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Natalia Afanasieva Forni, Ph.D. Psychologist, Russia

This past Christmas became a changing point in my efforts when "Santa" brought me a Paul Gruber's Pronunciation Workshop! I have been traveling with my husband from state to state lately and it seems a miracle has happened! I have been using the course for only a month and I am not hearing any more polite responses about "my lovely accent".

As a Psychologist and English Teacher for Beginners up to Intermediate Level, I taught adults in Siberia, Russia, and I worked with people who needed English for business, studying or traveling.

Three years ago when I came to live in the USA permanently, everything changed! I kept hearing things like "Oh what a lovely accent! Where are you from?" every time I spoke to somebody. I got tired of hearing these comments quickly and tried to correct my speaking, unfortunately with poor results.

I encourage anyone in Russia or any Slavonic language country who is thinking seriously about finding a good job on an international level, studying or conducting business to consider this course.

My observation is that no one abroad will care too much to understand you. It is your concern to make yourself understandable if you want to succeed. This program is "very, very, very rewarding"!