVD course, I have worked with private tutors and used other CD courses. From my point of view, the tutor courses were not well structured and the CD courses did not prioritize major improvements needed. Unlike them, your course is very well planned and the materials target the most critical areas requiring attention from non-native speakers. Your program taught me the correct ways to pronounce my consonants and vowels. Thank you for this GREAT course. I hope more and more people can benefit from this training.

Vivien Yang, Chief Railroad Representative, Union Pacific, Shanghai Office, China

Paul, I would imagine that you get compliments on a regular basis, but am nonetheless delighted that you were kind enough to write back. Second, I really do believe that what you created is quite extraordinary. You are welcome to use comments of mine on your website if you’d like to. It would be my honor.

In recent years, it seemed to me that the correction of entrenched habits of pronunciation would more appropriately fall within the scope of a speech pathologist’s work rather than that of an ESL teacher. Unfortunately, I didn’t know a speech pathologist to recommend, and, frankly, I didn’t even know if any of them (I guess I should say, “You”) did this kind of work. I now see that perhaps I could have been a bit more diligent in researching this!

I teach month-long courses designed for non-US lawyers on “English for Law and Business”. Some of the courses have an ESL component. (I teach the law part). Almost all the participants have very high levels of English. However, we have never been quite satisfied with the outcome in the area of pronunciation.

Your approach, I believe, is extremely effective. Your training method is very efficient and quite enjoyable as well.

I wish I had known about it years ago. Your program is extraordinary. I will recommend it highly to all those interested. Thank you!

Martin Kriegel, Attorney at Law, Germany

" />

I am highly recommending the method you developed! My parishioners have noticed great improvements in my speaking, chanting and preaching.

I am an Orthodox priest in a large parish in the Greater Washington DC area. For the people who are considering your course, I would like to share that I began with the Pronunciation Workshop Video Course and then took private one-on-one sessions via Skype. Then I went through the Pronunciation Workshop Video Course again.  As a result, I have better confidence in myself as an American English speaker and there are greater benefits to the people to whom I serve. Thank you very much for all your help! With Warmest Regards. Thank you very much for all your help with pronunciation!

Archpriest George A. Kokhno, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, Washington D.C., Ukraine

" />

You have the best customer service I have ever seen. You truly appreciate your customers and do your best to satisfy their educational needs and deliver the results you promise.

I purchased your course, and it has helped me to discover my pronunciation problems of which I would not have known otherwise. It has dramatically improved my accent and pronunciation!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your customer service in particular and your business model in general.

Your training videos helped me to understand the nature of complex expressions and words. Your course was EXTREMELY helpful to me and I am impatiently waiting for new video training sessions with more practice materials. Again, thank you for your great work and I truly appreciate your company.

Albert Novikov, E-Communications Advisor for Government of Canada, Russia

Thank you for this INCREDIBLE workshop! You are truly great -and one of the funniest people I have ever come across. After watching your program over and over again, I feel we are old friends! The work you did is remarkable. Your technique is excellent and the way you present your material makes anyone comfortable about learning sometimes challenging combinations of sounds. I used to consider myself pretty funny, until I watched your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. YOUR WORK is so appreciated and it has greatly helped me improve my English! My primary language is Portuguese but I also speak Spanish (I lived in Mexico City). I am a Business Consultant and a Computer Engineer and presently an Administrative Director. Thank you again, for this FANTASTIC course!!!

Melina Johnson, Administrative Director, Brazil

" />

I did my research and thankfully found Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop Course!!!! This was the absolute best choice!!! This program is fun and the results were fast!! My journey with Paul took us to a partnership with the employees of the Royal Airline of Morocco, where I am providing the business training and Paul and his team handle the Pronunciation and English Training. Thank you so much!

Hicham Jalal, CEO of Training and Development Company, Morocco

Paul, you not only helped me improve my pronunciation in English substantially, but you also completely removed my fear of mispronouncing words in public. You provided me with a huge boost of confidence—a wonderful gift that not many have the ability to give! Thank you so much!

Khalid Alnowaiser, Attorney, Saudi Arabia

Paul, I want to thank you personally for all you have done for me! My experience working with Pronunciation Workshop has been life changing, and your training has improved my life greatly! You are excellent to work with and you have a unique capability to identify the weakness in my speech and how to overcome them in a fun filled manner. You have helped me improve my speech, making it easier for people to understand me by reducing my accent. You have improved my assurance when speaking, and I am now able to talk to clients with more confidence and now know that I am more effective in my communication. I highly recommend to those people who have been trained to speak English in a foreign country to take your course and to work with your trainers one to one if possible.

Agha Ahmar Ali, Senior IT Manager, CISA, PMP, CRISC, Pakistan

" />

When my company offered this training, I was the first to register. This course was so exciting that I practiced at midnight and sometime early in the morning. I was dreaming of improving my English Language oral skills after some improvement in reading and writing. My first language is Urdu because I was born, raised and trained in Pakistan. I came to Canada as an immigrant and graduated from University of Toronto in 2003 and left the country for six years. I was passionate and deeply involved in practicing with a loud voice so that I could hear myself. During practice a couple of times, my children woke up and got scared from my loud voice when trying to improve. In a short time, I realized that I am being better understood by all my colleagues. Thanks!

Khurrum Siddiqi, Planner/Scheduler, URS Flint, Pakistan

" />

Because of Pronunciation Workshop, speaking English with an American Accent has now become a very natural thing to me.

I work in the banking and insurance industry in Beijing, China. I doubted whether or not I could really learn to speak with an American accent. I thought my English was good, yet every time I watched TV, I wondered why I spoke so differently from Americans. I also found that people did not always understand what I said. I wanted to improve my pronunciation and searched for the best program there is. Well, I found it! Thank you for making it so easy!

Shan Huo, Banking Executive, China

" />

Pronunciation Workshop is the best investment a person can make for personal development and professional success. Your course was truly an effective way to improve my American English pronunciation in an easy way. The sessions are fun and my results were immediate. You exactly understood the issues with my pronunciation and pinpointed ways to improve it. I highly recommend this course!

