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How to properly make the 'R' sound with an American accent

How to properly make the 'R' sound with an American accent

Paul Gruber goes through the Pronunciation Workshop's American accent training method of teaching you how to properly pronounce words containing the consonant 'R', with an American accent.

Consonant ‘R’:

Two things to remember when making an American ‘R’ sound:
• Your mouth and lips come forward, like you are going to kiss.
• Your tongue moves back in your mouth, NOT forward.

Example Words:

‘R’ at the beginning of words:


‘R’ at the end of words or after a vowel:


‘R’ in the middle of words


‘R’ practice sentences:

The story he read on the radio was incorrect.
Her career in the law firm is permanent.


Much greater detail of the consonant 'R', including many more example words and sentences, 'R' blends and detailed instruction on how to pronounce the consonant 'W' are covered in the first session of the Pronunciation Workshop's video training course.

The 'R' with Pronunciation Workshop's Paul Gruber from Pronunciation Workshop on Vimeo.

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