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People just like you, have found real results and success with Pronunciation Workshop®. We would like you to meet some of our grateful clients who are eager to share their story with you. Click through our client photos, hear what they have to say, and then get our pronunciation and accent training for yourself and live your own success story.

Change your Life by Changing the way you speak.

We are very proud to say that we have NEVER had ONE client tell us that they were disappointed after taking our Pronunciation Workshop® American English course! We have heard countless times that the benefits our clients receive far outweigh their minimal investment and that Pronunciation Workshop® far surpassed their expectation in quality and content, producing amazing results in speaking American English confidently. In fact, they tell us how their ability to speak American English correctly and clearly made a huge impact on their lives and in their careers.

Get your own amazing results and get ready for the world to hear you, as you would like to be heard.

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I live in Paris, France and am a Technical Manager at Warner Bros Entertainment. My motivation for signing up for this training was to be more self-confident, and I was convinced that if my accent was not a problem anymore, that would be a big relief. Being understood immediately in English is a good advantage when you work for a US company. The training is fun and very intense. Not only is Paul's method great, but his personality is really rich, and he pays close attention to al the details. I’ve been recently congratulated by colleagues for my accent and improved English skills during a European presentation via video-conference. In the past, this kind of event was really difficult for me, not anymore… I strongly recommend this training!

Benoite Fouillet, Dubbing Manager, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group

I am greatly thankful for your videos and live training which have helped me in my professional career and personal life.  I proudly say that the Pronunciation Workshop Training has helped me to improve my pronunciation and the way I speak. Since getting started, I have been aware of my wrong pronunciations and inappropriate speaking, so that I can correct myself and improve a lot. As an assistant manager in a restaurant, this workshop has helped me to speak more confidently and powerfully. Especially, with the Live Training, I now know how to pronounce every single word  that I did not pronounce correctly. 

Loan Truong, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Vietnam

I love your video program, it is so good and very, very helpful. I am Chinese, and I know that your program is much needed here in the Asia market. There are so many people that have serious pronunciation problems because they were never taught how to speak English correctly when they learned English. Please say hello to Paul for me, he is so great!

Paige Lietzan, Logistics Administrator, China

I would recommend both the Pronunciation Workshop video program and the Live Training to anybody who wants to be better understood or just be more confident communicating. The training is fun and gives fast noticeable results! I am sure my pronunciation will continue to improve, since I am now aware.

Ella Lord, Office Manager, Russian

I want to be clearly understood when I'm on stage and Paul's wonderful explanation in what makes certain sounds hard to understand for Americans has helped to, literally, clean up my act! I am Hungarian by birth but have lived in Austria, Germany, France and the United States and my accent is a mishmash of all those languages, which I call ‘international bizarre’. Being able to practice each sound with Paul Gruber's Pronunciation Workshop is a wonderful asset in preparing my speeches and getting my message across.

Although I don't want to get rid of my accent, usually considered "charming," as a member of Toastmasters International I do want to make sure that I can be understood. So thank you Paul and the Pronunciation Workshop team for making this possible!

Ivan Farka, Photographer/Database Programmer/Cabaret Singer, Hungary

I am very happy and proud to say that with Paul’s help and course, I have been able to get a high profile IT job this year. Last year, I was unable to get this job due to my Indian Accent. I am truly and fully satisfied with the results that I achieved after using his program. Please convey my heartiest thanks to Mr. Paul Gruber for this excellent American Accent course.

Anirban Kar, Computer Technology, India

I was a housekeeper and now I am a Medical Interpreter! When I was searching to help me speak better English, I was hoping that there was something out there “made just for me.” And there is!!!

About seven years ago I was working as housekeeper for a rich family in Boston. I had no hope to get a better job because I spoke very little English and had a heavy accent at that time. But one day I was surprised that I got an excellent offer from my boss… she had just one requirement. I had to speak good English, because the job required a lot of communication so without good English it would not be possible. I was desperate in the beginning and I thought about refusing the offer. But I thought that there must be a solution, and that hopefully I could find it. There must be something out there made just for me. That's when I found Pronunciation Workshop in an ad on the internet. I bought it and started studying immediately. I got the results instantly! It was so awesome that I couldn’t stop on the first lesson. When you’re really learning something that you want and need, you just want to keep moving on without stopping. The way that Paul teaches is impossible to forget, even if you have ADHD. I did not only find a great English course but I also found confidence in myself! Pronunciation Workshop exceeded all my expectations and changed my life! Today I speak very good English thanks to Paul’s course. I even took a medical interpreter course and now “I” can help people who don’t speak English express themselves. I can’t find words to express my gratitude to The Pronunciation Workshop Team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Michele Carvalho, Medical Interpreter, Brazil

Pronunciation Workshop is one of the most effective and simplest means of achieving correct English Pronunciation. Since all of my customers are from the English speaking region, it is very essential for me to polish my skills. KUDOS!!

