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Joji Eapen, Sales Consultant, India

I am now earning 3 to 4 times more than what I was paid from my first employer! I could not have been able to do this without your training course.

We migrated to the U.S., the country of great opportunities. (We are from India). We enjoyed everything except conversation with native speaking people because they couldn’t understand me! I was so disappointed and depressed. I couldn’t find a good job with my heavy accent!

My wife wanted to help me so she searched through the Internet and found this program. My wife is a nurse educator and an RN and now she is going for her PhD in Nursing at KU Med Kansas.

We both took this great video training program. It also helped my wife teach students with her better accent. I listened and practiced with the videos every day. My goal was to get a better job. As I improved, I got two job offers within 2 months! One was in insurance and the other was with a Toyota dealership! I selected the job at the dealership as a Sales Consultant. Now I am selling 15 to 25 cars every month (sometimes 4 to 5 cars in a day!).

A lot of my friends ask me about my job. "Joji, how can we get a job like you?" I tell my friends about your program and now they have already bought the course from you.

I am still trying to improve my accent even more, so that I can achieve more goals. We are so happy with our jobs and we can now buy whatever we want all because we have proper communication!

You are going to get another order from our family friends. They are Nuns from India working in our church. They want to speak good English too! We wish much success to you, Mr. Paul Gruber and your team.