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Pronunciation Workshop® teaches spoken English with an American accent. There is no other course quite like ours for mastering spoken English... and no one gets the results we do.

We improve spoken English skills through the unique Pronunciation Workshop® Video DVD Course, Virtual Accent Workshops and individual Tele-Coaching that are designed and delivered by professional Speech Language Pathologists. Our spoken English American Accent Pronunciation DVD Course required years of labor, research and technological investment.

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Paul S. Gruber - Spoken English Certified Speech Language Pathologist

Pronunciation Workshop's founder, Paul S. Gruber MS, CCC-SLP, is a leading expert in the areas of phonics, language development, articulation, oral-motor therapy, speech production, accent reduction and spoken English. His methods for effective language acquisition have been used by many Fortune 500 Companies throughout the globe..

Paul Gruber's nationally acclaimed computer-based video training program, "The Spoken English Pronunciation DVD Course" provides both auditory and visual feedback for rapid English proficiency in spoken English. Paul has taught literally thousands of engineers, physicians, business people, corporate executives and university professors around the globe in how to perfect their spoken English skills. He holds a Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology as well as the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Pronunciation Workshop's® spoken English training literally reshapes the way you pronounce words, which is why our results are so amazing. This unique "re-shaping of spoken English" helps others easily understand you, which make spoken English more pleasant and effective when spoken English is used.

Paul's passion is helping students master spoken English with an American Accent to enable them to communicate more easily. An energetic and enthusiastic presenter who makes learning fun, Paul's zeal totally comes across in his videos and in-person. His spoken English DVD Course and spoken English Virtual Training are simple and amazingly effective.

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Other courses focus on English grammar and writing, but Pronunciation Workshop® emphasizes spoken American English pronunciation. Universities around the world have developed classes using our spoken English programs as their sole source of training material.

Pronunciation Workshop® is using the power of the Internet to bring our Mastering Spoken English program to people and companies all over the world at an affordable price.

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Pronunciation Workshop® [PWC] training associates are all certified Speech Language Pathologists and all experts in spoken English, phonology and spoken English articulation.

PWC trainers:

  • Are now or have been faculty members at various universities and colleges
  • Have taught ESL, accent reduction, speech/voice improvement and/or phonetics both at the university and corporate levels
  • Have worked in various research areas
  • Are skilled clinicians who have practiced in educational and medical institutions
  • Are bilingual or multilingual and understand, first-hand, the speech and language acquisition process
  • Are experienced educators who have trained executives in Fortune 500 companies worldwide
  • Are compassionate trainers whose primary objective is to help their clients master the techniques of clear, effective, English communication

PWC faculty maximizes their clients' training experience by expanding on their own educational and professional background in spoken English. PWC trainers have the advantage of understanding the difficulties and challenges foreign-born nationals have in mastering spoken English and what they must overcome to succeed professionally and socially in America. The mission of the PWC faculty is to help our clients master spoken English and see them excel and reach their maximum potential.

U.S. Embassy, Baghdad - Spoken English Client

Pronunciation Workshop® Member Benefit Program

Client Member Benefit

Under this program, PWC offers Virtual Training Workshops as well as Tele-Coaching to our existing clients who have already taken the Pronunciation Workshop®, spoken English Pronunciation DVD Course. This intense personalized spoken English pronunciation training is an opportunity only given to our existing Client Members. We offer advanced spoken English language acquisition training via our spoken English Accent Workshops and Individual spoken English Tele-Coaching Sessions for those who would like to further their newly acquired skills.

If you would like to take advantage of the PWC Member Benefit Program, please begin by ordering your spoken English Pronunciation DVD Course today!

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