Krityanand Jha, Call Center Agent, India

Thank you verrrrrrry much Mr. Gruber with a strong R! You changed my life. Because of you, I can now speak English very fluently. I hope someday I will be able to do something for you. Thanks!

Rash Id, University Student, Iran

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Hi Paul, I have no words to describe how satisfied I am with this program. I'm learning things nobody ever told me (as you say on the videos).

I keep talking about it with my co-workers and with my boss who decided to order one for herself.

I'm putting the order in right know. She wants the DVD version as well.

Talk to you soon... (Anyway I talk to you every day, on the videos...) Thank you very much.

Maria Gómez, Accountant Sealy Mattress Corporation, Dominican Republic

I have made it to the end and I can’t express the special joy I had as I progressed from one session to the next. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your excellent program! It has been very, very exciting and has greatly improved my English speaking abilities. Thank you very much for your wonderful program!

Nyame Kwasi, Business Owner, Ghana

All of my doubts about your program’s effectiveness were gone in the very first five seconds of Lesson One. In one word…this program is simply GREAT! I LOVE IT! Thank you for doing such a good job!

Biagio Minervino, Engineer, Italy

I arrived in the United States in 1990. I started to study English, but it has been a difficult language to learn. I want to thank you for helping me with the pronunciation; you make it interesting and fun so that I want to learn more. Thank you for your program!

Amada Borunda, Student, Mexico

It is worth MUCH MORE than what I paid for it – and it’s 1000 times better than the garbage that I have bought in the past! This is simply a great course! You have created a beautiful and well-explained program. I see it as a “service to humanity” – simple, effective, logically organized, easy to follow and learn, practical and to the point. I wish I had known about this program earlier. Pronunciation Workshop is the perfect companion to other courses where one learns English vocabulary and grammar. I hope you make a lot of money with this wonderful product!

Gino Orozco, Cartographer, Italy

Please use my comments and this is my photo. Paul, I am enjoying your course so much and I am improving my English pronunciation every single day. Thank you. I wish you the best!!!! You are doing good things so please keep doing it!!!!

Valeriya Kalmykova, Dancer/Model, Russia

After seven years of learning English, I can make this statement. Paul has created a brilliant Pronunciation Workshop program. Sometimes it's difficult to express in words the real feeling of appreciation and satisfaction but I want to express my deep gratitude to Paul and all of the people who support this workshop!

Angela Pefti, Tax Professional, Russia

Thanks to your program, I found an assistantship in my university which I take so much pride in. This workshop is truly wonderful! I am so glad I bought your Pronunciation Course which has brought me tremendous improvements in my English pronunciation and confidence when communicating in English. I continue to work with the video classes now and then to review and to continue to get better.

Thank you to all the staff at Pronunciation Workshop and I wish you much progress!

Ran Yang, Student, State University of New York at Buffalo, China

As a professional, I found that your system is the best amongst the several I had tried, and it has helped me tremendously!

I am a civil engineer with two master degrees accredited in the United States, and I really needed to improve my spoken English in order to better fulfill my professional desires and in order to be more useful in this country… and I DID. Naturally, one needs practice and repetition, especially when you are a mature person trying to master a new language. So thank you!

Clementina Osorio, Civil Engineer, Columbia

Hi Paul, I went back home and told my brother about you, but guess what! He already knows you. He attended a conference at the University of Jordan and he said that you are very famous in here. Amazing! Day by day I feel more comfortable and I can hear a real difference in my pronunciation. I even feel more confident when I read!

Mazen A. Shehadeh, Auditor, Jordan

I know it will sound weird, but you have been beside me all these years. The best moment was when I took my citizenship test before a US Officer and my diction was PERFECT!!! “Remarkable for someone who has lived in the US for such a short time" she said. So, of course I became a US Citizen!!! Currently I am in Venezuela and speaking Spanish everyday and this hurts my diction ... therefore I plan to keep practicing with you ... besides you are so handsome!  It is very nice to see and hear you every time I want. It is not one of my best but here is a photo of myself. I hope that you can use my words as a testimonial. Thank you for everything!

