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People just like you, have found real results and success with Pronunciation Workshop®. We would like you to meet some of our grateful clients who are eager to share their story with you. Click through our client photos, hear what they have to say, and then get our pronunciation and accent training for yourself and live your own success story.

Change your Life by Changing the way you speak.

We are very proud to say that we have NEVER had ONE client tell us that they were disappointed after taking our Pronunciation Workshop® American English course! We have heard countless times that the benefits our clients receive far outweigh their minimal investment and that Pronunciation Workshop® far surpassed their expectation in quality and content, producing amazing results in speaking American English confidently. In fact, they tell us how their ability to speak American English correctly and clearly made a huge impact on their lives and in their careers.

Get your own amazing results and get ready for the world to hear you, as you would like to be heard.

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  • Receive compliments on how great you speak
  • Sound as if American English is your first language
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I live in Paris, France and am a Technical Manager at Warner Bros Entertainment. My motivation for signing up for this training was to be more self-confident, and I was convinced that if my accent was not a problem anymore, that would be a big relief. Being understood immediately in English is a good advantage when you work for a US company. The training is fun and very intense. Not only is Paul's method great, but his personality is really rich, and he pays close attention to al the details. I’ve been recently congratulated by colleagues for my accent and improved English skills during a European presentation via video-conference. In the past, this kind of event was really difficult for me, not anymore… I strongly recommend this training!

Benoite Fouillet, Dubbing Manager, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group

Pronunciation Workshop is the best course for improving your English and pronunciation that I’ve ever seen. Don’t feel confident enough? Are you looking for customized lessons? You will succeed thanks to the amazing tips and tricks in this training that will change your life? With Paul’s lessons, you will be able to communicate with your colleagues and friends better than ever!

Thank you Paul, for your passion and motivating me, going beyond my expectations for learning correct pronunciation and sounding GREAT, just like a native speaker!

Lionel Rossi, Project Manager, Nokia-France, Lannion, France

Throughout my studies in the United States, I found the Pronunciation Workshop is the best investment one can do to gain confidence in his/her speaking English. This workshop gives all you need to speak with the proper American accent. The program eliminated my accent to be close or even the same as an American accent. I encourage everyone who wants to speak with proper English to invest in this program.  In addition, I consider it an investment because you get all the help you need through the website to help gain more skills in eliminating your accent. Thank you very much Pronunciation Workshop!

Omar Baakeel, Health Care Management, Saudi Arabia

The Pronunciation Workshop Program has helped me to gain confidence when I am speaking, and connect with others easier!  Working with Paul directly has also been wonderful.  I strongly suggest this training to anyone who wishes to improve their English and communication skills.

Peggy Doty, Regional Director of Operations, Malaysia

The Pronunciation Workshop Training Videos are an invaluable aid to improve American English pronunciation.  It has personally helped me a great deal to improve my American accent. I enjoyed all that I learned in Paul’s course. The most important achievement for me, was that the course helped me to eliminate my fear of mispronouncing words in public. That has provided me with an immense boost of confidence.

Today, I feel more comfortable when speaking with Americans, and I am capable of recognizing any pronunciation slips when I hear them. Thank you so much for all your help!

Ghiath Bilal, Engineer, Siemens AG, Syria

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Mr. Gruber is one of the most highly-skilled specialists I have ever worked with.

Apogee Physicians has had a long standing history with Pronunciation Workshop as Mr. Gruber has assisted many foreign-born doctors with communication concerns. The Apogee Physicians’ Gateway to America International Program and I have been associated with Mr. Gruber for the past number of years. I have personally seen him guide International Medical Graduates, who are seeking to secure a residency in the United States, overcome major accent issues and cultural hindrances.

Paul Gruber has been a consistent trainer, and has shouldered all the responsibilities of securing a successful outcome for Apogee Hospitalists in the area of accent reduction, and he does this all with a pleasant smile and an optimistic demeanor. Besides being a high-spirited teacher, Paul has been phenomenal in giving the doctors innovative tools in order to achieve professional excellence in their work environment and confident social skills. Since contracting with Pronunciation Workshop, all the Apogee Physicians who have participated in his training have had 100% success thanks to the creative ideas that Paul has personally developed in his long-standing career.