Ajay Singh, Consultant, Deloitte, India

" />

This training has helped me to build a more professional brand image for Panda. I wish I had found out about Paul Gruber and Pronunciation Workshop earlier! This course helped me to understand what I am doing wrong and showed me what I needed to change to speak English like an American. What a fun and practical learning experience! Now, when I speak to others, I don’t need to explain again and again! Thank you!

George Chang, Executive Director of Learning and Development, Panda Restaurant Group, Taiwan

Please publish my photo and comments because it is absolutely the very least thing that I could possibly do! I am sending you this email to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have to tell you that your course is not just material to improve English, but it is a ‘piece of art’ that was made to stay and inspire people worldwide. It is amazing!

Despite the fact that I knew English ever since I opened my eyes to this world, your course has helped me tremendously in correcting my pronunciation errors.  Thanks to you, I am now easily understood, and my confidence level has skyrocketed!

Paul, you have no idea how much respect I have for you and you’re heartily produced work. You are an Angel living on earth. Even if I didn't have the chance to meet you in person, just seeing you through your videos is simply enough to show the kind of person you are inside.

 I wish you always the very best of health and wealth and May God be always with you.

Ahmed Khalaf, Teaching Consultant, Al-Ezdihar Language Institute Saudi Arabia, Germany/Jordan

I just want to say thank you for your Pronunciation Workshop course. I am very glad I purchased such a terrific program! It has helped me to significantly improve my English pronunciation.

Thank you Paul Gruber and your team!

Noe Somo, Biologist, Cameroon

Paul, there`s no other like you or your program! After studying with your course for almost two years, I`m still fascinated and amazed by it. It is so hard, being an American and not speaking the language correctly and perfectly. I studied English in Puerto Rico during my high school days. When I came back to New York, my accent was a mess. But I found your marvelous program which came to my rescue, saving me and my family many embarrassing situations. I am now teaching English as a second language and studying English literature at the same time. Paul thanks a lot!

Julio (Jay) Montano, ESL Teacher, Puerto Rico

Thank you for you for providing such a great tool for learning that has the potential to change lives! One can learn to read, speak and understand English, but one needs to be understandable in English as well. You emphasize that point clearly!

I am an ESL instructor and we teach over 100 highly-motivated students at our school.  During each 2 hour class, a portion of the time is set aside to view the Pronunciation Workshop videos. There are over 70 languages represented at our school. English is our common denominator, the way we communicate with each other. Because the nations of origin are many, and our students’ pronunciations of words are so diverse, I’m particularly impressed with the way Paul identifies specific pronunciation pitfalls which are quite different for someone from Germany or Russia than for someone from one of the Asian countries. I also love the way he emphasizes and has “us” practice the tongue and lip positions, the voiced and unvoiced sounds that make understandable English possible. For some, it’s quite a steep learning curve, but as he demonstrates, and we follow his instructions and examples, I can quickly see and hear the changes in the way our students speak. It is a joy to see this diverse group of immigrants from nations all over the world, watching and listening with rapt attention to these videos, then pronouncing the sounds, words and sentences with you. We have students from Russia, Argentina, China, Korea, Mexico, Iran...and many other countries.

One of my students said, “I want to speak like an American.” And that’s exactly what this course helps him to do. Though I’ve volunteered in several ESL programs over the years, none of them offered this essential component.  Understandable English is essential! 

Carolyn Cobb, ESL Instructor, Peace Center, United States

In less than two months, there has been an incredible change and improvement in my speaking skills, and my friends cannot believe it. They all want to know the secret.

Your program is extremely useful and has really helped me to improve my English. I started with Paul, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, about three months ago. At that time, I couldn’t speak English well and I was feeling frustrated and nervous when I spoke English. Surely, I told them all about Pronunciation Workshop... I say to anyone who wants to learn perfect English “Don’t hesitate, start now and sign up for the Pronunciation Workshop Course". Thanks so much to everyone who contributed in this wonderful effort.

Dr. Ahmad Alrawashdeh, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Jordan

I am writing this and tears are coming out of my eyes because I found my confidence and I have more success in my life than I thought was possible, thanks to your wonderful program. This is an awesome feeling - to be confident. Thank you a million times! I am still enjoying the results I received from Paul's course. I continue to improve every day and I keep getting compliments from the Americans who in most cases can't believe I wasn't born in the US! Thanks to the program I was actually able to take a big step and continue my career in teaching English as a second language! This once again confirms the fact that the course was life-changing for me.

Dzina Lappo, ESL Tutor, Belarus

" />

There simply is no better English training than this program. A sure sign that your foreign accent is fading away is when you notice that fewer people ask you "Where do you come from?” Your whole training course is an amazing resource that gives real results.

I've been struggling with trying to tone down my Polish accent ever since I arrived in this country many years ago. I bought and went through many different accent reduction programs. But I found that your Pronunciation Workshop is excellent, has well organization material, and you offer a very good and engaging presentation. With the mid-western accent from Illinois, you offer your training in the most desirable accent in America, the one most often heard on the news, and the one closest to standard General American that film and theater schools recommend for actors. The parts of the course I most often return to are vowels. Your course finally taught me how to pronounce some of those vowels in American English that are not present in Polish.

The Pronunciation Workshop also helped me with acquiring the American “R” sound. There may be other parts of the course useful to others because they address different areas than mine. The part of the course on tongue twisters and on pronunciation of all American states is very entertaining.

I am using it now in the mode that you may not have envisioned: I go over the course and over and over again! Why? Because I want to hear and see you pronounce the words in context and I want to mimic you by speaking simultaneously. In a nutshell, I want to learn your pronunciation and accent style and patterns. Great job!

Dr. Zbigniew J. Kabala, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Duke University, Poland

I have tried different programs and techniques, but they did not make much difference, and my speech remained heavily accented. The Pronunciation Workshop opened my eyes to my mistakes! I have been living in the United States for 18 years, but no matter how hard I tried, my accent did not improve. I purchased your product last year and have been using it consistently. What a wonderful program! I wanted Paul to know that his product is excellent and I absolutely love it!

