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When Communication is Your Business.
Your Company's Image and Reputation are on the Line!


Call Center Fact - Speaking English Don't Let Your Agent's Poor Speaking Skills affect your Company's ability to Retain or Acquire Future Contracts!


Poor speaking skills hinders job performance, creates stress, and reduces productivity. Agents who are difficult to understand cause great frustration for customers and those same customers report their complaints!

But Pronunciation Workshop's® Speaking English Training for Call Centers can change all that!


  • Strive for the Standard of Excellence in spoken English Proficiency in your offshore Call Centers and BPOs.
  • Give your Agents the opportunity to excel by providing them with effective training and watch your company GROW!

Do you know why Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Training is so Vital to your business?

When an employee is difficult to understand because of their English speaking abilities, the communication turns to that of frustration. Your customers do not want to spend the time or expend the energy to decipher what your employee is trying to say. The focus now shifts to how the employee speaks, rather than the content of what is being said. Communication breaks down, which is very costly to your company! Pronunciation Workshop Call Center Training Programs are a proven and efficient resource that will enable employees to perform to your company's best advantage.

Our cost-effective Speaking English training programs for Call Centers provide these important advantages:




  • Get the maximum performance out of your people
  • Raise the productivity of your agents
  • Improve speaking skills to help project creditability and confidence
  • Increase customer and client satisfaction
  • Enhance company image and reputation
  • Boost employee retention




  • Skills and knowledge are now more valuable
  • Increased opportunities for promotion
  • No longer perceived as unintelligent, uneducated and incapable
  • No longer will need to repeat themselves
  • Enjoy greater job satisfaction



  • Customers are no longer frustrated
  • Customers no longer lose patience and end conversations
  • Customers no longer complain
  • Customers no longer fear or avoid calling



  • Improved telephone effectiveness
  • Call handling is more efficient
  • Fewer escalated calls



  • Miscommunications
  • Language barriers
  • Bias in business interactions
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Speaking English Call Center BPO Options

On-site Speaking English Call Center Training Seminars:

Speaking English pronunciation training for Call Centers and groups is available worldwide. Call Center Training generally involves two or three days at your facility. It is fun, interactive, and very effective. Each student receives a training manual for use in class as well as homework assignments. Instruction includes company vocabulary along with industry specific terminology used in the workplace. Fees for on-site instruction depend on the location and the number of participants. Call Center Training Programs are customized for each individual company. Contact us today to request a proposal.


  • Learn how to correctly produce the most mispronounced business-related words in English.
  • Learn how to correctly produce business-related terms, phrases and expressions while engaging in real-life communicative scenarios.
  • Receive skilled intervention and individual feedback by a Certified Speech Language Pathologist to facilitate immediate improvement in speaking English.
  • Receive a copy of "Speaking English Pronunciation DVD Course", "The Complete Training Manual" and "The 800 Most Commonly Used Idioms in America" book.


Speaking English Distance Training Video Web-Casts

Our Speaking English Video Web-cast solution is another effective learning tool in accent reduction training. This e-learning group speaking English webcast is structured for interactive and engaging participation. Our Virtual Video Conferencing requires no special installation or equipment. All that is necessary is a headset, webcam and broadband connection. It is 100% browser-based and works on any operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Using a large screen to project the monitor image, participants can receive personalized speaking skill instruction. An alternative to the Virtual Team Speaking English Training Workshops, larger groups may effectively learn together with a Pronunciation Workshop® Speech Language Pathologist and improve their spoken English skills.


Speaking English Tele-Conferencing for Call Centers

Speaking English Tele-Coaching

Our Speaking English Tele-conferencing solution is another effective learning tool in accent reduction training. Using standard headsets, participants can receive personal accent reduction instruction by voice and text-chat messaging. An alternative to individual Tele-coaching, larger groups may effectively learn together with a Pronunciation Workshop® Speech Language Pathologist and improve their spoken English skills.


Virtual Speaking English Pronunciation Training for Call Centers

This e-learning group speaking English pronunciation training is structured for interactive and engaging participation. This video conferencing solution, whereby, up to 15 people can all see each other simultaneously, is an innovative speaking improvement learning method. In addition, we use a text chat feature, which enables the trainer to give the participants further support and reinforcement. This technology offers access to a convenient and efficient method of speaking English improvement.

Our Virtual Video Conferencing solution requires no special installation or equipment. All that is necessary is a headset, webcam and broadband connection. It is 100% browser-based and works on any operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Using e-learning multipoint technology, we are able to offer speaking English training electronically whereby individuals from your organization, regardless of location, are able to personally train with our staff. In addition, an unlimited number of observers may monitor the sessions as well.