Paul Gruber and his company have been an asset to the retention department of Apogee by insuring that international doctors who struggled with conversation or articulation were given the necessary skill sets to overcome accent issues. Mr. Gruber is a team player, and understands that he is a crucial part of a doctor’s acculturation and assimilation process. I highly recommend Paul Gruber and Pronunciation Workshop to any organization seeking to empower their employees with the necessary proficiency in the arena of communication and comprehension.

Aida Zeff, Director of the Gateway to America Program, Apogee Physicians, United States

I really found Pronunciation Workshop to be a great investment for myself. I gained so much more than I spent. I believe foreigners should start to work with your course right after arriving to USA before they learn the wrong methods. Thank you.

Morteza Sharifzadeh, Industrials Business, Iran

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First Republic Bank is a very satisfied customer of Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop program. I heartily recommend the Pronunciation Workshop Course for organizations that want quantifiable results.  It really made a difference for our employees and while we see a demonstrated improvement in their on-the-job communication skills, I also feel that the program gave them a life skill that they can take with them wherever they go.

I manage customer support for business products at the bank, including a call center that handles internal and external calls.  Last year we ran many employees through the Pronunciation Workshop program, participants included my group plus employees in our retail customer call center.

The results were very positive. For those who used the DVD program, there was a significant improvement in their speech as demonstrated by the before and after scores on standardized testing.  In addition, I personally noticed that those employees who went through the program had much more confidence when speaking. Paul Gruber put all the employees at ease about participating in the program.  He was very encouraging and made everyone feel good about themselves and their progress.  As it turned out, employees started looking forward to their sessions with Paul because they felt so comfortable with him. We have a number of staff who are not native English speakers.  Very few if any had ever been exposed to a speech program or speech therapy before.  The DVD program gives specific instructions on how to pronounce common sounds in America English correctly, and many of our staff found this aid very helpful.  It was a pleasure working with Paul Gruber on tailoring the program to our staff.  He was very accommodating and willing to customize the program to meet our needs.

Sue Hagan, Supervisor Business Services, First Republic Bank, United States

I am an Accent Trainer in India and have trained 22,000 agents. After taking this program, I wish there was a way to go back and start all over again. This is by far, the MOST EFFECTIVE English Pronunciation program I have ever seen.

Oorvakx Boyce, American Accent Trainer, Call Center Industry, India

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For now over 9 years, Teleperformance, one of the world’s largest customer service organizations and Pronunciation Workshop have enjoyed a solid and long standing relationship. Paul Gruber has created so much more than just a regular Voice and Accent training tool. PW has been close to my heart personally, and it is a privilege to share our Success Stories!

In conducting global business, miscommunication is one of the major reasons for customer dissatisfaction worldwide. Pronunciation Workshop’s powerful training has been able to eliminate this problem for us. On behalf of myself, Teleperformance and its employees we thank you for creating such a revolutionary training program!

Tashi Tongden Lepcha, Deputy Manager-Customer Experience, Teleperformance

When speaking to my customers, I am no longer nervous and am fully confident to interact with clarity. Pronunciation Workshop has really helped me in neutralizing my accent. Yippee!

Rekha Pundhir, Customer Service Agent, India

I was surprised that such a small investment could make such a difference in my life… and more than I realized. The best way I know how is through pronunciation training with Paul Gruber… he did it for me and he will do it for you!!! I ask you, do people have to ask you things like pardon; say that again, sorry and so on when you speak English as a foreign language? You are annoying the person you talk to and you look like you are not educated while you might have a PhD! Well that was me. So I say, why not polish your English. The Pronunciation Workshop video training dramatically improved my pronunciation but Paul’s live training is what polished off the small imperfections in my English and what kept me coming back for more. When I speak with my new and improved English skills, it’s like I am taking Paul as a companion whenever I have to make a presentation or have a conversation! Give this a try, you will be amazed!