By watching Paul Gruber making sounds correctly, I was able to understand what I have been doing wrong all these years! The program is well-structured; each lesson addresses one or two common speech problems in an easy-to-learn and fun way! Thank you very much for your wonderful product!

Svetlana Overbaugh, College Professor of Economics, Russia

" />

I want to let you know that I’ve passed all my English proficiency exams. The professor was always asking me to show the other international students the correct pronunciations of words and how to adjust their pronunciation like me!

Your videos definitely were a great contributor to my success in completing my Master’s Degree. I could not have done it without your help. You’ve always kept the topics interesting, taught me how to improve efficiently, and taught me what areas to focus on so that my pronunciation is clear and correct.

Today, I feel more comfortable when speaking with Americans and I am able to recognize any pronunciation mistakes when I hear them. Thank you so much for all your time and help!

Mazen A. Shehadeh, Ernst & Young, Jordan

The single act of buying Paul's course literally changed my life forever. At the end of each session, you really feel that you are becoming more fluent and confident. This will be the best course you’ve ever taken and I speak from experience. I have been teaching for 13 years and written 6 books while back in Brazil. 

As a professor, I believe that teaching is not about how much knowledge we share with others; it is about how much of what we teach is actually being learned. Unfortunately, many of us know first-hand that a heavy foreign accent can mercilessly convert great educators into average lecturers, just like that. Paul, it has been 8 years since I first bought your training course and because of you I am giving my students the best of myself by providing them the ability to completely understand what I have to teach them. The confidence I now have in the way I speak and the certainty that my students are learning is so gratifying. You may not realize this, but you have made a tremendous impact in education and we owe you a debt of gratitude.

Melina Johnson, College Professor, Brazil

I was surprised that such a small investment could make such a difference in my life… and more than I realized. The best way I know how is through pronunciation training with Paul Gruber… he did it for me and he will do it for you!!! I ask you, do people have to ask you things like pardon; say that again, sorry and so on when you speak English as a foreign language? You are annoying the person you talk to and you look like you are not educated while you might have a PhD! Well that was me. So I say, why not polish your English. The Pronunciation Workshop video training dramatically improved my pronunciation but Paul’s live training is what polished off the small imperfections in my English and what kept me coming back for more. When I speak with my new and improved English skills, it’s like I am taking Paul as a companion whenever I have to make a presentation or have a conversation! Give this a try, you will be amazed!

Jean Ntayomba, Civil Affairs Officer United Nations, Rwanda

I would recommend both the Pronunciation Workshop video program and the Live Training to anybody who wants to be better understood or just be more confident communicating. The training is fun and gives fast noticeable results! I am sure my pronunciation will continue to improve, since I am now aware.

Ella Lord, Office Manager, Russian

The live training that I had with Pronunciation Workshop was amazing. They demonstrated to me how experienced they are at detecting pronunciation problems. I’ve been here in the states for many years, yet, with just one session, they were able to pick specific words and accent issues and slice them in a very organized and systematic manner. The training is fun and I really look forward to the next ones. 

Dr. N. Awas, Anesthesiologist, Iraq

I wasted my time and money with untrained amateurs. Paul is educated, an EXPERT and a GENIUS when it comes to helping people with their accent and English. His training is simple and it works! There is nothing else out there that even comes close to his program.  Don’t be fooled by imitators.  Paul’s the REAL DEAL!  

Agha Ahmar Ali, Senior IT Manager, Pakistan

" />

Your method is staggering; I saw improvement very quickly by following your simple pieces of advice. I cannot express how valuable this training was. As you know, I used your Pronunciation Workshop program to improve my accent and English skills before joining Harvard Business School. I had tried numerous books and audio materials but they were complicated and lacked the immediate feedback I was looking for. Paul, with your help, I was able to focus only on the essentials. My Live Training via Skype was much fun and very convenient. The sessions were very flexible and delivered the tricks I needed to get an American accent quickly. Thanks to you, I feel so much more confident now!

Gonzague M., Business Major, Harvard Business School, France

" />

‘Wow, Mom! You sound great!’ Oh, what a compliment… and that after only a few weeks! I should have done this years ago! I want to thank you for your time and effort to help me. You have lots of patients and I admire you. We had great fun during the Live Session last night. After the Training Session with you, I rejoined my family and we spoke English for awhile. They can’t believe how fast I have improved. This course is an investment and a real confidence builder. Thank you once again.

Dr. Erna Oliver, Ph.D. University of South Africa, South Africa

I grew to love the Pronunciation Workshop Program! I have finally corrected my "hopeless" accent that I have had for decades. You have a way of breaking down the long and difficult sounds of English into small manageable parts. Your Live Training has been extremely productive and it has tremendously increased my confidence with my work. Thank you for your help.

Angela Wu, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, China

Because of your program, I now have the ability to make crystal clear presentations at my work!

Thank you Pronunciation Workshop for helping me to improve my pronunciation and speaking skills. I really like the approach you use in the video course to acquire the Native American accent. It amazes me how you make difficult sounds connect with music to make it easy to learn correct pronunciation. I am thankful to go beyond with your Live Training so that I can “tune my voice” further. 

Srini Sunkara, IT Professional, India

After I started watching the Pronunciation Workshop videos and took a one-to-one Skype training, I and all my teammates realized that my accent was getting closer to a Native American within only 2-3 weeks! Before I found your course, I tried practicing my American accent for a long time without any progress. This was because I was repeating the same mistakes over and over again. But Paul you have helped me to understand and love the ‘music’ in the American accent and this motivated me to move further forward. When I chose to sign up for the virtual LIVE session’s package I could not believe how much faster I improved. Thank you Paul! You are amazing!

Doaa Khay, Professional Training Expert, Egypt

" />

I would like to say that it has been an honor working with Mr. Paul and I highly recommend his training programs!

I am originally from Egypt, and now am a member of the United States Marine Corps.

Before I found out about the Pronunciation Workshop Course I had done research looking for the best way to pronounce the language and how to master and speak English professionally. I found and tried so many English improvement courses but they turned out not to be good. I never gave up and kept on searching until I found Mr. Paul’s website.

