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12 Summer Idioms

Like water off a ducks back - no effect on someone

Example: Susan never gets upset when he is criticized. It’s like water off a duck’s back.


A drop in the ocean - a very small amount compared to the amount needed.

Example: A few thousand pounds is a drop in the ocean when you think about the 15 million being spent on this event.

Swim Against the Tide - to against the trend.

Example: Every once in a while in your career you have to take a risk and swim against the tide.

Make a Splash - to get a lot of attention

Example: In today’s world, you have to work really hard to make a splash.

One swallow does not make a summer - Swallows show up when winter is over, so the saying means that just because you’ve seen one swallow, doesn’t mean that Spring is here yet and more broadly, the phrase means that everything else that is going to happen to you will be good.

Let the grass grow under your feet - means you’ve been standing still for too long doing nothing.

Example: We can’t let the grass grow under our feet - we’ve got to get moving on this project.

Fresh as a daisy - healthy and full of energy.

Example: I slept so well last night I feel fresh as a daisy.


Not a cloud in the sky - when the sky is clear things are good! It means there is nothing to worry about, or there are no proverbial storms on the horizon.


Chasing rainbows - since rainbows aren’t really there as they are just a trick of the light, you can’t really catch them. This phrase means that someone is going after something that is not attainable or realistic. Maybe something that isn’t practical or possible.

Example: Her dream of becoming a famous pop star is her just chasing rainbows.

Garden variety - typical or common, nothing special

Example: It’s just your garden variety house spider, there’s nothing to be concerned about.


Social Butterfly - a person who likes to be around people or who has a lot of friends.

Example: By 15, Tracy had really turned into a social butterfly, going out with her friends every weekend.


To have a green thumb - someone who is good or likes to garden or work in the soil.

Example: If you’ve ever been to her house you’d know she has a green thumb. Her garden is beautiful!

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