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  • Happy May Day!

    May Day is an ancient celebration of Spring! It is a tradition that is celebrated in many cultures in many different ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them. In the United States, it isn’t so widely celebrated, but in Europe, for centuries , May Day includes dances, singing, cakes and celebratory parties. The earliest occurrence found of May Day come form the Roman festival honoring the goddess of flowers, Flora, the festival being called Floralia.  Most people have heard of or seen a Maypole in their lives. This comes from old and ancient pagan traditions, which is...

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  • Native Languages Guide: German

    If you are a native German speaker, you've probably already had one word in particular come to mind when you think of difficult English words to pronounce: squirrel. An article published on had this explanation:       Linguists break words into clusters — groups of consonants that have no intervening vowels. In German, "-rl" is an end cluster, Gussenhoven explained. It comes at the end of a syllable, as in the common German name Karl, rather than forming a syllable of its own. Thus German speakers try to translate the two-syllable English word "squirrel" into the monosyllabic German...

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