I was surprised at the very smart way Paul teaches. In just a few weeks, I was able to fix my pronunciation issues which NO one had ever pointed out to me before.

Later I wanted to become as perfect in American English as I could get so I requested to have a live training, and I had the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Paul! He has a very fun personality and very respectful and cares about my time and was flexible with my schedule. Paul taught me things about the language that I personally would never have found out on my own or learned from another program. Mr. Paul pays attention to little details and he takes the time to make sure you master the language in a perfect way.

After I took his classes I was able to mingle in the community and with friends and also to have a professional conversation with people at work.

Some people are against the idea of speaking a language with its native accent. Their argument is that they’d lose their identity and it’s wrong to do. I’ve never understood that argument, because even if you speak English with an American dialect, it doesn’t mean you lose your original identity or nationality or native language. Yes, people would assume you are a native speaker, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of and it wouldn’t force you to change who you are!

Finally I really want to thank Mr. Paul for his great work and efforts to make such a wonderful language course.

Ali Al Saadawi (Johnny), United States Marine Corps, Egypt

Paul’s course is absolutely the BEST. I’ll tell you what – he is also the BEST teacher I have ever met. Every time I work with the program, I pick up something new, and I don’t understand how.

When I was a kid, I dreamed that one day I would speak English with confidence. I have tried many different courses over the years and was never been happy with any of the results. I was always missing something, but I didn't know what it was. That was, until I found Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop Program.

Paul’s passion for what he does is amazing. There are no words which can describe how I appreciate this course and the support I received. My plan is to take more LIVE training over Skype, because my goal is to speak perfectly!

Because of Paul’s course, I feel very comfortable when I speak English, and my co-workers can understand me easily. In fact, it may be an even bigger surprise for them than for me, because of how I now speak. I sound like a different person!

Grzegorz Trzosek, Warranty Assistant UK, Poland

" />

When I was working with you, I knew that you put all of your heart into teaching. I want to thank you Paul, for dedicating your time and talent to help immigrants in the US to learn American English.

I enjoyed taking your Video course and training with you privately on Skype. It is clear you have a lot of experience in English pronunciation and accents. Thank you for your help.

Fr. Viet Nguyen, Priest, Catholic Archdiocese, Vietnam

" />

Your Live training was an excellent hands-on experience in improving my American pronunciation skills even further. My one to one session was one of the most valuable trainings I've ever taken. Through the techniques learned in this live training, I am now much more confident with my spoken American English in daily communications. I am also quite proud of myself when I am able to add some tongue twister and idioms to my American English in daily communications. Thanks to you!

Mazen Shehadeh, CPA, Arab Bank Group, Jordan

Paul’s training programs have been life changing for me! I took both the video course and the LIVE private training. This was the perfect combination to give me the fast results I was looking for.

I am in the training and development business. Since I offer my services throughout the United States and the world (I am now in Germany), I had a hard time communicating with some groups of people because of my accent. My native language is Moroccan; my second language is French, so you can imagine my accent with the French and Arabic influence. A friend suggested that I get help to improve the way I speak. So I did! Thanks to Pronunciation Workshop, I am able to communicate in English throughout the world and be clearly understood! 

Hicham Jalal, CEO of Training and Development Company, Morocco

I should have done this a long time ago, but better late than never. I have already learned to say "radio" and "video" correctly. I realized today during our personalized session that I was only going half-way. After working with you I am determined to go all of the way. You showed me so much in such a short amount of time.

I had so much fun learning from you and I certainly want more coaching in order to improve my speech further. You gave me a lot of valuable tips, which I will start putting into practice immediately. I will schedule a few more sessions with you right away. Again, thank you very, very much!

Svetlana Overbaugh, Professor of Business, Russia

I recently interviewed for residency positions and I successfully matched with 2 different pediatric programs in NYC. I am grateful to the Pronunciation Workshop Program for all the support and help in preparing me for these interviews by improving my pronunciation and communication skills. I also want your future clients to know that I met Paul at a Physician Acculturation Retreat. I was impressed by his teaching skills and how he helped me to quickly improve my pronunciation. Paul gave me individual attention and covered every aspect of my speech…just the help I needed. Now I can finally say that I am a US Doc!

Dr. Himanshu Adlakha, Physician, India

By far, the best pronunciation program I have found!  After living for 20 years in the US, I have finally improved, thanks to your American Accent Course. The live training is, without a doubt, a “plus” toward getting faster results. You are so knowledgeable and patient. You provided for me a very specific yet fun training program based on my desired areas of improvement. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to communicate with more confidence in the English-speaking world. I am very grateful for the training. I will definitely be practicing until I reach the desired results! What I write is all true. Thank you.

Marcela Ney, Professor, Columbia

" />

It was pleasure learning from you. I found where all of my real problems were regarding my accent and it was so easy to correct them. Your video course and your LIVE training on Skype were great. I can recommend your English course with confidence.

Mihai Ceaus, Estimator, Production Services, URS Flint, Romania

I can still remember my first one-on-one session over Skype. The training was wonderful! Receiving private coaching was not only fun, it gave me faster results. It was so convenient and easy, even though I live in China and the training is in America. I highly recommend Paul’s Live training for all English speakers, even senior learners like me. 

Shan Huo, Banking, China

" />

You not only helped to improve my pronunciation but also with my delivery and presentation skills that have had a tremendous and positive impact on the important presentations that I am working on. I started with your Video Course, and later on, I signed up for one to one training and the results were dramatic and transformational. I highly recommend your LIVE training for the personal attention one is looking for!

Ajay Singh, Consultant, Deloitte, India

" />

Your training does what it says it will! Paul, it has been a highly rewarding process working with you through Skype. Your techniques are extremely effective and show lasting results!

Needless to say, it was an immense pleasure taking your Video Course as well. Both, trainings complimented one another brilliantly. I wanted to take the time to thank you very much for all your help in improving my English Pronunciation.

