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Top 9 Tips to help you perfect your English Pronunciation

Top 9 Tips to help you perfect your English Pronunciation

Are you trying to improve your English pronunciation? From your American accent training team at Pronunciation Workshop, here are 9 surefire ways to help you reach your English pronunciation goals. If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, try out our video course!

Slow Down!

You may think that native English speakers speak at breakneck speed and that to sound like a native speaker, you need to as well. But that is not the case! Speaking too fast reinforces bad habits in your own speaking and can make you sound nervous. When you slow down and speak deliberately, you give yourself time to think about what you are saying, to breathe as you need to support your sounds and will help make your English pronunciation much more clear!


Watch Yourself

Literally! Get in front of a mirror and watch your mouth move as you speak. Watch your lips, tongue, the shape of your mouth. With words or sounds you have particular trouble with, watch how native speakers look when pronouncing it and then compare that against yourself in the mirror.


Practice Practice Practice (Alone)

Practice alone. This will give you a judgement free zone in which you can make mistakes and work on the things you know you need to work on. Create scenarios for yourself and dialogue with yourself - make up conversations, repeat things you heard. Practicing  alone will allow you to be uninhibited and keep you from being shy.


Pay closer attention to stress and intonation

Paying close attention to stress and intonation will work wonders for your English pronunciation. Read poems and speeches, sing songs, all taking special care to notice stress and intonation.


Sing along with the radio

Grab your hair brush microphone and jam out! Signing with the radio or your iPod will help you relax and work on your English pronunciation without even thinking about it! You aren’t having to concentrate on making up conversations yourself, or even sentences!


Imitate spoken English

When all else fails, simply try to mimic or imitate what you’ve heard! It might not be technically helping or fixing any bad habits you have but will still help you listen to the way native English speakers are speaking.


Record Yourself

It is very important to hear how you sound when you are speaking English so that you can hear how OTHERS hear you. You know what you are doing  to have proper pronunciation but you might be concentrating and now realize how you sound to others. Record yourself so that you know what to work on.


Work with a professional

When your pronunciation is evaluated by a professional, he can tell you exactly what you are doing right and exactly what you need to work on. He can help you reach your communication goals much more quickly and efficiently than going it alone.


Learn the phonetic alphabet

Knowing exactly how every letter should be pronounced will be a big help when trying to properly pronounce the English language.

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