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Sue Hagan, Supervisor Business Services, First Republic Bank, United States

First Republic Bank is a very satisfied customer of Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop program. I heartily recommend the Pronunciation Workshop Course for organizations that want quantifiable results.  It really made a difference for our employees and while we see a demonstrated improvement in their on-the-job communication skills, I also feel that the program gave them a life skill that they can take with them wherever they go.

I manage customer support for business products at the bank, including a call center that handles internal and external calls.  Last year we ran many employees through the Pronunciation Workshop program, participants included my group plus employees in our retail customer call center.

The results were very positive. For those who used the DVD program, there was a significant improvement in their speech as demonstrated by the before and after scores on standardized testing.  In addition, I personally noticed that those employees who went through the program had much more confidence when speaking. Paul Gruber put all the employees at ease about participating in the program.  He was very encouraging and made everyone feel good about themselves and their progress.  As it turned out, employees started looking forward to their sessions with Paul because they felt so comfortable with him. We have a number of staff who are not native English speakers.  Very few if any had ever been exposed to a speech program or speech therapy before.  The DVD program gives specific instructions on how to pronounce common sounds in America English correctly, and many of our staff found this aid very helpful.  It was a pleasure working with Paul Gruber on tailoring the program to our staff.  He was very accommodating and willing to customize the program to meet our needs.