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English Pronunciation Training Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Pronunciation Workshop ® program different?
We know that the Pronunciation Workshop® Program is completely unique and different from every other English improvement program out there, because we hear this everyday from our clients. Our course was created by Paul S Gruber, MS, CCC-SLP, a world-renowned Certified Speech Language Pathologist, who has devoted his life to helping people improve the way they speak English. Be assured that you will NOT be wasting your time or money with our program. Our method is unique and very simple; yet it is also engaging and lots of fun. There are no silly word games, ineffective speech recognition software, confusing vowel charts, endless word lists, or tongue placement diagrams which are impossible to understand. Ours is a proven and simple approach which really works and has helped thousands of people throughout the world.
I lead a very busy life? How much time do I need to devote to this program to see results?
The Pronunciation Workshop® English Pronunciation Training is self-paced, and it is up to you, as to how much time you spend working with program. Most of our clients take our Course over a period of about 2 to 3 months. Once you purchase our program, you can access our course on either your computer and/or personal device (Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, etc.) Many of our clients work with our course while traveling, exercising, or during their lunch hour.
I have been speaking English with an accent for decades. Can I still change the way I speak?
Absolutely! Our English pronunciation training helps both new English speakers as well as those who have been speaking English for many years. Most likely, no one has ever pointed out the English pronunciation errors that you make or shown you how to correct them. . Once you recognize your English pronunciation errors and are shown how to correct them, you will be on your way towards perfect pronunciation.
Am I too old to improve my accent?
You may be surprised to learn, that to date, Pronunciation Workshop‘s oldest client is 83 years old. This gentleman has wanted to improve his spoken English for many years and decided that now, he was going to see if this was possible. We heard from him a few months later, thanking us for making it happen!!! Through our course, he learned what he was doing incorrectly and discovered how easy it was to pronounce the sounds correctly. So, without question, you can change the way you speak English no matter how old you are!
I speak very little English. Can you help me?
Our English pronunciation training program is designed for individuals who already have basic to intermediate English speaking abilities. If you can understand what you are reading right now, then we can help you. We do not expect your grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation to be perfect - that is why you are taking our program.
Can I purchase the Pronunciation Workshop® English Pronunciation Training Course in any stores?
No, the Pronunciation Workshop® English Pronunciation Training Course is ONLY available directly from Pronunciation Workshop® and sold exclusively through the Pronunciation Workshop Website.
Will my employer pay for my Pronunciation Workshop® Training?
Many employers eagerly pay for you to take our course. When companies learn how reasonably priced our training is, they are easily agreeable to sponsor your desire to improve your English skills. They know that by helping you to change how you speak English, that it will have a positive impact in how you perform your duties on the job and in your workplace. We recommend that you speak with your supervisor and/or Human Resource Department, have them visit our website and watch Paul’s Free Demo and visit our Corporate Page. Be sure to have them look at the many testimonials on our Success Stories page, so that they can be assured of the effectiveness of our training and the results Pronunciation Workshop® delivers. Just contact us through our website, and we will be happy to email you additional information in a Pronunciation Workshop® Proposal and can provide you with an invoice, for you to submit to your employer. We accept payment via check, wire transfer, or can easily process your order with your credit card number.
Will the Pronunciation Workshop® English Pronunciation Training Program help me achieve a higher score on the TOEFL Exam or SPEAK Test?
Yes, definitely! The higher you score on these exams, the better chance you will have at being admitted into the college and university of your choice. The TOEFL Exam tests the ability to speak American English. The Pronunciation Workshop® English improvement program will give you the skills you need to be better prepared for the exam. To help you even more with your English comprehension scores, we are offering to all of our clients, free of charge, our printable guide "801 Ways to Say What You Mean". This rich resource provides you with eight hundred and one of the most common everyday expressions used in North America - what they mean and how to correctly incorporate them into your conversations. This will help you tremendously with your understanding of North American English.
I was born in the United States, and don’t really have an accent. But I speak too fast; I don’t know how to project; I have a regional dialect; I was born with a speech issues; I just wish to speak more clearly and correctly. Will your course help me?
