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Dr. Zbigniew J. Kabala, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Duke University, Poland

There simply is no better English training than this program. A sure sign that your foreign accent is fading away is when you notice that fewer people ask you "Where do you come from?” Your whole training course is an amazing resource that gives real results.

I've been struggling with trying to tone down my Polish accent ever since I arrived in this country many years ago. I bought and went through many different accent reduction programs. But I found that your Pronunciation Workshop is excellent, has well organization material, and you offer a very good and engaging presentation. With the mid-western accent from Illinois, you offer your training in the most desirable accent in America, the one most often heard on the news, and the one closest to standard General American that film and theater schools recommend for actors. The parts of the course I most often return to are vowels. Your course finally taught me how to pronounce some of those vowels in American English that are not present in Polish.

The Pronunciation Workshop also helped me with acquiring the American “R” sound. There may be other parts of the course useful to others because they address different areas than mine. The part of the course on tongue twisters and on pronunciation of all American states is very entertaining.

I am using it now in the mode that you may not have envisioned: I go over the course and over and over again! Why? Because I want to hear and see you pronounce the words in context and I want to mimic you by speaking simultaneously. In a nutshell, I want to learn your pronunciation and accent style and patterns. Great job!