Jean Ntayomba, Civil Affairs Officer United Nations, Rwanda

I recommend this course to all my friends. And every time I do, I feel good because I know how precious this recommendation is and how powerful it will be for that person. Paul virtually opened my eyes (and mouth and ears) on many basic elements of English speech that I didn’t know about and didn’t understand before.

I’ve always been annoyed by the accent in my speech. At last I devoted some time to researching the best solution. I found, that there was only one that was of high quality and that’s Paul Gruber and his Pronunciation Workshop.

I bought the DVD course which is excellent. And also I was very pleased by the opportunity to take online private lessons with Paul Gruber himself. He teaches in such an energetic and effective manner that I look forward to and enjoy these lessons very much! This training is extremely useful to me, especially in my work and I received the fast results I was looking for. A great course!!!

Ivan Anikin, Real Estate Investment Manager, Russia

Your course has not only changed the way I speak English, but it has also changed my living style. I am grateful to God too, that I have come across your program on the Internet just in time.

I will definitely tell my Human Resource Department about your course, and I highly recommend it to all people in India who have not studied in an English School due to lack of finances or opportunities. If you would like, please feel free to publish my quote and true experience, so that millions of students in India and sub-continent will want to take advantage of your life changing course as well. I will be very happy if my comments help the Pronunciation Workshop Course flourish and reach every corner of the world and to those who are equally passionate to speak like an American.

I use to be an underdog during my school days. Now, all those brilliant students are jealous of my progress with my English accent and my related successes. That is why I am telling you how much your course means to me and what a life changing experience it has been.

 Also, please mention Naihati, India (which is a small town in the state of West Bengal) as my location in my comments because that will make Indian students understand that your course is reaching every corner of India and suitable not only for metro city people but also for everybody who has an interest and passion to improve their English.  I have no doubt that whoever will take this course will surely get affected by your enthusiasm too! Thanks!

Anirban Kar, IT Professional, India

As I work very closely with NASA and the Pentagon, my company recommended that I take accent training from Pronunciation Workshop. What a fantastic and rewarding experience! After working with the video course and face-to-face training sessions through Skype, I have the confidence to hold meetings and make my presentations in regard to our high technical materials. Thank you Paul for giving me the self-assurance I needed to speak English clearly and be easily understood.

Joong Yong Park, Manager, Software Development, Korea

I am now earning 3 to 4 times more than what I was paid from my first employer! I could not have been able to do this without your training course.

We migrated to the U.S., the country of great opportunities. (We are from India). We enjoyed everything except conversation with native speaking people because they couldn’t understand me! I was so disappointed and depressed. I couldn’t find a good job with my heavy accent!

My wife wanted to help me so she searched through the Internet and found this program. My wife is a nurse educator and an RN and now she is going for her PhD in Nursing at KU Med Kansas.

We both took this great video training program. It also helped my wife teach students with her better accent. I listened and practiced with the videos every day. My goal was to get a better job. As I improved, I got two job offers within 2 months! One was in insurance and the other was with a Toyota dealership! I selected the job at the dealership as a Sales Consultant. Now I am selling 15 to 25 cars every month (sometimes 4 to 5 cars in a day!).

A lot of my friends ask me about my job. "Joji, how can we get a job like you?" I tell my friends about your program and now they have already bought the course from you.

I am still trying to improve my accent even more, so that I can achieve more goals. We are so happy with our jobs and we can now buy whatever we want all because we have proper communication!

You are going to get another order from our family friends. They are Nuns from India working in our church. They want to speak good English too! We wish much success to you, Mr. Paul Gruber and your team.

Joji Eapen, Sales Consultant, India

After personally taking Paul’s training course, I chose his program to be used throughout my Call Center Academy in El Salvador. This is ABSOLUTELY, the finest course I have ever taken! The Pronunciation Workshop Course is the Best of the Best!

It gave me immediate results, and today I speak English perfectly! I recommend this program to anyone interested in having great pronunciation. You’ll be thrilled you did!

