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<em>R</em> Blends

R Blends

Today we are going to talk just a little bit about 'r' blends, and give you some quick tips on how to properly pronounce that sound with an American accent.

A consonant blend is when two or more consonants are blended together, but each souns may still be heard in the word/blend. These sounds are unlike digraphs, which are two consonants that stand together but represent one sound (think 'ph' that sounds like 'f').

When it comes to R Blends the 'r' sound is always the strongest sound of the blend. When the blend is at the beginning of a word, your mouth prepares for the 'R' by coming forward before you even say the word.

Watch Paul Gruber explain:

'R' Blends with Pronunciation Workshop's Paul Gruber from Pronunciation Workshop on Vimeo.


Download our FREE List of 'R' Blend words Here.