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People just like you, have found real results and success with Pronunciation Workshop®. We would like you to meet some of our grateful clients who are eager to share their story with you. Click through our client photos, hear what they have to say, and then get our pronunciation and accent training for yourself and live your own success story.

Change your Life by Changing the way you speak.

We are very proud to say that we have NEVER had ONE client tell us that they were disappointed after taking our Pronunciation Workshop® American English course! We have heard countless times that the benefits our clients receive far outweigh their minimal investment and that Pronunciation Workshop® far surpassed their expectation in quality and content, producing amazing results in speaking American English confidently. In fact, they tell us how their ability to speak American English correctly and clearly made a huge impact on their lives and in their careers.

Get your own amazing results and get ready for the world to hear you, as you would like to be heard.

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Your Pronunciation Workshop video program is an EXCELLENT course to improve American English pronunciation.  It beats all other pronunciation courses, and it covered everything I needed to learn how to pronounce words.  It has personally helped me a great deal to improve my American accent. Even though I have been living in the US for 3 years, I still needed to improve my pronunciation! Paul, you VERY CLEARLY explain in your course all of the details in a slow understandable manner how to speak with perfect pronunciation and the sounds of English.  You made a really great course and I recommend it to everybody!

Heikki Taakala, Marketing Manager, Finland

I wasted my time and money with untrained amateurs. Paul is educated, an EXPERT and a GENIUS when it comes to helping people with their accent and English. His training is simple and it works! There is nothing else out there that even comes close to his program.  Don’t be fooled by imitators.  Paul’s the REAL DEAL!  

Agha Ahmar Ali, Senior IT Manager, Pakistan

You are very passionate at what you do and work hard to help your students. It really makes a difference in how much I have learned.

I have used so many books and other courses but they were so complicated. Your training is very easy to follow and precise. You cover every important topic and all of the pronunciation problems we have. I learn more and more every time I work with your program. 

I have received so much through my Live training and enjoy our one on one sessions. I am more confident and my colleagues tell me how much my pronunciation has improved and that now they can understand me. I am extremely happy to be your student! Thank you!!!

Hazarath Angirekula, SAN Architect, India

Your Pronunciation Workshop course is amazing and has changed my life!!!! I've started to study English again from scratch after immigrating to Canada seven years ago. By this time, I'm reading books, watching TV, listening to radio all and only in English. I did achieve it. However I wasn't able to improve my pronunciation even though I am speaking English at work a lot. I could understand everything perfectly, but English speakers had problems understanding me because of my accent. This course is WONDERFUL! THANKS!!!

Angela Pefti, Accountant, Russia

This is the best course you can buy!!!! Now, when I speak, my customers say it’s amazing how much my English has improved!! I am so grateful to Paul and his Pronunciation Workshop program. The course is excellent, simple and effective.

I have been in a number of schools and bought other courses but I didn’t get results and felt so frustrated and embarrassed when the people didn’t understand me. They would say, excuse me?” … “Could you repeat?” Because of Paul’s training, I am so much more confident with my speech. Thank you so much!

Maria Elena Smith, Accountant, Columbia

I have already purchased another program as a gift for my brother in California, and plan onintroducing your DVD to my prior ESL school. I enjoy your training so much. The video lessons are so wonderful. I watched each session so carefully because I didn’t want to miss anything. I always had problems pronouncing my “L” and “R” sounds. I also dropped the ending sounds of words. Especially at work, I hated it when people didn’t understand me and said “what?” to me all the time. I felt so frustrated and embarrassed. It was so easy to see how to pronounce words correctly from your videos. Now, people at work, don’t say “what?” to me anymore. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Emily Bonomi, Systems Analyst, Taiwan

I love this training. I compared the Pronunciation Workshop program to many other training programs out there. Pworkshop is the best! Your program helped me figure out the right way to speak English. Thanks!

Kiet Le, Industrial Operator, Vietnam

Now, I have more satisfied customers every day. Thanks PW!!

Initially, I had a lot of problems with my pronunciation and strong accent, but with help of my coach and PW, I have been able to overcome this challenge.

Priya Arora Jha, Customer Service Specialist, India

This course has helped me to increase my income by more than double in a short span of 3 months. Pronunciation Workshop has changed my life. I am from a small city in India (Agra -- the city of Taj Mahal ) and I always wanted to work in an international call center. Though I spoke English, my kind of spoken English was not acceptable in international call centers. I was rejected every time. Then I came across Pronunciation Workshop and learned new techniques and a faster way to get the correct speech. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Sandeep Sisodia, Call Center Agent, India

I LOVE this course – It has opened a new door in my life!

