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  • Pronunciation Workshop Review | AMAZING BEFORE and AFTER | English Pronunciation Training | IMPROVE your ACCENT

    Meet our wonderful client, Rohan and hear his amazing transformation!  In this video, his gives his review of the Pronunciation Workshop English Pronunciation/Accent Modification Course.    

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  • 20 English Words You're (probably) Mispronouncing! | Difficult Pronunciation | Common Mistakes

      In this spoken English pronunciation lesson, Paul Gruber, will show you 20 of the most mispronounced words in American English, and how to say them correctly. These words include common mistakes made my English learners. It is important that English learners and ESL students know the correct English pronunciations so that they can be clearly understood in conversational English. With Paul's Pronunciation Workshop Training Course, you can also learn to speak with a perfect American Accent. Pronunciations include: Iron - Usual - Three - Choir - Studying - Squirrel - Ballet - Industry - January - First - Regime...

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  • 12 English Words you (might) MISPRONOUNCE 12 times | CONFUSING VOWEL SOUNDS| COMMON MISTAKES

    In this spoken English pronunciation lesson, you will learn how to correctly pronounce 12 common American English words called heteronyms. The pronunciation of these words are often mispronounced because they are spelled the same way, however, are pronounced differently with different meanings, sometimes causing confusion. It is important that English learners know the correct pronunciations so that you can be clearly understood in conversational English. Word List:  Tear - Minute - Bow - Separate - Wind - Wound - Produce - Project - Polish - Lead - Duplicate - Sewer      

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  • From A to Z: All About Idioms

    As American accent training specialists, Pronunciation Workshop is dedicated to helping you improve your life through improved English pronunciation. However, there’s much more to the English language than pronunciation. Speech patterns, slang terms, and subtext can make learning and understanding the English language difficult. Of all the nuances of the English language, idioms are probably the most difficult to learn. English, like most other languages, evolves with the events and speech of the time, and allows for a great deal of creativity and imaginative language. In this blog, we’ll help you understand what idioms are, how they’re incorporated in the...

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  • Business, Love, and Life: How Accent Training Helps The Average Joe

    In our blog, the accent training team at Pronunciation Workshop has talked about how speaking better English can help medical professionals and corporations. But what about the average Joe? Let’s take a look at how English pronunciation classes can help individuals find personal fulfillment and professional success. Business While having skills and expertise is important in the professional world, part of your success depends on how you’re perceived by potential employers and coworkers. If you have an accent that’s hard to understand, experience difficulties pronouncing words correctly, or just have trouble saying exactly what you mean, potential employers could choose...

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