Ugur Yilmaz, Second Secretary, Turkish Embassy, Turkey

You are very passionate at what you do and work hard to help your students. It really makes a difference in how much I have learned.

I have used so many books and other courses but they were so complicated. Your training is very easy to follow and precise. You cover every important topic and all of the pronunciation problems we have. I learn more and more every time I work with your program. 

I have received so much through my Live training and enjoy our one on one sessions. I am more confident and my colleagues tell me how much my pronunciation has improved and that now they can understand me. I am extremely happy to be your student! Thank you!!!

Hazarath Angirekula, SAN Architect, India

Working with you personally through Skype was something I always looked forward to. Thank you very much for encouraging me in my conquest to master the English language and for being such a great teacher!

As you know I am originally from a bilingual Romanian- Hungarian family where English is my third language. You possess a very unique talent in discerning “non- English sounds" that I could not identify in past accent training programs. I appreciate your hard work in creating an easy method to speak English clearly. Thanks.

Dr. A.F., Physician, Romania

Your Pronunciation Workshop course is amazing and has changed my life!!!! I've started to study English again from scratch after immigrating to Canada seven years ago. By this time, I'm reading books, watching TV, listening to radio all and only in English. I did achieve it. However I wasn't able to improve my pronunciation even though I am speaking English at work a lot. I could understand everything perfectly, but English speakers had problems understanding me because of my accent. This course is WONDERFUL! THANKS!!!

Angela Pefti, Accountant, Russia

This is the best course you can buy!!!! Now, when I speak, my customers say it’s amazing how much my English has improved!! I am so grateful to Paul and his Pronunciation Workshop program. The course is excellent, simple and effective.

I have been in a number of schools and bought other courses but I didn’t get results and felt so frustrated and embarrassed when the people didn’t understand me. They would say, excuse me?” … “Could you repeat?” Because of Paul’s training, I am so much more confident with my speech. Thank you so much!

Maria Elena Smith, Accountant, Columbia

I have already purchased another program as a gift for my brother in California, and plan onintroducing your DVD to my prior ESL school. I enjoy your training so much. The video lessons are so wonderful. I watched each session so carefully because I didn’t want to miss anything. I always had problems pronouncing my “L” and “R” sounds. I also dropped the ending sounds of words. Especially at work, I hated it when people didn’t understand me and said “what?” to me all the time. I felt so frustrated and embarrassed. It was so easy to see how to pronounce words correctly from your videos. Now, people at work, don’t say “what?” to me anymore. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Emily Bonomi, Systems Analyst, Taiwan

I love this training. I compared the Pronunciation Workshop program to many other training programs out there. Pworkshop is the best! Your program helped me figure out the right way to speak English. Thanks!

Kiet Le, Industrial Operator, Vietnam

Now, I have more satisfied customers every day. Thanks PW!!

Initially, I had a lot of problems with my pronunciation and strong accent, but with help of my coach and PW, I have been able to overcome this challenge.

Priya Arora Jha, Customer Service Specialist, India

This course has helped me to increase my income by more than double in a short span of 3 months. Pronunciation Workshop has changed my life. I am from a small city in India (Agra -- the city of Taj Mahal ) and I always wanted to work in an international call center. Though I spoke English, my kind of spoken English was not acceptable in international call centers. I was rejected every time. Then I came across Pronunciation Workshop and learned new techniques and a faster way to get the correct speech. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Sandeep Sisodia, Call Center Agent, India

I LOVE this course – It has opened a new door in my life!

After only a few lessons of the Pronunciation Workshop program, my English has become clearer. I am already seeing fast and amazing results…and the more I study, the more knowledge and skills I gain. People around me are becoming more open and I see that there are now many more possibilities in my life. Many Thanks!

Emily Dworkin, Accountant, Russia

I'm in a special English class for International students and in the last class I had to give a presentation about English pronunciation and I did samples of your first video and tongue twisters! I got 98%! The professor was very happy! Your video lessons are quite excellent and efficient.  Thanks you so much for your training program! I recommend the course to anyone who is having difficulty pronouncing English.

Mazen Ahmad Shehadeh, New Mexico State University, Jordan

For the first time, I can finally speak and be easily understood with mobile speech recognition devices when looking for directions or phone numbers! I also can speak easily with people without needing to repeat my sentences. I am very happy with your Pronunciation Workshop course and I am now seeing faster results with my one to one live lessons that I am taking. You make it so much fun to learn. Thanks again. You are great!!!

Ronnie Sal, Court Interpreter, Columbia

I have never before in my long fight for improving my English pronunciation, have I been offered better guidance and better training material to learn so many important practical details - so easily and in so little time. Paul’s practical knowledge of this subject is absolutely second to none.

When I first saw the Pronunciation Workshop Sessions, my immediate impression was – paradoxically - of sadness and regret. Paradoxically, because although I was enthusiastically enjoying what I was watching, at the same time I couldn’t help myself from thinking about all the years that had been wasted in search of valuable, practical and useful material on the subject of American English pronunciation.

But, back then there was no Internet, and above all, there was no Paul Gruber. His program is very well structured, and with well established priorities. It is clear and he touches the most important areas of English pronunciation. It provides amazingly close contact with the teacher, and – most importantly to me – it has tremendously improved my confidence that is so often lacking in the verbal performance of second language speakers. My only regret is that I did not find Paul’s course earlier in my life.

Jerry Zielinski, Mechanical Engineer, Poland

In a nutshell, the greatest pronunciation program ever! This is a World Class teaching approach by a truly great master, Paul Gruber.

If at times you feel frustrated when in conversations, and native speakers have to guess sometimes what you are saying, for sure you have a pronunciation issue. Now, you can be truly happy this program exists and that you discovered it. Here, Paul breaks it down for you step-by-step in a truly comprehensive manner, making your accent gradually fade away.

I can definitely say this is the best pronunciation program there is! I deeply appreciate your marvelous training!

Yaima Arteaga, Hotel Management, Cuba

I hope many people will soon discover the treasures of this course. I speak 4 languages and have taught 2 of them. I have taken many English courses however Mr. Paul Gruber gave me something that I have missed these past 15 years.

