There’s a reason Pronunciation Workshop® is the number one choice with students, professors and learning institutions.

We solve communication challenges in education every day. The need for clear, intelligible English on campuses today is crucial, as the number of international professors, students, and teaching assistants continues to grow. While many can pass standardized English tests, it takes a much higher level of accuracy to communicate easily and effectively in the classroom.

Pronunciation Workshop® is for:

  • A student wanting to be better understood, and be a more active participant in the classroom and beyond.
  • A professor needing to improve an accent to remove student frustration, so that everyone can thoroughly understand everything which is taught.
  • A school whose goal is to ensure that every student receives the best possible education by providing an outstanding learning environment.

We have been the world’s leading authority on English pronunciation and American accent training since 1994. Learn how educators and students use Pronunciation Workshop® and how Pronunciation Workshop® makes learning great.

Watch and learn how we impact Education!


An English course is only as good as its teacher.

Pronunciation Workshop® for English Teachers, ESL Programs, Universities, School Districts, Adult Learning Centers, Non-profit Organizations and Outreach Programs

If you are an English Teacher, or run an ESL Program trying to advance a classroom of students at various levels of English proficiency, Pronunciation Workshop® will elevate your instruction to its highest level.

As a Certified Speech Language Pathologist, not only has Paul Gruber created a comprehensive training program but he is an exceptionally dynamic instructor with an engaging personality, full of energy, enthusiasm and passion.

With Pronunciation Workshop® as your teaching tool, you can easily customize the learning experience for each individual student, or teach the entire class at once using Paul’s revolutionary training. What’s more, with our educational licensing, your students will reinforce what they have learned in the classroom, by practicing with Pronunciation Workshop® using their iPads, computers or Smartphones, wherever they go. This is just another way Pronunciation Workshop® inspires learners to achieve their goals of speaking English clearly and correctly.

Engineered for maximum results.

Every single element used in Pronunciation Workshop®’s training program was meticulously designed to make learning correct English easier and simpler; to provide successful results in the fastest way possible. Anything that did not add value was excluded. This care, this consideration extends to how passionate we are about helping people communicate more clearly and effectively.

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