Is there a chance that my employer will pay for your English pronunciation training program?

Many employers will eagerly pay for you to take our reasonably priced and very effective English pronunciation training program because improving your English Pronunciation will have such a positive impact in your workplace. But each company is different, so you should speak with your supervisor and/or Human Resource Department about their policy. Also, have them call us so we can explain our English pronunciation training program and the range of services we provide: 847.681.9177. We also would be happy to send you a Pronunciation Workshop Invoice, which you can submit to your employer for English pronunciation training. Pronunciation Workshop® also offers multiple license English Pronunciation packages designed for call centers, universities and corporations to provide our specialized English pronunciation training to groups. Ask your Human Resource or Training director to visit our Corporate Solutions page, or contact us or call us at 847.681.9177 for further information on our English Pronunciation programs.

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