Be a Great Communicator and
Become a Better Doctor
Pronunciation Workshop® makes the exceptional patient experience a reality.

From the patient intake interview—all the way through treatment to discharge, it is crucial that you create trust by establishing a personal connection with each patient, and to communicate clearly with your colleagues and support staff.

Pronunciation Workshop®’s 20-year history of delivering exceptional American accent training with proven results, is why we remain the number one choice for English pronunciation classes for all medical professionals.

Need help becoming a US doctor? Pronunciation Workshop® will make it happen!

  • Pass your USMLE the first time
  • Match into US Residency Programs
  • Land your dream job


Watch and learn how we impact Medicine!


Focus where it counts: practicing medicine, not practicing English.

With your busy schedule it is a must that we deliver fast results. Through Pronunciation Workshop® training programs, you will learn the correct pronunciation and use of medical terminology relevant to your medical profession and personalized vocabulary related to your specialty, proper intonation and stress of key words.

Pronunciation Workshop®’s focus goes way beyond how you speak. We will also address your interpersonal skills which include eye-contact, vocal projection, volume, and body language; these are all the “magical elements” for an exceptional ‘bedside manner’. Following our training, everyone you meet will have complete confidence in your professional abilities.

With better communication comes safer workplaces.

Where else, but in the world of medicine is communication so critically important. Clear and accurate speech must be a PRIORITY to protect the safety of all patients. Their care, quality of life and survival depends on it.

An outstanding health care organization that sets the bar high, does not tolerate mediocrity at any level. By bringing Pronunciation Workshop® onboard, you set yourself apart, by employing the greatest number of qualified, valuable, highly understandable and communicative physicians in the world.

Clear communication has a powerful impact on these key areas for healthcare organizations and providers:

  • Patients outcomes
  • Strengthened clinical performance
  • Patient perceptions of their providers
  • Patient loyalty, retention, and referrals
  • Fewer medical disputes and malpractice claims
  • Patient satisfaction scores on CAHPS, HCAHPS and CG-CAHPS surveys

Learn how doctors and other health professionals use Pronunciation Workshop® and how Pronunciation Workshop® benefits the healthcare industry. We urge you to contact us by providing just a few details in our Contact Form to outline your needs, so that we may provide you with our recommendations and proposal.