Rodrigo Galdamez, Call Center Academy, El Salvador

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Before I began the Pronunciation Workshop Course, I did not think that it would be possible to speak English with little or even without an accent. (I have tried many programs in the past without much success). Through the video course lessons and my personal sessions, I have been able to correct the way that I have been speaking English for the past many years. I highly recommend this workshop without reservation.

Leonard Yip, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief People Officer Panda Restaurant Group, Hong Kong

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Here in India, using this program we are able to take an individual who is UNEMPLOYABLE for the offshore booming call center industry, and make him EMPLOYABLE, with a good job which pays well, in less than two and half months...! That's the Power of Paul's program!!! He is changing lives on the opposite side of the world!

It is truly remarkable how simple and effective Paul’s training is and his engaging persona really pulls you in. We are so fortunate to have found Paul and we highly recommend his Pronunciation Workshop Training Programs!

Sanjay Mehta, Managing Director, Teleperformance, India

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The unconventional training method you use really works. Your course went beyond my expectations. Before taking your program, I definitely had difficulties with pronunciation, intonation, and pacing. After the course, I communicate so much better in English and I see that people exhibit less effort understanding what I say. Thank you.

Ugur Yilmaz, Second Secretary, Embassy of Turkey, Washington, D.C., Turkey

I only wish I had found your course a decade ago. I came to the States 14 years ago. Within three years I learned to speak English and hoped that my accent with time would decrease by itself. That did not happen. While taking your course, I realized that I have been only strengthening my bad pronunciation habits over the years. Your training helped me identify a number of problems in my speech that I was not aware of. Thank you for your excellent program!

Alex Konanykhin, Corporate President, Russia

I cannot praise this course enough. Since we implemented this training, not only have we seen significant improvements in our customer satisfaction scores, but our Average Call Handle Time per customer has been reduced by approximately 29%.

I am the Head of the Training Department of the World’s Second Largest Call Center Company in India. We have footprints in over 40 countries including the U.S. For years we have been searching for a cost effective training method to learn the North American style of English Pronunciation. This program is the BEST possible way to learn the English Accent!

Joy Deb Mukherjee, Director of Training, Call Center Industry, India

It is the best training course for American pronunciation I have ever seen. I wish that I had taken your video program a long time ago. I now can communicate with my colleagues and friends much better as I can easily convey my ideas much more clearly when I speak. These sessions met my needs and went beyond my expectations for learning correct American pronunciation, especially for my difficulties in Rrrr's with L blends and rhythm.

Mazen Shehadeh, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

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Following our corporate English skills training, we surveyed our team and received VERY favorable reviews.

I am a manager at Sabre Travel Network, one of the world’s largest travel technology companies. We have a large B2B Tech Support Center and Pronunciation Workshop provided training to our leaders located in South America and Poland. The self-guided lessons allowed everyone to practice in private, and the virtual sessions supported what they had practiced and each was given individual instruction. They were wonderful. Everyone felt very comfortable and stated that they felt more confident in their daily work. Overall, employees enjoyed the training, were appreciative of the program and its unique approach from other English courses.  Paul and his team were also very flexible and responsive when coordinating the training.

All in all, a very positive experience, good results, and we will continue to use Pronunciation Workshop training in the future.

Adele Younkin, Manager, Global Operations and Customer Experience, Sabre Travel Network, Uruguay

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In 14 days of taking the Pronunciation Workshop Course, I can say that I have improved my pronunciation significantly, even more than in the past three years all together!

I have been trying to improve my pronunciation since I came here to the USA three years ago, I bought some books and tapes, and also, I had personal instruction. My progress was in general terms, poor. I wasted money in wrong training techniques. When I discovered "Pronunciation Workshop" in the Internet I was skeptical, I saw the sample material and was surprised about the easy and simple way it was explained and the significant changes on my "R-words". I decided to acquire the material.

I really recommend this workshop to those who want to improve their pronunciation skills in a short period of time.