This delivery method is the answer to providing consistent and effective speaking English pronunciation training, while increasing motivation and generating camaraderie among other speakers. While learning in a group speaking English workshop can be enjoyable, it can also stimulate and improve the participants listening skills and speech discrimination abilities, the key to improving one's speaking English skills. And one last benefit is that when participants work in a group, they begin to not only hear, but correct each other's pronunciation errors.


Individual Web-Based Call Center Speaking English Tele-Coaching

Call Center Speaking English Tele-Coaching

Pronunciation Workshop® Speech Pathologists also offer personalized speaking English Tele-coaching. Sessions are held on the telephone or over the Internet using VoIP and scheduling is flexible.

Speaking English Tele-coaching is unique in that it removes visual stimuli. When the focus of the training sessions is strictly limited to sound production, we find that 'ear training' abilities are significantly enhanced. In addition, when an Internet Chat feature is introduced, clients receive valuable information about grammatical and English written/spelling and pronunciation rules and exceptions. This instant text-based feedback is a wonderful tool to aid in strengthening and supporting the speaking English training; all digital transcripts are immediately sent to the trainee in an email to further assist in practicing the targeted sounds and inaccuracies when speaking English.

Each speaking English Tele-coaching session includes a 50-minute personalized coaching session with a Speech Language Pathologist. We target the specific nuances of each client's individual articulatory errors. During each speaking English session, we may also focus on work-related terminology, as well as any relevant projects and presentations trainees may currently be working on.


"Speaking English Pronunciation DVD Course" for Call Centers

Speaking English Call Center English Pronunciation DVD Video Training

Our Bestselling speaking English video DVD course consists of 15 Speaking English Video Training Sessions conducted by Speech Language Pathologist, Paul Gruber, MS, CCC-SLP. We use a speech therapeutic approach focusing on ear training along with other proven clinical methods. We not only demonstrate how to speak English correctly, but we present easy and efficient techniques for the individual to re-shape the way they sound.

This speaking English video course is self-directed and allows the user to train, study and practice outside of the structured speaking English classes and workshops. It provides a consistent, convenient and reliable method for self-study.

We offer corporate multiple-license packages. Please contact us for quantity pricing. Distributorships are available. Please see our Video DVD Course page for detailed information about our video training. Also, watch our Free Demo!

Pronunciation Workshop® Certification:

Pronunciation Workshop® provides a "Certificate of Achievement" or a "Certificate of Excellence" credential contingent on the final speaking English evaluation score.

Participants must:

  • Master the specific techniques of speaking English pronunciation: place of articulation and the mechanics thereof for vowels, consonants, and patterns of rhythm, syllable stress, and intonation.
  • Learn the strategies to successfully address the target sounds of native English speakers.
  • Learn the linguistic and phonological process of language acquisition, and how this affects the process of speaking English with proper pronunciation.
  • Receive a full speaking English pronunciation curriculum with which to incorporate into their program of English language study.
  • Certification is provided to individuals or groups who successfully complete the Pronunciation Workshop® speaking English program. Certification programs are delivered on-site at your organization or by using teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or web-conferencing formats.



Pronunciation Workshop® speaking English assessments are professional evaluations completed by our staff of Certified Speech Language Pathologists. They provide both an overview of a participant's overall vocal abilities as well as a roadmap for determining the verbal areas which require intervention. Participants will find assessments valuable in identifying individual articulatory weaknesses while receiving a prescription for corrective measures.

Pronunciation Workshop assessments include a live interview with a Pronunciation Workshop® Speech Language Pathologist. Interviews are conducted on-site or via our VoIP teleconferencing or video conferencing technologies.

A speaking English assessment details specific articulatory errors and verbal behaviors which impact communication. Our Complete Assessment includes a written phonemic inventory revealing specific speech errors and English communicative habits which require particular attention. We are then able to provide a comprehensive report from a diagnostic vantage point to assess the individual's specific speaking strengths, weaknesses and verbal skill level.

A speaking English learning plan is provided which will outline the corrective course to be taken to achieve success. Participants will be directed to study and practice specific sessions and elements within our course to target his or her English pronunciation errors in the areas of: vowels, consonants, rhythm, stress, intonation, speaking rate, and vocal volume. This material will serve to help the individual attain correct, spontaneous production as well as long-term pronunciation mastery.

Please contact us to schedule a personal Pronunciation Workshop® speaking English proficiency assessment.

Pronunciation Workshop® offers customized packages to meet each company's unique communication and industry-specific challenges. We invite you to call Toll-Free 1.877.796.7574 or email us to discuss your specific corporate needs.


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