After only a few lessons of the Pronunciation Workshop program, my English has become clearer. I am already seeing fast and amazing results…and the more I study, the more knowledge and skills I gain. People around me are becoming more open and I see that there are now many more possibilities in my life. Many Thanks!

Emily Dworkin, Accountant, Russia

I'm in a special English class for International students and in the last class I had to give a presentation about English pronunciation and I did samples of your first video and tongue twisters! I got 98%! The professor was very happy! Your video lessons are quite excellent and efficient.  Thanks you so much for your training program! I recommend the course to anyone who is having difficulty pronouncing English.

Mazen Ahmad Shehadeh, New Mexico State University, Jordan

For the first time, I can finally speak and be easily understood with mobile speech recognition devices when looking for directions or phone numbers! I also can speak easily with people without needing to repeat my sentences. I am very happy with your Pronunciation Workshop course and I am now seeing faster results with my one to one live lessons that I am taking. You make it so much fun to learn. Thanks again. You are great!!!

Ronnie Sal, Court Interpreter, Columbia

I have never before in my long fight for improving my English pronunciation, have I been offered better guidance and better training material to learn so many important practical details - so easily and in so little time. Paul’s practical knowledge of this subject is absolutely second to none.

When I first saw the Pronunciation Workshop Sessions, my immediate impression was – paradoxically - of sadness and regret. Paradoxically, because although I was enthusiastically enjoying what I was watching, at the same time I couldn’t help myself from thinking about all the years that had been wasted in search of valuable, practical and useful material on the subject of American English pronunciation.

But, back then there was no Internet, and above all, there was no Paul Gruber. His program is very well structured, and with well established priorities. It is clear and he touches the most important areas of English pronunciation. It provides amazingly close contact with the teacher, and – most importantly to me – it has tremendously improved my confidence that is so often lacking in the verbal performance of second language speakers. My only regret is that I did not find Paul’s course earlier in my life.

Jerry Zielinski, Mechanical Engineer, Poland

In a nutshell, the greatest pronunciation program ever! This is a World Class teaching approach by a truly great master, Paul Gruber.

If at times you feel frustrated when in conversations, and native speakers have to guess sometimes what you are saying, for sure you have a pronunciation issue. Now, you can be truly happy this program exists and that you discovered it. Here, Paul breaks it down for you step-by-step in a truly comprehensive manner, making your accent gradually fade away.

I can definitely say this is the best pronunciation program there is! I deeply appreciate your marvelous training!

Yaima Arteaga, Hotel Management, Cuba

I hope many people will soon discover the treasures of this course. I speak 4 languages and have taught 2 of them. I have taken many English courses however Mr. Paul Gruber gave me something that I have missed these past 15 years.

I would like to say that it is absolutely not enough to know many words and have good writing if you cannot be understood, because this has influence on everything, where your English is involved. I feel that I have a rich vocabulary; however, people still did not understand me when I spoke to them. Thousands of people, especially non-English speaking people, will find in this course what they have been missing. It is truly a wonderful program! I want to express my deep thanks to Paul Gruber and his staff for their great help.

Dr. Rachid Machrafi, Ph.D., Physicist, Morocco and Russia

You are so friendly to your clients! When I began this program, I felt like I was with a friend from the USA, speaking directly to me, clearly and understandably; helping me to hear and understand how to speak American English. The program is amazing and even the customer service is perfect! You are always at my disposal, with professionalism, responsibility and reliability. Congratulations to the whole team at "Pronunciation Workshop!

Your course is very effective and an extremely useful tool, for everyone who wants to speak the American English CORRECTLY! The pronunciation of a foreign language is very important and in terms of English, I think that the American accent is the best all over the world. Thank you for everything!

Dollina Papagiannis, Student, Greece

This is the best Pronunciation training I have ever taken. I found a better job because of this course and so I would like to thank Paul Gruber for his outstanding teaching skills. I was able to improve my English fluency, be better understood by native speakers and change my life! It was very enjoyable to take the Pronunciation Workshop classes and easy to learn. I must add that the customer service always helped me out whenever I needed it. Thanks again Paul Gruber!!!!

Gislaine de Toledo, Model Agency, Brazil

The Pronunciation Workshop Training works! Every session leaves me with a desire for more.

I want to acknowledge that since I began this course, it has been so helpful. I really enjoyed it, and it seems that I can’t have enough of it. Apart from being friendly, Paul you are great! It has helped me improve my speaking skills and intonation. I know I sound better and even catch my own mistakes. I have received many complements from different people, such as "You sound great", "I can understand you so much better", and "Keep on with whatever you are doing!" The other day I was in a store to buy something and the man who helped me, said to me, “I have noticed your English is much better and you speak so much clearer.” Paul, God bless you in all that you do and have a day filled with joy! Thank you!