Ruben Chacon, Kraft Food, Sr. Manager GIS and ITOPS Security, Americas, Spain

When I heard Paul's first session I said ‘WOW, This guy’s a GENIUS!’ I am a CEO of a public wireless company in the US and tried most of the programs out there with no success until I got the Pronunciation Workshop program.... THERE IS NO COMPARISON!

Other programs were boring, no real direction and no progress achieved, I just put them back on the shelf; for me they were a waste of my time and money. Paul has such practical and easy to follow techniques that make such a big difference in the way you learn and in the results you get... Great job!

Ilan Kenig, CEO, Investment Banking, Israel

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I found this program to be AWESOME! It SIGNIFICANTLY improved my presentations in JUST ONE MONTH!

Before using the Pronunciation Workshop DVD course, I have worked with private tutors and used other CD courses. From my point of view, the tutor courses were not well structured and the CD courses did not prioritize major improvements needed. Unlike them, your course is very well planned and the materials target the most critical areas requiring attention from non-native speakers. Your program taught me the correct ways to pronounce my consonants and vowels. Thank you for this GREAT course. I hope more and more people can benefit from this training.

Vivien Yang, Chief Railroad Representative, Union Pacific, Shanghai Office, China

Paul, I would imagine that you get compliments on a regular basis, but am nonetheless delighted that you were kind enough to write back. Second, I really do believe that what you created is quite extraordinary. You are welcome to use comments of mine on your website if you’d like to. It would be my honor.

In recent years, it seemed to me that the correction of entrenched habits of pronunciation would more appropriately fall within the scope of a speech pathologist’s work rather than that of an ESL teacher. Unfortunately, I didn’t know a speech pathologist to recommend, and, frankly, I didn’t even know if any of them (I guess I should say, “You”) did this kind of work. I now see that perhaps I could have been a bit more diligent in researching this!

I teach month-long courses designed for non-US lawyers on “English for Law and Business”. Some of the courses have an ESL component. (I teach the law part). Almost all the participants have very high levels of English. However, we have never been quite satisfied with the outcome in the area of pronunciation.

Your approach, I believe, is extremely effective. Your training method is very efficient and quite enjoyable as well.

I wish I had known about it years ago. Your program is extraordinary. I will recommend it highly to all those interested. Thank you!

Martin Kriegel, Attorney at Law, Germany

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I am highly recommending the method you developed! My parishioners have noticed great improvements in my speaking, chanting and preaching.

I am an Orthodox priest in a large parish in the Greater Washington DC area. For the people who are considering your course, I would like to share that I began with the Pronunciation Workshop Video Course and then took private one-on-one sessions via Skype. Then I went through the Pronunciation Workshop Video Course again.  As a result, I have better confidence in myself as an American English speaker and there are greater benefits to the people to whom I serve. Thank you very much for all your help! With Warmest Regards. Thank you very much for all your help with pronunciation!

Archpriest George A. Kokhno, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, Washington D.C., Ukraine

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You have the best customer service I have ever seen. You truly appreciate your customers and do your best to satisfy their educational needs and deliver the results you promise.

I purchased your course, and it has helped me to discover my pronunciation problems of which I would not have known otherwise. It has dramatically improved my accent and pronunciation!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your customer service in particular and your business model in general.

Your training videos helped me to understand the nature of complex expressions and words. Your course was EXTREMELY helpful to me and I am impatiently waiting for new video training sessions with more practice materials. Again, thank you for your great work and I truly appreciate your company.

Albert Novikov, E-Communications Advisor for Government of Canada, Russia

Thank you for this INCREDIBLE workshop! You are truly great -and one of the funniest people I have ever come across. After watching your program over and over again, I feel we are old friends! The work you did is remarkable. Your technique is excellent and the way you present your material makes anyone comfortable about learning sometimes challenging combinations of sounds. I used to consider myself pretty funny, until I watched your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. YOUR WORK is so appreciated and it has greatly helped me improve my English! My primary language is Portuguese but I also speak Spanish (I lived in Mexico City). I am a Business Consultant and a Computer Engineer and presently an Administrative Director. Thank you again, for this FANTASTIC course!!!

