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Richard Lam, Director for Asia-Pacific International Learning Center (ICAL), Vietnam

As an ESL/EFL teacher and a Director of Studies working in South-East Asia and China for many years, I’ve found that your Pronunciation Workshop Training Course is the most valuable and effective training program among those available in the market. Your methods and lessons have really helped many non-native English speakers from Asia not only quickly fix many of their long lasting English pronunciation problems, but also significantly improve their English speaking skills.

 The end result is that after a couple of months diligently working with your American Accent training techniques, many of my ESL/EFL students have drastically improved their spoken English with a higher level of clarity and accuracy with reference to their pronunciation of English consonants, vowels and word and syllable stress. Your training has helped my students communicate in English clearly with confidence.

What is very interesting is that for those students who did not necessarily want to reduce or get rid of their accent, they are at last now, able to speak English correctly even though they still have retained their Asian accent thanks to your lessons! For them your course has worked like a charm!

Needless to say, I will recommend your courses to both English learners as well as “non-native” local English teachers in all my current and future ESL/EFL training projects in Asia.