I would like to say that it is absolutely not enough to know many words and have good writing if you cannot be understood, because this has influence on everything, where your English is involved. I feel that I have a rich vocabulary; however, people still did not understand me when I spoke to them. Thousands of people, especially non-English speaking people, will find in this course what they have been missing. It is truly a wonderful program! I want to express my deep thanks to Paul Gruber and his staff for their great help.

Dr. Rachid Machrafi, Ph.D., Physicist, Morocco and Russia

You are so friendly to your clients! When I began this program, I felt like I was with a friend from the USA, speaking directly to me, clearly and understandably; helping me to hear and understand how to speak American English. The program is amazing and even the customer service is perfect! You are always at my disposal, with professionalism, responsibility and reliability. Congratulations to the whole team at "Pronunciation Workshop!

Your course is very effective and an extremely useful tool, for everyone who wants to speak the American English CORRECTLY! The pronunciation of a foreign language is very important and in terms of English, I think that the American accent is the best all over the world. Thank you for everything!

Dollina Papagiannis, Student, Greece

This is the best Pronunciation training I have ever taken. I found a better job because of this course and so I would like to thank Paul Gruber for his outstanding teaching skills. I was able to improve my English fluency, be better understood by native speakers and change my life! It was very enjoyable to take the Pronunciation Workshop classes and easy to learn. I must add that the customer service always helped me out whenever I needed it. Thanks again Paul Gruber!!!!

Gislaine de Toledo, Model Agency, Brazil

The Pronunciation Workshop Training works! Every session leaves me with a desire for more.

I want to acknowledge that since I began this course, it has been so helpful. I really enjoyed it, and it seems that I can’t have enough of it. Apart from being friendly, Paul you are great! It has helped me improve my speaking skills and intonation. I know I sound better and even catch my own mistakes. I have received many complements from different people, such as "You sound great", "I can understand you so much better", and "Keep on with whatever you are doing!" The other day I was in a store to buy something and the man who helped me, said to me, “I have noticed your English is much better and you speak so much clearer.” Paul, God bless you in all that you do and have a day filled with joy! Thank you!

Father Kisaka Nyache, Priest, Catholic Archdioceses, Kenya

Pronunciation Workshop Course saved my life. Now, none of the people who I talk to say “what”?

Thanks to Paul I found a great job and am not afraid any more of speaking in English. I have more confidence uttering the words and sharing my ideas!

I was born in Colombia, and have lived in Canada for eight years now. One day I was just desperate about my ability to speak in English. I was taking an English course here and there with some improvement. I was studying grammar, vocabulary and trying to memorize complete sentences. All this was helping but something was missing. I was asking myself why people are repeatedly saying “what?” when I was speaking with them. I was really tired of this. Finally and thankfully I found the Pronunciation Workshop course. I really love Paul and his program for all that you have done for me.

Ruth Tellez, Business Administrator, Columbia

Due to my professional financial world, normally I avoid giving any testimonial… except Mr. Paul Gruber. Your professional Video training was a big eye opener in both my personal and professional life. Thank you very much for your incredible work and devotion.

If I were to recommend an accent correction course to any foreign speaker, it would be to take the Pronunciation Workshop Course by Paul, who knows precisely how to improve your English within a short period of time. I learned to distinguish the difference between my mother tongue and Native American, to listen and correct myself when practicing, to polish my accent and flow of conversation through the various techniques; such as linking the phrases and words. I highly recommend Paul’s training program to any foreigners who want to speak with a Native English accent instead of with broken pronunciation.

Dr. Charleston Parks Ph.D., J.D., Chairman of One World Foundation UK, Korea

I can highly recommend this English Pronunciation Workshop course. I came to this country at the age of 60. I had only some knowledge of English that I had learned moving to Canada over 30 years ago. People had always told me that an "old parrot cannot learn to speak. But I bought this course, made the effort and proved them wrong. I defend myself well now in spoken and written English. Thanks!

Victor Villamizar, BS Chemical Engineer, Colombia

I benefited greatly from Pronunciation Workshop when I studied conference interpreting at the university. It gave me a good measure of clarity and authenticity in speaking English, both qualities much sought-after in interpreting. As a pleasant side effect, it also provided me with an enhanced awareness of auditory nuances in human language, which in turn positively affected even the way I speak my mother tongue, Turkish." Thank you!

Canberk Yüksel, Journalist/Translator, Turkey

I am so thankful and excited about this program. I enjoy learning from every session. The Pronunciation Workshop has enhanced my English speaking abilities and vocal skills. Practicing each session helps me to add new sounds to my speech inventory. Thank you so much, it’s wonderful!

Lisgett Guilarte, Student, Mexico

You are a great teacher. I bought the "Pronunciation Workshop Video Training Program” 2 years back. I have referred at least 3 friends to your course! I want you to know that your training helped me to get a job with a decent salary. My friends and I are all very happy that we bought your wonderful video program. I really appreciate your help to improve my accent through your course. 

Joji I. Eapen, Accountant, India

I actually got a job offer! I am so happy and part of my success I owe to Paul's advice and his Pronunciation Workshop. I would be flattered if you put my testimony on your website.

I was so excited to get a call from Paul Gruber himself!! I was thrilled to speak with him on the phone and not just on the video recording! He sounded even more convincing and professional. I really appreciate all the individual attention that your customers receive from your company! This is a great customer service!

The call today was a good luck call from Paul. I was heading out to have a second interview with one of the largest telecommunications company in the U.S. and I actually got an offer! This program gave me so much more confidence in myself. I would be flattered if you put my testimony on your website. Again, thank you so much for your superior service and for your great course!

Anna S., Telecommunications, Uzbekistan

It wasn’t until I watched your lessons that I finally understood my mistakes. For the very first time, I heard the difference! I’m from Mexico and even though I speak English, I’ve always had trouble with the “J”, “V” and “Z” sounds. My friends would joke with me that I pronounce the “J” as “Y”, for example “Yak” instead of “Jack”. The problem was that for the life of me, I couldn’t hear the difference, and therefore I couldn’t fix the problem. Because of this, people couldn’t understand me. I avoided words with those sounds as I knew I would mispronounce them and I didn’t want to be misunderstood. This was a horrible feeling. Since taking your course, I am no longer afraid of making mistakes, and now able to pronounce these sounds correctly! Thanks!