Father Kisaka Nyache, Priest, Catholic Archdioceses, Kenya

Pronunciation Workshop Course saved my life. Now, none of the people who I talk to say “what”?

Thanks to Paul I found a great job and am not afraid any more of speaking in English. I have more confidence uttering the words and sharing my ideas!

I was born in Colombia, and have lived in Canada for eight years now. One day I was just desperate about my ability to speak in English. I was taking an English course here and there with some improvement. I was studying grammar, vocabulary and trying to memorize complete sentences. All this was helping but something was missing. I was asking myself why people are repeatedly saying “what?” when I was speaking with them. I was really tired of this. Finally and thankfully I found the Pronunciation Workshop course. I really love Paul and his program for all that you have done for me.

Ruth Tellez, Business Administrator, Columbia

Due to my professional financial world, normally I avoid giving any testimonial… except Mr. Paul Gruber. Your professional Video training was a big eye opener in both my personal and professional life. Thank you very much for your incredible work and devotion.

If I were to recommend an accent correction course to any foreign speaker, it would be to take the Pronunciation Workshop Course by Paul, who knows precisely how to improve your English within a short period of time. I learned to distinguish the difference between my mother tongue and Native American, to listen and correct myself when practicing, to polish my accent and flow of conversation through the various techniques; such as linking the phrases and words. I highly recommend Paul’s training program to any foreigners who want to speak with a Native English accent instead of with broken pronunciation.

Dr. Charleston Parks Ph.D., J.D., Chairman of One World Foundation UK, Korea

I can highly recommend this English Pronunciation Workshop course. I came to this country at the age of 60. I had only some knowledge of English that I had learned moving to Canada over 30 years ago. People had always told me that an "old parrot cannot learn to speak. But I bought this course, made the effort and proved them wrong. I defend myself well now in spoken and written English. Thanks!

Victor Villamizar, BS Chemical Engineer, Colombia

I benefited greatly from Pronunciation Workshop when I studied conference interpreting at the university. It gave me a good measure of clarity and authenticity in speaking English, both qualities much sought-after in interpreting. As a pleasant side effect, it also provided me with an enhanced awareness of auditory nuances in human language, which in turn positively affected even the way I speak my mother tongue, Turkish." Thank you!

Canberk Yüksel, Journalist/Translator, Turkey

I am so thankful and excited about this program. I enjoy learning from every session. The Pronunciation Workshop has enhanced my English speaking abilities and vocal skills. Practicing each session helps me to add new sounds to my speech inventory. Thank you so much, it’s wonderful!

Lisgett Guilarte, Student, Mexico

You are a great teacher. I bought the "Pronunciation Workshop Video Training Program” 2 years back. I have referred at least 3 friends to your course! I want you to know that your training helped me to get a job with a decent salary. My friends and I are all very happy that we bought your wonderful video program. I really appreciate your help to improve my accent through your course. 

Joji I. Eapen, Accountant, India

I actually got a job offer! I am so happy and part of my success I owe to Paul's advice and his Pronunciation Workshop. I would be flattered if you put my testimony on your website.

I was so excited to get a call from Paul Gruber himself!! I was thrilled to speak with him on the phone and not just on the video recording! He sounded even more convincing and professional. I really appreciate all the individual attention that your customers receive from your company! This is a great customer service!

The call today was a good luck call from Paul. I was heading out to have a second interview with one of the largest telecommunications company in the U.S. and I actually got an offer! This program gave me so much more confidence in myself. I would be flattered if you put my testimony on your website. Again, thank you so much for your superior service and for your great course!

Anna S., Telecommunications, Uzbekistan

It wasn’t until I watched your lessons that I finally understood my mistakes. For the very first time, I heard the difference! I’m from Mexico and even though I speak English, I’ve always had trouble with the “J”, “V” and “Z” sounds. My friends would joke with me that I pronounce the “J” as “Y”, for example “Yak” instead of “Jack”. The problem was that for the life of me, I couldn’t hear the difference, and therefore I couldn’t fix the problem. Because of this, people couldn’t understand me. I avoided words with those sounds as I knew I would mispronounce them and I didn’t want to be misunderstood. This was a horrible feeling. Since taking your course, I am no longer afraid of making mistakes, and now able to pronounce these sounds correctly! Thanks!

Juan Castañeda, Software Developer, Mexico

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