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Father Kisaka Nyache, Priest, Catholic Archdioceses, Kenya

The Pronunciation Workshop Training works! Every session leaves me with a desire for more.

I want to acknowledge that since I began this course, it has been so helpful. I really enjoyed it, and it seems that I can’t have enough of it. Apart from being friendly, Paul you are great! It has helped me improve my speaking skills and intonation. I know I sound better and even catch my own mistakes. I have received many complements from different people, such as "You sound great", "I can understand you so much better", and "Keep on with whatever you are doing!" The other day I was in a store to buy something and the man who helped me, said to me, “I have noticed your English is much better and you speak so much clearer.” Paul, God bless you in all that you do and have a day filled with joy! Thank you!