Melina Johnson, Administrative Director, Brazil

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I did my research and thankfully found Paul Gruber’s Pronunciation Workshop Course!!!! This was the absolute best choice!!! This program is fun and the results were fast!! My journey with Paul took us to a partnership with the employees of the Royal Airline of Morocco, where I am providing the business training and Paul and his team handle the Pronunciation and English Training. Thank you so much!

Hicham Jalal, CEO of Training and Development Company, Morocco

Paul, you not only helped me improve my pronunciation in English substantially, but you also completely removed my fear of mispronouncing words in public. You provided me with a huge boost of confidence—a wonderful gift that not many have the ability to give! Thank you so much!

Khalid Alnowaiser, Attorney, Saudi Arabia

Paul, I want to thank you personally for all you have done for me! My experience working with Pronunciation Workshop has been life changing, and your training has improved my life greatly! You are excellent to work with and you have a unique capability to identify the weakness in my speech and how to overcome them in a fun filled manner. You have helped me improve my speech, making it easier for people to understand me by reducing my accent. You have improved my assurance when speaking, and I am now able to talk to clients with more confidence and now know that I am more effective in my communication. I highly recommend to those people who have been trained to speak English in a foreign country to take your course and to work with your trainers one to one if possible.

Agha Ahmar Ali, Senior IT Manager, CISA, PMP, CRISC, Pakistan

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When my company offered this training, I was the first to register. This course was so exciting that I practiced at midnight and sometime early in the morning. I was dreaming of improving my English Language oral skills after some improvement in reading and writing. My first language is Urdu because I was born, raised and trained in Pakistan. I came to Canada as an immigrant and graduated from University of Toronto in 2003 and left the country for six years. I was passionate and deeply involved in practicing with a loud voice so that I could hear myself. During practice a couple of times, my children woke up and got scared from my loud voice when trying to improve. In a short time, I realized that I am being better understood by all my colleagues. Thanks!

Khurrum Siddiqi, Planner/Scheduler, URS Flint, Pakistan

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Because of Pronunciation Workshop, speaking English with an American Accent has now become a very natural thing to me.

I work in the banking and insurance industry in Beijing, China. I doubted whether or not I could really learn to speak with an American accent. I thought my English was good, yet every time I watched TV, I wondered why I spoke so differently from Americans. I also found that people did not always understand what I said. I wanted to improve my pronunciation and searched for the best program there is. Well, I found it! Thank you for making it so easy!

Shan Huo, Banking Executive, China

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Pronunciation Workshop is the best investment a person can make for personal development and professional success. Your course was truly an effective way to improve my American English pronunciation in an easy way. The sessions are fun and my results were immediate. You exactly understood the issues with my pronunciation and pinpointed ways to improve it. I highly recommend this course!

Ajay Singh, Consultant, Deloitte, India

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This training has helped me to build a more professional brand image for Panda. I wish I had found out about Paul Gruber and Pronunciation Workshop earlier! This course helped me to understand what I am doing wrong and showed me what I needed to change to speak English like an American. What a fun and practical learning experience! Now, when I speak to others, I don’t need to explain again and again! Thank you!

George Chang, Executive Director of Learning and Development, Panda Restaurant Group, Taiwan

I was surprised that such a small investment could make such a difference in my life… and more than I realized. The best way I know how is through pronunciation training with Paul Gruber… he did it for me and he will do it for you!!! I ask you, do people have to ask you things like pardon; say that again, sorry and so on when you speak English as a foreign language? You are annoying the person you talk to and you look like you are not educated while you might have a PhD! Well that was me. So I say, why not polish your English. The Pronunciation Workshop video training dramatically improved my pronunciation but Paul’s live training is what polished off the small imperfections in my English and what kept me coming back for more. When I speak with my new and improved English skills, it’s like I am taking Paul as a companion whenever I have to make a presentation or have a conversation! Give this a try, you will be amazed!

Jean Ntayomba, Civil Affairs Officer United Nations, Rwanda

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