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We are very proud to say that we have NEVER had ONE client tell us that they were disappointed after taking our Pronunciation Workshop® American English course! We have heard countless times that the benefits our clients receive far outweigh their minimal investment and that Pronunciation Workshop® far surpassed their expectation in quality and content, producing amazing results in speaking American English confidently. In fact, they tell us how their ability to speak American English correctly and clearly made a huge impact on their lives and in their careers.

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It is the best training course for American pronunciation I have ever seen. I wish that I had taken your video program a long time ago. I now can communicate with my colleagues and friends much better as I can easily convey my ideas much more clearly when I speak. These sessions met my needs and went beyond my expectations for learning correct American pronunciation, especially for my difficulties in Rrrr's with L blends and rhythm.

Mazen Shehadeh, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

Please publish my photo and comments because it is absolutely the very least thing that I could possibly do! I am sending you this email to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have to tell you that your course is not just material to improve English, but it is a ‘piece of art’ that was made to stay and inspire people worldwide. It is amazing!

Despite the fact that I knew English ever since I opened my eyes to this world, your course has helped me tremendously in correcting my pronunciation errors.  Thanks to you, I am now easily understood, and my confidence level has skyrocketed!

Paul, you have no idea how much respect I have for you and you’re heartily produced work. You are an Angel living on earth. Even if I didn't have the chance to meet you in person, just seeing you through your videos is simply enough to show the kind of person you are inside.

 I wish you always the very best of health and wealth and May God be always with you.

Ahmed Khalaf, Teaching Consultant, Al-Ezdihar Language Institute Saudi Arabia, Germany/Jordan

In less than two months, there has been an incredible change and improvement in my speaking skills, and my friends cannot believe it. They all want to know the secret.

Your program is extremely useful and has really helped me to improve my English. I started with Paul, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, about three months ago. At that time, I couldn’t speak English well and I was feeling frustrated and nervous when I spoke English. Surely, I told them all about Pronunciation Workshop... I say to anyone who wants to learn perfect English “Don’t hesitate, start now and sign up for the Pronunciation Workshop Course". Thanks so much to everyone who contributed in this wonderful effort.

Dr. Ahmad Alrawashdeh, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Jordan

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I want to let you know that I’ve passed all my English proficiency exams. The professor was always asking me to show the other international students the correct pronunciations of words and how to adjust their pronunciation like me!

Your videos definitely were a great contributor to my success in completing my Master’s Degree. I could not have done it without your help. You’ve always kept the topics interesting, taught me how to improve efficiently, and taught me what areas to focus on so that my pronunciation is clear and correct.

Today, I feel more comfortable when speaking with Americans and I am able to recognize any pronunciation mistakes when I hear them. Thank you so much for all your time and help!

Mazen A. Shehadeh, Ernst & Young, Jordan

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Your Live training was an excellent hands-on experience in improving my American pronunciation skills even further. My one to one session was one of the most valuable trainings I've ever taken. Through the techniques learned in this live training, I am now much more confident with my spoken American English in daily communications. I am also quite proud of myself when I am able to add some tongue twister and idioms to my American English in daily communications. Thanks to you!

Mazen Shehadeh, CPA, Arab Bank Group, Jordan

I'm in a special English class for International students and in the last class I had to give a presentation about English pronunciation and I did samples of your first video and tongue twisters! I got 98%! The professor was very happy! Your video lessons are quite excellent and efficient.  Thanks you so much for your training program! I recommend the course to anyone who is having difficulty pronouncing English.

Mazen Ahmad Shehadeh, New Mexico State University, Jordan

Hi Paul, I went back home and told my brother about you, but guess what! He already knows you. He attended a conference at the University of Jordan and he said that you are very famous in here. Amazing! Day by day I feel more comfortable and I can hear a real difference in my pronunciation. I even feel more confident when I read!

Mazen A. Shehadeh, Auditor, Jordan

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