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Adele Younkin, Manager, Global Operations and Customer Experience, Sabre Travel Network, Uruguay

Following our corporate English skills training, we surveyed our team and received VERY favorable reviews.

I am a manager at Sabre Travel Network, one of the world’s largest travel technology companies. We have a large B2B Tech Support Center and Pronunciation Workshop provided training to our leaders located in South America and Poland. The self-guided lessons allowed everyone to practice in private, and the virtual sessions supported what they had practiced and each was given individual instruction. They were wonderful. Everyone felt very comfortable and stated that they felt more confident in their daily work. Overall, employees enjoyed the training, were appreciative of the program and its unique approach from other English courses.  Paul and his team were also very flexible and responsive when coordinating the training.

All in all, a very positive experience, good results, and we will continue to use Pronunciation Workshop training in the future.