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Top Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Part 1

If you aren't afraid of public speaking, chances are you know someone who HATES it! So, the American accent training team at Pronunciation Workshop thought we'd give you some tips you can use to get over your fears and perform when you need to most! Communication is one of the most important things, and if you are communicating in English, proper English pronunciation can help you nail that big job interview, ace your presentation or be more confident answering questions in class. Public speaking could literally change your life!

The #1 tip is kind of an obvious one but one that needs to be said: PREPARE! Set up the room beforehand if you are able. Practice what you are going to say, set out what you are going to wear. There is almost no length you can go to prepare that won't help you out when the big day rolls around. Test your technology and arrive as early as you can.

Tip #2: Introduce yourself. Give a little (relevant) background. It will help make people feel like they know you and put both of you a little more at ease. A few short sentences will do, stop short of giving away your whole autobiography.

Tip #3: Don't take their attention for granted. Even if you were invited to speak, don't assume your audience is going to be into what you are saying or will continue to listen to you speak! Get their attention and keep their attention. Be interesting and engaging.

Tip #4: Try not to use notes. This goes back to being prepared enough for your presentation or speech. The less you are reading off a paper or looking down at your notes, the better. You will be more comfortable, which means you will speak more clearly and people will understand you more easily.

Remember, you generally won't ever find yourself in a room where people WANT you to fail, so  keep in mind that people are pulling for you to be successful and deliver a good presentation!

Next week, we will cover several MORE ways you can improve your public speaking and communication. Thanks for reading!