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J. Eapen, Sales Consultant, Accountant, India

Use my story with picture in your newsletter or advertisement because if somebody can get inspiration from me and improve their life, it would make me so happy. You really did a great job and put so much effort to complete this course and we feel it in EVERY lesson. I always feel that I am sitting in a real class room with you because that's the way you made it. 

It is all because of Paul's great Pronunciation Workshop Course that I have much confidence without fear when I speak English!

I am so excited about your program. My wife and I both loved it! That's why we are telling our friends about you. It's amazing! It's truly a great talent from God. We always remember you in our hearts. Now, you have thousands of students all over the world! My wife, Doncy, worked in India and the Middle East in Qatar as a lecturer at the college of nursing and now she is working as an RN at St. Luke’s Health system! We wish you all success in your life. God bless you!