Yes. We actually have many, many clients who speak English as their first language, and who were born and raised in the United States or Canada. People take our program for many reasons; they all want our help to speak their best!!! We also have several parents and grandparents who have purchased our course to help their children master speech articulation. Whatever the reason, you will not be disappointed with the results you will receive from our training.
I know I have a heavy accent and people don't always understand me. I can’t believe a video course can really help me. Will yours?
Absolutely our course will help you! You should buy our program today! There is no reason to delay. We realize that purchasing a course over the Internet, may be something you never thought you would do. However, read some of our Success Stories, and have faith in what we do. We are a completely professional organization and are extremely enthusiastic to help you. Signing up for our training may be the BEST decision you will ever make, and the best investment for your future. If you feel that your accent and poor English pronunciation is getting in the way of your personal or professional life, you owe it to yourself to do something about it. Without question, you are not going to find a more effective and fun course!
Is there a Pronunciation Workshop® office near me?
Our headquarters are located in Highland Park, Illinois, which is in the Chicago area. Whether you live around the corner from our office, or across the globe, we will train you via Skype or WebEx. We work face-to-face, and our training is as if you are sitting right across the table from us.
Will changing my accent mean losing my ethnic heritage?
Nope. Improving your English pronunciation will increase your ability to communicate effectively in Standard North American English. Our goal is never to detract from your heritage or cultural identity or to eliminate your accent completely (however if that is your goal, you can achieve it). Whatever your reasons for taking our training, you can be certain that Pronunciation Workshop® will give you the results you want. In the end, it is OUR goal for you to speak your best!
Would you provide on-site training to our organization?
Yes. Although we are in the Chicago area, we would be happy to travel to your location. We provide onsite 2 day, 3 day and weeklong trainings to individuals, groups and organizations throughout the world. Contact us for more information.
Can I purchase Pronunciation Workshop® Training using a check or money order?
Yes. You may mail in a money order or check made out in US Funds to our office. Be sure to include with your payment your name, address, telephone number, Skype name and email. For our Video Course, you will need to send a total of US$229.00. Once we receive your payment, we will email you to let you know and process your order. Please send your payment to this address:

Pronunciation Workshop
P.O. Box 1061
Highland Park, IL 60035 USA
How long does it take for my English Pronunciation to improve?
Most clients begin to see noticeable English pronunciation improvements during the first week of the Pronunciation Workshop® program; however in about 2 to 3 months, the improvements are truly amazing! Before you know it, you will begin to hear people say, "Wow, your English has really improved! If you are looking for faster results, then consider adding Live training to our Video course. This combination will give you the maximum help you are looking for in the shortest amount of time.
What are your suggestions in how to benefit the most with the Pronunciation Workshop® Video Course?
Take it very slow and do not rush through the program. We recommend that you practice with the videos about 15-20 minutes a day (or more if you choose). Work as often as you can, and focus on only one to two classes per week spreading the entire course over a two to four month period. Like all of our other clients, you will be amazed with the results.
Will my course play on my Mac Computer or Mobile Device?
Yes, the new 20th Anniversary Edition will play on your Windows or Mac. It will also play on your iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone or Android device. Basically everything…all you need is a reliable Internet connection.
What do I get when I order the Video Course?
When you order our Trial, you will receive two of our Video Classes with one week access, along with the Training Manual-Trial Version PDF. Almost everyone who takes our Trial, moves forward into our Full Course. When you take our Trial, you will see how fantastic our program truly is!

When you order our Full Course, you will get access to our 15 Video Classes, along with our New Bonus Session, and the Complete Training Manual. You will also be given Paul’s ‘801 Ways to Say What You Mean', our guide to the most commonly used Idioms and Slang in American English– both PDF Downloads. We offer these texts to reinforce your training and to enable you to practice even further. You will receive all of this incredible training and material for a full year from your date of purchase. You can access the entire program from your computer or personal device, as well as view and print the texts if you choose… it is up to you.
How will I know if I am improving?
This is a common question. You will definitely and absolutely know! As you go through the course, you will be saying to yourself over and over again, “I don’t do that… I didn’t know that”. You are going to learn so much about English Pronunciation! It is this awareness, along with some practicing, that will re-shape your words and sounds, and completely change the way you speak. The results are real and quite noticeable!
How do I know if I should just take the Video Course or add a Live Training Session?