Sioly F. Rodriguez, Venezuelan Senior Attorney in Immigration, Venezuela

Paul Gruber’s course is fun and easy. For people who wish to improve their American/Canadian pronunciation I highly recommend this course! The Pronunciation Workshop Program provided me with valuable tools and exercises that helped in making me an effective communicator. It is a very resourceful training course for individuals who use English as a secondary language and I still continue to enjoy reviewing it from time to time.

Bilal Hussain, Engineer, Pakistan

Little by little, one step at a time, and before you know it, the miracle happened! I started speaking like I was born in the United States! I would like to give a huge thank you for your wonderful program! I was born in Belarus and I came to the USA in search of a better life like lots of people do. I had been learning English for many years and was pretty fluent when I arrived but I never actually paid attention to my accent. It was that irritating question “Where are you from???” that made me think in this direction.

I became really nervous about it. At my job I deal with many people and I was fed up with hearing that question every 30 minutes… Every day and every week. I stopped going out, I tried not to talk to people. I felt bad about myself and I didn't have any confidence. I especially hated talking to young people (I am 23 now); it felt like I was from another planet. I just hated myself and was feeling miserable.

So I started to look for some solution to my problem. There were so many different programs out there! But I liked Paul's the best and I bought the course. I was so desperate that I decided to swallow the program - just go one lesson a day, I figured, one lesson a day - and in about two weeks I'll be walking around speaking perfectly. Ha! I forgot an important thing which Paul repeated so many times - It takes time! So after a while I was upset again - so much money for what??? I was upset and miserable again for a couple of months. And then I looked at the manual and it said that it recommended focusing on one single session a week. And so I did. To my greatest surprise, I started to notice big, big changes after a few weeks. Today, I feel good about myself, I am not scared to open my mouth and say something, because I know - I speak clearly and in the right way. I got the "rules" Paul was talking about. And guess what? Sometimes I ask people “how is my English.” And they look at me and say - it is...normal! Some even say they thought I was born in America. 

Dzina Lappo, Translator, Belarus

This program kicks! I used it, and it works!  I have recommended this course to so many friends and colleagues. I know what is available and your course is the best by far.

I am passionate to tell the world about this pronunciation training. Thank you!

Sherman Tse, IT Professional, Hong Kong

I just wanted to let you know that I reviewed the first lesson and I was amazed by the way you teach people to speak American English. I can only say that I improved my pronunciation in just a few minutes after beginning your first lesson! The way that you teach is so easy and enthusiastic. I am really enjoying this program! I am so very glad that I found your website. I really want to thank you one more time for all your help. You have what it takes to teach someone to improve his or her accent. You are very professional and patient, two important attributes in dealing with people learning to speak better English. You have the ability in helping others to lift our confidence and achieve our goal.

Marina Rivera, Senior Court Analyst, Panama

After watching and following your careful instructions in your video course I can easily recognize my errors and I learned how to improve my English. You provided me a new but simple method to correct my pronunciation effectively. I wanted you to know how good your program is for those who want to gain more confidence in public speaking, preaching, and daily conversations. Thank you again.

Fr. Viet Nguyen, Priest, Catholic Archdiocese, Vietnam

This is nothing at all like traditional lessons! I am so happy I found it. I had been struggling all my life trying to reduce my heavy Russian accent but I could never do it to the point when people would actually stop asking me where I am from originally.

I love the Pronunciation Workshop. I just started to practice and follow your advice and I am now rarely asked where my accent is from. My speech is much clearer and it is no longer marked with that notorious "Russian" accent thanks to your amazing workshop. Your sessions are easy to understand and practicing is fun. I got so much more out of it than I expected and my speech habits improved so fast!

Anna S., Technical Advisor, Uzbekistan

Use my story with picture in your newsletter or advertisement because if somebody can get inspiration from me and improve their life, it would make me so happy. You really did a great job and put so much effort to complete this course and we feel it in EVERY lesson. I always feel that I am sitting in a real class room with you because that's the way you made it. 

It is all because of Paul's great Pronunciation Workshop Course that I have much confidence without fear when I speak English!

I am so excited about your program. My wife and I both loved it! That's why we are telling our friends about you. It's amazing! It's truly a great talent from God. We always remember you in our hearts. Now, you have thousands of students all over the world! My wife, Doncy, worked in India and the Middle East in Qatar as a lecturer at the college of nursing and now she is working as an RN at St. Luke’s Health system! We wish you all success in your life. God bless you!

J. Eapen, Sales Consultant, Accountant, India

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