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Pronouncing the English Alphabet

How to Properly Pronounce the English Alphabet

Do you find yourself having to repeat over and over again your name, address, telephone and/or credit card number when speaking on the telephone? Are you frustrated that even though you are spelling out the letters of your name and address, people still can’t understand what you are saying? Perhaps you were never taught the correct pronunciation for the English alphabet. This guide from the American accent training professionals is an easy, visual approach for making the correct pronunciation of English letters and numbers. You are not only learning how to pronounce the letters, you are also practicing the skills needed to communicate in everyday life.

A         a-e                     K         kae-ee                    U         yoo

B         bee                    L          ehl                          V         vee

C         see                    M        ehm                        W        dah-bl-yoo

D         dee                    N         ehn                        X         eh-ks 

E          ee                     O         ow                          Y         wi-ee

F          eh-f                   P          pee                       Z          z-ee

G         jee                     Q         k-yoo

H         a-ech                 R         ah-r                

I           ah-ee                 S         ehss

J          ja-ee                  T         tee



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