The Video Course alone is extremely effective. Many clients have achieved perfect pronunciation with our Video Course alone. Our Live Training however, will personalize the course for you. We will point out problems in your speech that you were never aware of. We highly recommend getting individual private help to learn more about your specific problem areas within your spoken English and pronunciation. You will definitely get faster results when you combine both our Complete Video Course plus our Live Training.
Why is Pronunciation Workshop® Live Training so unique?
Following your purchase, you will receive an email with access to our course. If for some reason you do not see our email, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder.
Why is Pronunciation Workshop® Live Training so unique?
It’s the people behind our training. This isn’t just a job, it’s our passion. Our Speech Language Pathologists love what they do, and that’s to help you speak your best. Your success is our goal. We are excited to meet you and can’t wait for you to see and hear your speech and English skills improve. Our professional, knowledgeable team is with you from beginning to end to see that you get the results you want and deserve. Their enthusiasm comes from you and your achievement. When you meet us, you will not only see the difference but you will experience it. Guaranteed! Thousands of satisfied learners can’t be wrong.
I have a busy schedule, and am only available to take Live Training early mornings, evenings and weekends. Can I make an appointment during these times?
Once you place your order for our Live Training, you will have access to our Scheduling Calendar. We offer flexible hours, and can easily accommodate you, regardless of your time zone. Weekend trainings are available seasonally. Due to high demand, it is recommended that you schedule your appointment a few weeks in advance.
What letters and sounds will I learn during my Live Session? What will be covered?
Our Live Training is completely personalized to your needs, and we don’t know what will be addressed until we start listening and working with you! As you will be training with your very own Certified Speech Language Pathologist, your session will be both an Evaluation AND Live Coaching session all-in-one. We will assess your biggest pronunciation problems down to your smallest accent issues. In a short amount of time, you will learn so much! Following your session, we will send you the transcript for practicing purposes.
Can I sign up for Live Training only?
Yes, you can take just our Live Training. However, almost every single client that we have ever worked with has combined both our Live Training with our Video Course. We hear every day from our Live Training clients that our Video Course has significantly helped to reinforce and carryover their newly learned speech skills into their daily conversations. You can begin with a Live Training Session now and add the Video Course in the future; however, when you purchase our Combination Package, you receive our best pricing!
Is one Live Session enough?
Your introductory session is designed to give you the most help, in the shortest amount of time. When combined with our Video Training Program, this may be all that you need to reach your goals. Many clients however, love our Live Training, and wish to continue with additional sessions. If you would like to have additional private training following your introductory session, speak to your Speech Pathologist for guidance.
Do you offer Group Instruction over the Internet?
Absolutely. Our Group Virtual Training is offered to corporations and organizations throughout the world through Skype or WebEx. The training is fun and effective, and your staff will love it! We offer a variety of packages and have provided our Group Virtual Training to clients throughout the US and Canada, as well as China, Poland, South America, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan. Contact us today for more information.
Do I need a camera and headset for the session?
No. Many modern computers, iPads and Tablets have built in cameras and microphones, and no additional equipment is needed to participate in our Live Training. Some clients choose to use ‘earbuds’ or headsets, but it is not necessary if your device has speakers. If you do not have a camera, that is fine, as everything we do is based on ‘sound’. In reality, we actually do NOT need to see your mouth movements in order to help you; we will easily pick up on your problems, based on your speech. Our Speech Pathologists however, do use cameras, so you will be able to see us! We recommend that you take our training in a quiet location without any distractions, and make sure that you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.
Will I benefit from your Live Training? What if I don’t like it?
We have already provided many thousands of hours of Live Training to clients throughout the world. We have NEVER had one person ever tell us that they were disappointed…We mean it, this has NEVER happened! Instead it is quite the opposite…our clients often signup for additional Live Training Sessions, following their introductory session…it is that much fun and effective. If you are at all concerned with whether or not you are going to enjoy and benefit from our Live Training, we want to put your mind at ease. If within the first 15 minutes of your training session you are not 100% satisfied, inform the Speech Language Pathologist you wish to discontinue. The training will stop and you will receive a complete 100% refund for that session. There is absolutely no risk! But we can assure you that without question, you are going to LOVE the training!

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