Success Stories

Ivan Anikin, Real Estate Investment Manager, Russia

I recommend this course to all my friends. And every time I do, I feel good because I know how precious this recommendation is and how powerful it will be for that person. Paul virtually opened my eyes (and mouth and ears) on many basic elements of English speech that I didn’t know about and didn’t understand before.

I’ve always been annoyed by the accent in my speech. At last I devoted some time to researching the best solution. I found, that there was only one that was of high quality and that’s Paul Gruber and his Pronunciation Workshop.

I bought the DVD course which is excellent. And also I was very pleased by the opportunity to take online private lessons with Paul Gruber himself. He teaches in such an energetic and effective manner that I look forward to and enjoy these lessons very much! This training is extremely useful to me, especially in my work and I received the fast results I was looking for. A great course!!!

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