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We are changing the way your people communicate with each other, your clients, their customers and the world. Whether you’re an executive preparing for an important meeting, a manager getting ready for a presentation, a supervisor wanting to speak with confidence, or an employee wishing to get that promotion, Pronunciation Workshop® has a program that’s right for you.

We invite you to find out how other organizations are working with us and how Pronunciation Workshop® can partner with you to achieve the results you want in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. You can count on us to provide enthusiastic, energetic, and engaging American accent training and English pronunciation help. Contact us to learn how businesses use Pronunciation Workshop® and how Pronunciation Workshop® makes businesses great.

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Organizations committed to growing, supporting and motivating their team, will recognize the value in our powerful and unique English improvement programs. Pronunciation Workshop® helps a wide spectrum of English speakers within small businesses to global corporations; from those individuals who consistently struggle to be understood, to those who aim to improve their English skills, and to those who have a great command of the language, however wish to eliminate their accent altogether. Pronunciation Workshop® succeeds in taking everyone to their highest level of proficiency. Consider the power of articulate speech, in affecting one's ability to convey, persuade, and engage clients and colleagues.

Pronunciation Workshop® has been the world’s leading authority on pronunciation and accent improvement since 1994. We have the course, method, experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive solution focused on your organization's needs and goals. We offer:

  • Self-directed Pronunciation Workshop® Video Training Course
  • Face-to-face individual or team training virtually and onsite
  • Pre- and post- assessments with certification credentials
  • We are all about value, results, convenience, and confidence building

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