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Paul S. Gruber, MS, CCC-SLP, Certified Speech Language Pathologist is the founder and CEO of Pronunciation Workshop, bestselling author, and your instructor in the Miracle Pronunciation Academy. For almost 30 years, Paul has helped millions of people throughout the world learn to speak English clearly, correctly and confidently with his unique, fun and powerful approach to pronunciation and accent improvement.
Paul has traveled the globe conducting large events for corporations and educational institutions with audiences of up to 6000 in attendance. Today, Paul’s video instruction is used daily by countless individuals, organizations, universities, and ESL programs on multiple continents across the world. Paul has devoted his life’s work in helping people communicate at their best, and sees YOUR success as HIS success!
Speak Clearly
and with Confidence
Many of our 55 million worldwide students have said that Paul Gruber’s English Pronunciation Training is the best they have ever seen, but they wanted more…
Well, it is finally here! Paul’s Miracle Pronunciation Academy! Video Training like no other!
Learn to speak Perfect English with the most Comprehensive, Powerful, Fun and Effective Pronunciation Course ever created…
Nothing is overlooked! Vowels, Consonants, Word Connections, Hidden Sounds, Intonation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Idioms, Conversations.
This will be the LAST English Program you will ever need!
Here's What You Will Learn In The Academy!
Discover Paul's SECRETS and change your speech forever!!!

CARRYOVER' - That's the MAGIC! It is impossible to 'think' about PRONUNCIATION and GRAMMAR, and speak at the same time. Learn how to 'Carry Over' your new found skills into your every day conversations... effortlessly!!!

The #1 Mouth Movement that will change everything when you speak!

This is why MOST people never achieve success. English has its own 'personality'. MOVING YOUR MOUTH in a certain way makes a HUGE difference in the way you sound. Paul's revolutionary approach teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know!

The GREATEST TRICK to mastering your 'TH' Sounds... and it is not about your tongue!!!

Paul's training takes a different approach. While others give you information, Paul shows you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO, to sound as if you were born in the U.S. or Canada!

STOP mispronouncing your 'TR' Words!

Take a moment and think of every word which begins with a 'TR'…  

"TREE, TRY, TRUE"...  Most likely, you are mispronouncing EVERY ONE of these words! Sign up today, and fix your 'TR' mistakes in just FIVE MINUTES!!!

The Hidden 'Y' Sound!   Why you need to master THIS to be clearly understood!

Look at these words: CREATE, SKIING, RADIO, OIL? They all have something in common. Can you tell what it is?

There is a 'Hidden Y' in EACH of these words! Most likely, you are NOT pronouncing them correctly! When you sign up today, you will be introduced to the MOST SPECTACULAR ENGLISH TRAINING of your life!!!

START SPEAKING and Stop Studying!!!

When you're ready to stop trying and start doing...  

Simply follow Paul's Proven Blueprint and begin speaking Clear and Correct English.  Not only will you be SMILING,  LAUGHING  and IMPROVING while learning,  you will enjoy a new sense of CONFIDENCE, that you never thought possible!!!

You will receive NEW video classes every week !
Millions Now Speak English With Perfect Pronunciation
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"You are going to LOVE the way you sound!"
Paul Gruber, MS, CCC - SLP
Join the ‘Miracle Pronunciation Experience’, a Six-Month Live Training Mentorship, and work with Paul Gruber directly for Face-to-Face Coaching to completely transform your Pronunciation and English Communication Skills!
Pronunciation Workshop will empower
your people to speak their best
Corporate Licensing and Training Available
The number one choice
for students and professors!
We solve communication challenges in education every day. The need for clear, intelligible English on campuses today is crucial, as the number of international professors, students, and teaching assistants continues to grow. While many can pass standardized English tests, it takes a much higher level of accuracy to communicate easily and effectively in the classroom.

Pronunciation Workshop® is for:

  • A student wanting to be better understood, and be a more active participant in the classroom and beyond.
  • A professor needing to improve an accent to remove student frustration, so that everyone can thoroughly understand everything which is taught.
  • A school whose goal is to ensure that every student receives the best possible education by providing an outstanding learning environment.
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Pronunciation Workshop has been the Official Provider of Pronunciation Training within the ESL Curriculum at
Stevens Institute of Technology!

Educational Licensing and Training Available
Miracles Do Happen...
You too, can speak English Clearly, Confidently and Correctly!
Try My Training Today! Start for just $37
World's #1 Pronunciation and English Coach
Paul S Gruber, MS, CCC-SLP/L
Speech Language Pathologist
Be a Great Communicator
And Become a Better Doctor
Pronunciation Workshop makes the exceptional patient experience a reality.

From the patient intake interview—all the way through treatment to discharge, it is crucial that you create trust by establishing a personal connection with each patient, and to communicate clearly with your colleagues and support staff.

Pronunciation Workshop’s 27-year history of delivering exceptional American accent training with proven results, is why we remain the number one choice for English pronunciation classes for all medical professionals.

Thanks to Paul, I received TWO Pre-Match Residency Offers and am now working in a New York hospital! My pronunciation improved very quickly, I was prepared for my interviews, and I owe so much to him and his training!"

Dr. Himanshu Adlakha - India
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