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  • How American Accent Training Improves Your Business

    Whether you’re the CEO of a global corporation or the manager of a small business, clear communication is critical for your overall business success. You and your employees must be able to engage each other, as well as your clients and customers, in a way that is compelling and easy to understand. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with communication on a daily basis. Whether it’s a client-facing employee with a thick accent that can’t be understood by customers, a manager who has trouble speaking with confidence, or a salesperson who can’t quite take full control of the English language for better...

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  • Who Needs English Pronunciation Classes?

    Some people believe that English pronunciation training is only for people learning English as a second language, or for people with thick, southern accents who are often misunderstood. This is not the case—mastering the English language and being able to say what you mean can lead you to new career opportunities, romantic relationships, and fulfilling life opportunities. In this blog, the American accent training team at Pronunciation Workshop will take a look at the kinds of people who can make use of our English pronunciation classes. Medical Professionals Clear communication is crucial for your professional development as well as for...

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  • Happy Holidays From Pronunciation Workshop and Paul Gruber

    To all of our wonderful clients throughout the globe... Wishing you peace and joy, laughter and love during this Holiday Season.  Please know how much we appreciate each one of you!  Paul Gruber CEO/Speech Language Pathologist

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  • Unwrapping Christmas Idioms

    The presents, the food, the holiday cheer—Christmas is just about here. Are you excited? While some of us don’t know a life without Christmas, others from other countries and cultures might not understand how important Christmas and its traditions are to those who celebrate the wintertime holiday.We can all understand the lavish dinners, the Christmas trees, and the presents—but what about the idioms and phrases that surround such a popular holiday? For those who don’t celebrate Christmas or aren’t aware of its customs, a lot of these holiday-specific terms might not make any sense at all. In this blog, Pronunciation...

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  • Happy Thanksgiving! Common Thanksgiving Idioms

    In a couple of weeks, it’ll be time for Americans to meet up with family and friends, bring out the deep fryer, cook up all the quintessential dishes, and give thanks for all of the amazing things in their lives. This is what Thanksgiving is all about— eating as much as possible, spending time with your favorite people, and enjoying the blessings of the world. While Thanksgiving usually comes with a side of cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, it also comes with some unusual idioms and sayings. If you’re not used to these idioms, it can be difficult to truly...

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