Juan Castañeda, Software Developer, Mexico

I want to be clearly understood when I'm on stage and Paul's wonderful explanation in what makes certain sounds hard to understand for Americans has helped to, literally, clean up my act! I am Hungarian by birth but have lived in Austria, Germany, France and the United States and my accent is a mishmash of all those languages, which I call ‘international bizarre’. Being able to practice each sound with Paul Gruber's Pronunciation Workshop is a wonderful asset in preparing my speeches and getting my message across.

Although I don't want to get rid of my accent, usually considered "charming," as a member of Toastmasters International I do want to make sure that I can be understood. So thank you Paul and the Pronunciation Workshop team for making this possible!

Ivan Farka, Photographer/Database Programmer/Cabaret Singer, Hungary

I am very happy and proud to say that with Paul’s help and course, I have been able to get a high profile IT job this year. Last year, I was unable to get this job due to my Indian Accent. I am truly and fully satisfied with the results that I achieved after using his program. Please convey my heartiest thanks to Mr. Paul Gruber for this excellent American Accent course.

Anirban Kar, Computer Technology, India

I was a housekeeper and now I am a Medical Interpreter! When I was searching to help me speak better English, I was hoping that there was something out there “made just for me.” And there is!!!

About seven years ago I was working as housekeeper for a rich family in Boston. I had no hope to get a better job because I spoke very little English and had a heavy accent at that time. But one day I was surprised that I got an excellent offer from my boss… she had just one requirement. I had to speak good English, because the job required a lot of communication so without good English it would not be possible. I was desperate in the beginning and I thought about refusing the offer. But I thought that there must be a solution, and that hopefully I could find it. There must be something out there made just for me. That's when I found Pronunciation Workshop in an ad on the internet. I bought it and started studying immediately. I got the results instantly! It was so awesome that I couldn’t stop on the first lesson. When you’re really learning something that you want and need, you just want to keep moving on without stopping. The way that Paul teaches is impossible to forget, even if you have ADHD. I did not only find a great English course but I also found confidence in myself! Pronunciation Workshop exceeded all my expectations and changed my life! Today I speak very good English thanks to Paul’s course. I even took a medical interpreter course and now “I” can help people who don’t speak English express themselves. I can’t find words to express my gratitude to The Pronunciation Workshop Team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Michele Carvalho, Medical Interpreter, Brazil

Pronunciation Workshop is one of the most effective and simplest means of achieving correct English Pronunciation. Since all of my customers are from the English speaking region, it is very essential for me to polish my skills. KUDOS!!

Krityanand Jha, Call Center Agent, India

Thank you verrrrrrry much Mr. Gruber with a strong R! You changed my life. Because of you, I can now speak English very fluently. I hope someday I will be able to do something for you. Thanks!

Rash Id, University Student, Iran

" />

Hi Paul, I have no words to describe how satisfied I am with this program. I'm learning things nobody ever told me (as you say on the videos).

I keep talking about it with my co-workers and with my boss who decided to order one for herself.

I'm putting the order in right know. She wants the DVD version as well.

Talk to you soon... (Anyway I talk to you every day, on the videos...) Thank you very much.

Maria Gómez, Accountant Sealy Mattress Corporation, Dominican Republic

I have made it to the end and I can’t express the special joy I had as I progressed from one session to the next. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your excellent program! It has been very, very exciting and has greatly improved my English speaking abilities. Thank you very much for your wonderful program!

Nyame Kwasi, Business Owner, Ghana

All of my doubts about your program’s effectiveness were gone in the very first five seconds of Lesson One. In one word…this program is simply GREAT! I LOVE IT! Thank you for doing such a good job!

Biagio Minervino, Engineer, Italy

I arrived in the United States in 1990. I started to study English, but it has been a difficult language to learn. I want to thank you for helping me with the pronunciation; you make it interesting and fun so that I want to learn more. Thank you for your program!

Amada Borunda, Student, Mexico

A million thanks!!! Yesterday, I met my previous ESL instructor. While we were speaking, she told me that she was amazed with my progress in pronunciation. Your program is Fantastic, Revolutionary – and so LIBERATING!

Gary Carabat, Account Executive, Philippines

It is worth MUCH MORE than what I paid for it – and it’s 1000 times better than the garbage that I have bought in the past! This is simply a great course! You have created a beautiful and well-explained program. I see it as a “service to humanity” – simple, effective, logically organized, easy to follow and learn, practical and to the point. I wish I had known about this program earlier. Pronunciation Workshop is the perfect companion to other courses where one learns English vocabulary and grammar. I hope you make a lot of money with this wonderful product!

Gino Orozco, Cartographer, Italy

Please use my comments and this is my photo. Paul, I am enjoying your course so much and I am improving my English pronunciation every single day. Thank you. I wish you the best!!!! You are doing good things so please keep doing it!!!!

Valeriya Kalmykova, Dancer/Model, Russia

After seven years of learning English, I can make this statement. Paul has created a brilliant Pronunciation Workshop program. Sometimes it's difficult to express in words the real feeling of appreciation and satisfaction but I want to express my deep gratitude to Paul and all of the people who support this workshop!

Angela Pefti, Tax Professional, Russia

Thanks to your program, I found an assistantship in my university which I take so much pride in. This workshop is truly wonderful! I am so glad I bought your Pronunciation Course which has brought me tremendous improvements in my English pronunciation and confidence when communicating in English. I continue to work with the video classes now and then to review and to continue to get better.

Thank you to all the staff at Pronunciation Workshop and I wish you much progress!

Ran Yang, Student, State University of New York at Buffalo, China

As a professional, I found that your system is the best amongst the several I had tried, and it has helped me tremendously!

