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Face-to-face communication still trumps all

Turns out, with all the gadgets, apps and text messages that goes on these days, still, nothing beats picking up and physically meeting someone for a chat.

Recently, Jim Blasingame, a contribution writer for The Business Journal wrote a piece about how important and still vital really face-to-face interaction is. Here is a bit of his article:

"But in an era where there’s an app for everything, there is one connection method we must never be guilty of minimizing. From Morse to millennials, in-person connection has retained its relevance as old school fundamental and new school cool.
Indeed, face-to-face is the original social media.
Today, social media euphoria is being tempered by return on investment reality. And as useful as each new communication resource proves to be, they are, after all, merely tools to leverage our physical efforts, not eliminate the basic human need for human interaction. Consider this story:
A sales manager (whose gray hair was not premature) noticed the sales performance of one of his rookies was below budget for the third consecutive month. Of course, he questioned the numbers previously but had allowed his better judgment to be swayed by plausible explanations. Now the newbie’s sales record was trending, but in the wrong direction.
Upon more pointed probing, the manager discovered the reason for loss of production: Too many electronic and not enough in-person connections. The rookie was relying too heavily on virtual communication at the expense of opportunities to get in front of the customer.
It turns out lack of training, demographic reality and not enough “rubber-meets-the-road” experience left the young pup uncomfortable and unprepared to ask for and conduct meetings, like a proposal presentation."
Head over to their blog to read the rest of this very interesting story.

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