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  • From A to Z: All About Idioms

    As American accent training specialists, Pronunciation Workshop is dedicated to helping you improve your life through improved English pronunciation. However, there’s much more to the English language than pronunciation. Speech patterns, slang terms, and subtext can make learning and understanding the English language difficult. Of all the nuances of the English language, idioms are probably the most difficult to learn. English, like most other languages, evolves with the events and speech of the time, and allows for a great deal of creativity and imaginative language. In this blog, we’ll help you understand what idioms are, how they’re incorporated in the...

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  • How American Accent Training Improves Your Business

    Whether you’re the CEO of a global corporation or the manager of a small business, clear communication is critical for your overall business success. You and your employees must be able to engage each other, as well as your clients and customers, in a way that is compelling and easy to understand. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with communication on a daily basis. Whether it’s a client-facing employee with a thick accent that can’t be understood by customers, a manager who has trouble speaking with confidence, or a salesperson who can’t quite take full control of the English language for better...

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  • How to Deliver an Effective Presentation

    Making a presentation, in school, in business, can be scary or overwhelming, especially if English is not your native language. It puts you on public display. The audience sits there and listens to only you and your ideas. They will react or respond to not only the words that come out of your mouth, but how well you pronounce them as well as your body language. In order to deliver an effective and impactful presentation there are a few key points to get right. In this blog, your American accent training team will show you those tips! First, begin with asking...

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  • 12 Phrases Even Native English Speakers Get Wrong

    A dozen phrases even native English speakers get wrong.   If you’re not a native English speaker but you are studying the language or have learned it but are working towards speaking more clearly and being understood, you probably want to read on. So you want to talk like a native? Believe it or not, there are dozens of phrases that even those who have been speaking the language their entire lives get wrong ALL THE TIME! So, while you can certainly continue to learn by listening to native speakers in face to face conversation, via television or radio programs...

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  • 12 Summer Idioms

    Idioms are a huge part of the English language. In this blog, your American accent training team will give you a few special summer idioms to add to your collection! Like water off a ducks back - no effect on someone Example: Susan never gets upset when he is criticized. It’s like water off a duck’s back.   A drop in the ocean - a very small amount compared to the amount needed. Example: A few thousand pounds is a drop in the ocean when you think about the 15 million being spent on this event. Swim Against the Tide...

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