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Michele Carvalho, Medical Interpreter, Brazil

I was a housekeeper and now I am a Medical Interpreter! When I was searching to help me speak better English, I was hoping that there was something out there “made just for me.” And there is!!!

About seven years ago I was working as housekeeper for a rich family in Boston. I had no hope to get a better job because I spoke very little English and had a heavy accent at that time. But one day I was surprised that I got an excellent offer from my boss… she had just one requirement. I had to speak good English, because the job required a lot of communication so without good English it would not be possible. I was desperate in the beginning and I thought about refusing the offer. But I thought that there must be a solution, and that hopefully I could find it. There must be something out there made just for me. That's when I found Pronunciation Workshop in an ad on the internet. I bought it and started studying immediately. I got the results instantly! It was so awesome that I couldn’t stop on the first lesson. When you’re really learning something that you want and need, you just want to keep moving on without stopping. The way that Paul teaches is impossible to forget, even if you have ADHD. I did not only find a great English course but I also found confidence in myself! Pronunciation Workshop exceeded all my expectations and changed my life! Today I speak very good English thanks to Paul’s course. I even took a medical interpreter course and now “I” can help people who don’t speak English express themselves. I can’t find words to express my gratitude to The Pronunciation Workshop Team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!