I am a civil engineer with two master degrees accredited in the United States, and I really needed to improve my spoken English in order to better fulfill my professional desires and in order to be more useful in this country… and I DID. Naturally, one needs practice and repetition, especially when you are a mature person trying to master a new language. So thank you!

Clementina Osorio, Civil Engineer, Columbia

Hi Paul, I went back home and told my brother about you, but guess what! He already knows you. He attended a conference at the University of Jordan and he said that you are very famous in here. Amazing! Day by day I feel more comfortable and I can hear a real difference in my pronunciation. I even feel more confident when I read!

Mazen A. Shehadeh, Auditor, Jordan

I know it will sound weird, but you have been beside me all these years. The best moment was when I took my citizenship test before a US Officer and my diction was PERFECT!!! “Remarkable for someone who has lived in the US for such a short time" she said. So, of course I became a US Citizen!!! Currently I am in Venezuela and speaking Spanish everyday and this hurts my diction ... therefore I plan to keep practicing with you ... besides you are so handsome!  It is very nice to see and hear you every time I want. It is not one of my best but here is a photo of myself. I hope that you can use my words as a testimonial. Thank you for everything!

Sioly F. Rodriguez, Venezuelan Senior Attorney in Immigration, Venezuela

I used Paul Gruber’s program to improve my pronunciation and American accent. This helped me get a basic understanding of the American Accent. After using the course for 2-3 months I took the one-on-one instructional training with Paul and that made a big improvement in my accent and pronunciation. I strongly recommend the use of the DVD and the instructional training by Paul Gruber to anyone who wants to learn and speak in American Accent.

Dr. Augustine Joseph, Neurologist, India

Paul Gruber’s course is fun and easy. For people who wish to improve their American/Canadian pronunciation I highly recommend this course! The Pronunciation Workshop Program provided me with valuable tools and exercises that helped in making me an effective communicator. It is a very resourceful training course for individuals who use English as a secondary language and I still continue to enjoy reviewing it from time to time.

Bilal Hussain, Engineer, Pakistan

Little by little, one step at a time, and before you know it, the miracle happened! I started speaking like I was born in the United States! I would like to give a huge thank you for your wonderful program! I was born in Belarus and I came to the USA in search of a better life like lots of people do. I had been learning English for many years and was pretty fluent when I arrived but I never actually paid attention to my accent. It was that irritating question “Where are you from???” that made me think in this direction.

I became really nervous about it. At my job I deal with many people and I was fed up with hearing that question every 30 minutes… Every day and every week. I stopped going out, I tried not to talk to people. I felt bad about myself and I didn't have any confidence. I especially hated talking to young people (I am 23 now); it felt like I was from another planet. I just hated myself and was feeling miserable.

So I started to look for some solution to my problem. There were so many different programs out there! But I liked Paul's the best and I bought the course. I was so desperate that I decided to swallow the program - just go one lesson a day, I figured, one lesson a day - and in about two weeks I'll be walking around speaking perfectly. Ha! I forgot an important thing which Paul repeated so many times - It takes time! So after a while I was upset again - so much money for what??? I was upset and miserable again for a couple of months. And then I looked at the manual and it said that it recommended focusing on one single session a week. And so I did. To my greatest surprise, I started to notice big, big changes after a few weeks. Today, I feel good about myself, I am not scared to open my mouth and say something, because I know - I speak clearly and in the right way. I got the "rules" Paul was talking about. And guess what? Sometimes I ask people “how is my English.” And they look at me and say - it is...normal! Some even say they thought I was born in America. 

Dzina Lappo, Translator, Belarus

This program kicks! I used it, and it works!  I have recommended this course to so many friends and colleagues. I know what is available and your course is the best by far.

I am passionate to tell the world about this pronunciation training. Thank you!

Sherman Tse, IT Professional, Hong Kong

I just wanted to let you know that I reviewed the first lesson and I was amazed by the way you teach people to speak American English. I can only say that I improved my pronunciation in just a few minutes after beginning your first lesson! The way that you teach is so easy and enthusiastic. I am really enjoying this program! I am so very glad that I found your website. I really want to thank you one more time for all your help. You have what it takes to teach someone to improve his or her accent. You are very professional and patient, two important attributes in dealing with people learning to speak better English. You have the ability in helping others to lift our confidence and achieve our goal.

Marina Rivera, Senior Court Analyst, Panama

After watching and following your careful instructions in your video course I can easily recognize my errors and I learned how to improve my English. You provided me a new but simple method to correct my pronunciation effectively. I wanted you to know how good your program is for those who want to gain more confidence in public speaking, preaching, and daily conversations. Thank you again.

Fr. Viet Nguyen, Priest, Catholic Archdiocese, Vietnam

This is nothing at all like traditional lessons! I am so happy I found it. I had been struggling all my life trying to reduce my heavy Russian accent but I could never do it to the point when people would actually stop asking me where I am from originally.

I love the Pronunciation Workshop. I just started to practice and follow your advice and I am now rarely asked where my accent is from. My speech is much clearer and it is no longer marked with that notorious "Russian" accent thanks to your amazing workshop. Your sessions are easy to understand and practicing is fun. I got so much more out of it than I expected and my speech habits improved so fast!

Anna S., Technical Advisor, Uzbekistan

Use my story with picture in your newsletter or advertisement because if somebody can get inspiration from me and improve their life, it would make me so happy. You really did a great job and put so much effort to complete this course and we feel it in EVERY lesson. I always feel that I am sitting in a real class room with you because that's the way you made it. 

It is all because of Paul's great Pronunciation Workshop Course that I have much confidence without fear when I speak English!

I am so excited about your program. My wife and I both loved it! That's why we are telling our friends about you. It's amazing! It's truly a great talent from God. We always remember you in our hearts. Now, you have thousands of students all over the world! My wife, Doncy, worked in India and the Middle East in Qatar as a lecturer at the college of nursing and now she is working as an RN at St. Luke’s Health system! We wish you all success in your life. God bless you!

J. Eapen, Sales Consultant, Accountant, India

You’ve heard what others have to say. Now get our training for yourself and watch your life change!

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