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Top 6 Travel Tips And 12 Travel Idioms so you aren't one of THOSE travelers.

The summer is heating up and with schools out around the globe, people are beginning to take their vacations and plan trips to and from hither and yon. So we thought we would give you some tips on being a good, courteous traveler, as well as a few phrases you might hear while you are out and about this summer.

Chances are if you have ever taken a trip in your life, you have come across one of “those” people. You know the ones, the person/people who just doesn’t seem to “get” it. 

In this blog, your American accent training team at Pronunciation Workshop will give you a few tips and idioms to help you better understand the world and to master the art of travelling. 

1. Obey the laws.


Inevitably, there always seems to be some people on holiday that feel as if the rules don’t apply to them. Whether they have been lulled into a sense of superiority by their free vacation spirit or they simply don’t care, committing a crime is just silly and 100% avoidable while you are traveling. This means posted signs at parks and points of interest. They may seem insignificant or even silly, but chances are they are there for a reason. You should follow them, without question.

2. Littering


One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people enjoy a national monument, museum, park or other attraction and leaving behind things they brought in. Water bottles, wrappers, no matter how small, it is 100% unacceptable to leave trash anywhere other than the proper receptacle. This goes right to the heart of being a respectful traveler. It isn’t about you or what others around you are doing, you know that leaving litter is wrong. Just simply don’t do it.

3. Be prepared when waiting in line


If you are traveling by plane, you know there is a lot of queuing going on. Check-in, security, boarding the list goes on. So travelers who don’t have their identification readily available are the bane of everyone else in line’s existence. Have you passport, ID, tickets and anything else you need easily accessible so that you can make your turn through the line as expeditiously as possible. 

4. Waiting your turn


To go along with being prepared, it is a good idea to get in a frame of mind to be ready to wait. In our go go go, hustle and bustle world, it is often hard for travelers to remember that having good behavior while waiting in line is a must, too. At the baggage carousel, keep back so that everyone can see, and gather their belongings when they arrive. Don’t crowd other people’s space in line, and of course, NO pushing, ever.

5. Tip Appropriately


Before any international travel, check into how people tip where you are going. Many places in the world do not tip and actually find it offensive to leave a tip. It is not like here in America where servers rely on tips to make any real money. But there are still many people where tipping is the norm. A quick google search before you head to your destination can save you from looking like a noob or a boob!

6. Have an open mind!


Always be ready for new experiences while traveling. Be adaptable if (and when!) things change or go wrong and your plans get altered. This is one of the greatest joys of traveling! It will help you learn new things and better enjoy the journey you are going on.  Things don’t always go as planned, and some times that can make all the difference in a fantastic trip!



Travel related Idioms.

These phrases might wound like they are about going on an adventure, but you might be surprised at a few of the actual meanings of these turns of phrase. Some of them, of course, actually ARE about traveling!


“He travels fastest who travels alone.”

It is easier to achieve your goal if you do not have a spouse, children or other connections to consider.


“Bad news travels fast.”

Information about trouble and misfortune disseminates more quickly than good news.


“Off the beaten track”

To venture away from frequently traveled routes.

We always find the best restaurants off the beaten track.


“A mile a minute.”

very fast, to go very fast

I have trouble understanding him, he talks a mile a minute.


“At a good clip.”

rapidly, to move or go quickly

We were traveling along at a good clip down the highway when we pasted the police officer.


“It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.”

You should enjoy the process of doing something, rather than anticipate the result of doing it.


“Have gun will travel”

You have the equipment and skill necessary to to a particular thing and are willing and ready to do it anywhere.


“Travel Light.”

To bring along very few items when you go on a trip

I like to be able to change my plans quickly, which is why I travel so light and can always keep my things with me.


“Travel broadens the mind.”

When you travel you learn things about the people you meet and the places you go.


“Drive a hard bargain”

Someone who will always make sure they get a good deal or that they gain an advantage in a business deal


“My way or the highway”

Telling a person that they either accept what you propose, the way you propose it or don’t participate.

I told her, it was my way or the highway since I was the boss and we are going to do things


On the homestretch”

You are approaching the end of something

After working on this project for our client for months, as are on the homestretch with the launch only a few away.