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I did my research and thankfully found Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop Course!!!! This was the absolute best choice!!! This program is fun and the results were fast!! My journey with Paul took us to a partnership with the employees of the Royal Airline of Morocco, where I am providing the business training and Paul and his team handle the Pronunciation and English Training. Thank you so much!

Hicham Jalal, CEO of Training and Development Company, Morocco

Paul’s training programs have been life changing for me! I took both the video course and the LIVE private training. This was the perfect combination to give me the fast results I was looking for.

I am in the training and development business. Since I offer my services throughout the United States and the world (I am now in Germany), I had a hard time communicating with some groups of people because of my accent. My native language is Moroccan; my second language is French, so you can imagine my accent with the French and Arabic influence. A friend suggested that I get help to improve the way I speak. So I did! Thanks to Pronunciation Workshop, I am able to communicate in English throughout the world and be clearly understood! 

Hicham Jalal, CEO of Training and Development Company, Morocco

I hope many people will soon discover the treasures of this course. I speak 4 languages and have taught 2 of them. I have taken many English courses however Mr. Paul Gruber gave me something that I have missed these past 15 years.

I would like to say that it is absolutely not enough to know many words and have good writing if you cannot be understood, because this has influence on everything, where your English is involved. I feel that I have a rich vocabulary; however, people still did not understand me when I spoke to them. Thousands of people, especially non-English speaking people, will find in this course what they have been missing. It is truly a wonderful program! I want to express my deep thanks to Paul Gruber and his staff for their great help.

Dr. Rachid Machrafi, Ph.D., Physicist, Morocco and Russia

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