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15 American English Slang Terms

Learning a new language can be hard! And in English there are so many turns of phrase, words and idioms that have means other than what it sounds like. It can leave a non-native speaker in the dark as to what is being discussed in a number of conversations! From your American accent training team, here are a few commonly used slang terms and metaphors to help you out!

A buck - an American dollar

Couch Potato - A lazy person 

Crash - to fall asleep suddenly, or to show up without an invitation

Jack up - a sharp, sudden increase in price

Knock - to say something negative about something or someone, to bad mouth

Piece of cake - a metaphor to explain something that is easy or effortless

Tight - an adjective to describe closeness between competitors

Zonked - to be completely exhausted

For the birds - to say that something is substandard in some aspect.

Bought the farm - means to die suddenly

Jonesing - to crave or strongly desire something

Take a raincheck - a common metaphor for having to reschedule or postpone something

John Hancock - means your signature

Ride shotgun - means to ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle.

Wrap - to finish or complete something

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